Why won’t you give as much as me? Sloppy Joe Time Video

For this “Sloppy Joe Time” I’m talking about the common human temptation to keep a record of all the wrongs my mate does against me.

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Since I know that God’s word tells me not to keep a record of wrongs, then what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll tell ya what this girl is trying to do! To find out click on the video below . . .


What do you think is the faulty reasoning behind keeping a record of wrongs with our mates?


What have you reminded yourself of whenever you’ve been caught in this trap?

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If you’d like to view the video at Messy Marriage’s Youtube channel or view some of the other Sloppy Joe Time videos, click here. And I’d love it if you’d subscribe to the channel while you’re there!


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9 responses to “Why won’t you give as much as me? Sloppy Joe Time Video”

  1. You have a captive audience today. Tim is driving us back from our granddaughter”s baptism 5 hours away so he had no choice but to listen to your wise words. ‘Well, what did you think?’ I asked, priming the pump ever so subtly.

    His reply?

    ‘Didn’t she do that one before? ‘


    Looks like it’s time for another visit back east so you can straighten him out!

    Love to you, friend ..


    1. Well, I’m so glad I could entertain you two on that long drive, Linda! And Tim is right. Call it “50 Shades of Grace.” There’s a lot of dove-tailing on these videos at this point. I’ve done so many that it’s hard to come at it with a completely fresh angle. However, I do know that my videos are not watched as faithfully by others either (unlike you two, faithful SJT buddies!), so I’m hoping it won’t be quite so repetitive to any newbies that come along. Thanks for your continued encouragement, Linda and congrats on your granddaughter’s big day and decision!


  2. I love the life lessons that fill your Sloppy Joe time. The lesson on grace is so needed because as God extends grace to us, we need to share grace with others. It is easy to take but not so easy to give.
    I am also chuckling over Linda’s response below. Love her so much! Have a blessed week and keep the SJT videos coming. Love you!


    1. Yes, Mary, grace is one of those things I’m so grateful for but also dole it out with great stinginess at times! But it’s like I’m being stingy with a cup of water from the ocean (although I wouldn’t suggest drinking that salt-water!) when there’s so much left to give and keep! And as far as Linda and Tim are concerned, they are my favorite film critics! I love sharing a cup of Joe with them on a Sunday afternoon–even when they are on the road! They crack me up! Thanks so much for coming by, sweet friend!


  3. […] Why won’t you give as much as me? Sloppy Joe Time Video […]


  4. I wish giving grace to others was as easy as accepting grace for myself. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to give my husband more grace today!


  5. I love this video lady! And I think you nailed it at the end with how we have to seek God to help us extend the grace, and just trust that He is working in those around us too. Anyone who is married will get this video…and the subtitles, oh you kill me. Love them. Love you! Great job! xoxo


  6. Watched this one WITH the Sweetheart this morning 🙂 Good stuff…until we got to the nagging wife part. He restrained himself quite nicely though. Thanks Beth, you do a great job on camera ♥


  7. Dear Beth

    Showing grace to my wife feels like I am opening myself to Grace from God. Thinking like that gives me (a bit of) the strength I need to show “extra” grace in Those Times. To feel it flow from God, through me, to her.

    When I fail to show grace to my wife it feels like I have closed myself off a little bit from God, and I feel sad about that.

    Thank you for your videos. They are lovely to watch and to listen to, and very thought-provoking.



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