De-stressing My Life

DestressorsI’m entering a really busy season in my life and that’s saying a lot because I’m always busy! So during the month of April I may be less “present” here than I typically am or would like. But I want you to know that I always read your comments and try to get to the blogs of those who engage with me here. 🙂

However, one of the reasons I’m busy is that my husband and I are attending the “Peacemakers” conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado this week. So it’s going to be a challenge to even check in on those of you who comment and visit here regularly at my linkup this coming “Wedded Wednesday.”

However, I am excited about this conference because there is a lot to learn from Ken Sande’s Peacemaker ministry and book when it comes to conflict resolution, forgiveness and reconciliation.

And you, my lovely readers, will benefit from all that we glean and integrate from that conference into our lives and ministries. I can’t wait to share aspects of it with you in the months to come!

On a different note, a couple of weeks ago I asked for marriage questions from my readers and promised videos that would respond to those questions, and I want you to know that they are still coming! Maybe not as quickly as I’d like, due to the busyness of this month and season, but they will come in time.

So know that I’ve not forgotten you, especially if you’ve sent me a question or two or three! 😉

And . . .

[Tweet “Feel free to send me your marriage questions if you have any that you’ve not shared with me yet.”]

Email might be the best way to send them –

I’m creating a running list of the questions that I know will keep me and my hubby (who also plans to help me respond to the questions on the videos) very busy and stockpiled with ideas!

So “thank you” to those of you who’ve helped me out with this challenging endeavor! #youarethebest!

But back to the issue of busyness . . . whenever I am in an especially busy season of life, I look for ways to bring balance.

1. One way is to look for responsibilities that I can remove or delegate to others. I actually have a private Facebook marriage prayer group that is helping me with this by manning the “daily prayers” for two weeks out of this month. So a little shout out to my friends Erica Donoho and Deb Asher for their help in this! #delegate

2. Another way I deal with busyness is to keep times of emotional and spiritual support and refreshment built into my week or even day. #supportivefriends

3. Even if I have a crazy busy day, I will still keep my usual Bible study routine (which is my biggest “de-stressor”) in place and also take a short break in the afternoon to decompress. #priorities #rest

4. Another strategy I use is to limit the intensity of anything I’m doing in the evening past 8 p.m. Otherwise I don’t usually get a restful night’s sleep. #knowyourlimits

5. Lastly, I keep prayer as my surefire way of bringing God’s calmness, peace and perspective into any anxiety-filled moment I’m facing. #Godisalwaysthereforus!

These are just a few (there are many more I’m not listing here) of the coping strategies I use.

But . . .

[Tweet “I’d love to hear what some of your strategies are for managing stressful and busy seasons! “]

What strategies or principles do you practice and keep in mind when dealing with busyness and stress?


How busy or stressed are you currently and what’s going on to make it so busy and/or stressed?


Interested in a private Facebook Bible study that will:

  1. Help you to become more consistent in your Bible study habit?
  2. Teach you a simple method for mining the gems found in your daily Bible reading?
  3. Provide you notes from the daily reading that will help you understand the truths and/or give you insight when you don’t have the time to mine the truths yourself?

Then consider joining me for a study of 1st Samuel. The reading assignments for each day, along with my notes will be posted starting Sunday evening (CST) April 3rd. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll “FB friend” you and then add you to the group! 🙂


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6 responses to “De-stressing My Life”

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Great post, Beth, and I love your stress-fighting methodologies.

    I guess my life has some stresses, and it’s ‘busy’, but not in the conventional sense. Having to rest to deal with pain and fatigue is, for someone who used to put in happy eighteen-hour-days is a bit of a chore.

    I deal with it by trying to focus on the positive, starting from the fact that while I am dealing with physical pain that’s very hard to bear, it’s really no-one’s fault. There are many whose pain is a vile source of pleasure to their tormentors, and their lot is far, far worse than mine. I’ve seen it, and seen the results, and am thankful that it’s something I only experienced in the distant past. (And for that there is no forgiveness, but that is quite another issue.)

    I also look at what I can still do, and while I have goals I can no longer hope to meet, I look at what I CAN accomplish. It may not be much, but it’s something put forward as a victory over circumstance, and as a small triumph of hope.

    Finally, I’m more able to take the ‘long view’…the Eternal one. This life is important; God’s incarnation as Man is proof enough of that. But our work, and our joys, transcend the doorway between lives, and I am content to know that that which is left unfinished here will be waiting for me in Heaven.

    I realise that these are not the most practical paradigms for most to apply, but perhaps they might illuminate a corner of that Place of Stress in life, and it’s my hope that the light I may shine can be something of a comfort to some.


  2. I would love to join the Samuel Bible Study. Have a good trip to Colorado Springs. I lived there for 20 years. Loved it.


  3. Thanks for your “attentiveness” to us all even when you are busy!


  4. You’re a wise one there, girl! When I feel the pressure coming on, I begin to say ‘no thanks’ to anything that isn’t essential.

    It’s amazing how little is truly urgent! I love that feeling of freedom and space around me where I can breathe deep, not feel overwhelmed by demands, and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

    Enjoy April, friend … we’ll be here when you get freed up a bit …


  5. Elizabeth Giertz Avatar
    Elizabeth Giertz

    Great advice for busy seasons! Happy to be your neighbor at the Spuld Survi link up this week!


  6. Hi Beth!

    Thanks for checking in with us – and for sharing these fan-tabulous ways to destress. I always appreciate when my sisters in Christ direct me back to the Lord! Have a ton of fun at the conference. :o)



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