Can I point out your flaws? SJT Video

Take Sin CaptiveToday I’m back with another “Sloppy Joe Time” that addresses our tendency as faulty and defensive human beings to point the finger at our spouse’s flaws and “specks” rather than going on a “Plank Hunt” in our own lives.

I’ve been there and done that and am here to say there’s a better way to bring healing, wholeness and freedom to our lives and marriages. I hope you’ll click on the 3 minute video below to find out more …


(Check out my “Character Flaw Inventory” for ways to identify your “planks.” To read more on this “Plank Hunt” series, click here!)

What “Plank” would you like me to address this week at Wedded Wednesday?


What’s the biggest fear you have about identifying a “plank” in your life?

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If you are participating in the “Got Truth?” challenge, please know that I am not posting a new verse this week, but asking you to really focus on the last three before we begin again in October. If you’d like a printable of the last three verses in the challenge, you can snag it here.

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6 responses to “Can I point out your flaws? SJT Video”

  1. […] Can I point out your flaws? SJT Video […]


  2. And are we prone to this flaw-hunt even more when we work as people helpers? Sadly. I’m guessing so …


    1. You know it, Linda! We’re supposed to analyze the problem and see where that person can work to bring a change, so we’re only “doing OUR JOB!” 😉 Too bad our job doesn’t include our hubbies! Thanks for coming by and encouraging me, friend!


  3. Thank you for continuing to explore plank hunting. Your series is a good way for all of us to examine our own relationships. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    This is great – and the freedom and power you describe in finding your own ‘planks’ is so appealing!

    For myself…well,I’m just trying to make it through each day upright. My wife does point out my sins of omission and commission, from time to time…and she’s right. In the global perspective, I have failed as a husband, in giving her the attributes to the life she expected, but there’s simply nothing I can do about that now. She wanted House Beautiful; she got House of Dogs. She wanted to be able to entertain, but with a husband with severe PTSD, that just does not work.

    I made a mistake, years ago. I did not see those things as planks which would hurt a person from a very different background, with different expectations. Love may conquer a lot, but in a marriage it doesn’t conquer all. And I’m sincerely sorry.


  5. I’m not very good at admitting my own planks. I kind of have to have someone beat me over the head with one of my own for me to really get it. So nice to have you at the Weekend Whispers link up.


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