Coming Out as a Christian to Your Unbelieving Spouse


I’m excited to have yet another edition of “Picking Hubby’s Brain” as we endeavor to answer one of the many questions we’ve been given from you our readers/viewers on how to navigate challenges in marriage.

This husband’s question deals with “change” and in particular dealing with a drastic change in marriage, moving from atheism to Christianity and how to navigate addressing that shift with his wife.

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So I hope you’ll watch how my pastor husband Gary and I dialogue about this challenging situation by clicking on the video below …



Have any of you experienced a similar challenge in your marriage and how did you address it?


What encouragements would you add to what my hubby and I have shared?


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2 responses to “Coming Out as a Christian to Your Unbelieving Spouse”

  1. When there is a division in a marriage, especially with regards to faith it is never easy. It is downright hard. Remembering that you love one another and that prayer is a powerful blessing in the life of the believing spouse is huge. A great support system of faithful prayer warriors who are going to remind you to speak life into your spouse is huge.

    This is certainly a hard topic to address but when it is covered by grace we can always benefit from walking His way and loving like Christ.


  2. So very good to have Gary back at the table again … what an effective team you guys are!


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