Can I read your mind? SJT Video

Lies Derail UsToday I’m sharing a “Sloppy Joe Time” video that hits close to home because I put this sloppy expectation into action just a week or so ago. Honestly, I don’t think there will be a day when I won’t have to clean up some mess that I make in my marriage! 😉 I am a work-in-progress, for sure!

An.y.whoo! My focus for this SJT is as the title describes on “Mind-Reading” and, though I often think that I can accomplish this magical feat, I am chugging down the wrong track when I try! 



If you can relate, what triggers the temptation to read your spouse’s mind?


What suggestions can you give me and the readers of MM for dealing with this temptation differently?


I’m also excited to announce the winner (chosen by random number generator) of 52 Uncommon Dates is Aimee Imbeau! Congratulations, Aimee! I hope this is a book that will inspire many fun times of connection with your hubby!

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14 responses to “Can I read your mind? SJT Video”

  1. My husband is so logical, his keys are never lost etc. So I would sometimes like to read his mind to see if he thinks logically or if he does this just to drive me crazy. Loved your blog and video. Stopping by from Weekend Whispers. Blessings Diana


    1. Sounds like you could easily follow the line of logic and have a good idea about what your hubby is thinking, Diana. But fair warning, this will still feel like a boundary violation to him if you do. Always better to steer clear! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  2. I attempt to read my husband’s mind all the time, and it always backfires. My husband is introverted, and I’m extroverted, so I’m always trying to tell him what he’s thinking. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your videos!


    1. Well, my husband is much more extroverted than I am, Barbie, but he still isn’t as open about his vulnerable feelings as I’d like him to be. So there’s always room to “fill-in-the-blank!” Poor guy! Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me, my friend!


  3. It’s almost a natural response to go in that direction when we don’t get that affirmation or attention that we’re craving. We want our presence and our words to be acknowledged, heard, validated.

    Our hearts CRAVE this, don’t they!

    I guess the more I head to God to tend to those natural needs, the less demanding I am of that man in my life … or expecting others to fill in the void.

    Love when you speak truth to us, Beth! I always walk away from here with more great big nuggets of truth!



    1. Oh yes, Linda. We certainly do crave it, but like you’ve said, we need to head to the Lord when we feel those needs emerging. Usually I can get there, I just often take a detour (in the wrong direction) before I head straight to the Lord’s arms. One of these days I’ll kick the ugly default response to the curb! 😉 Love ya and always thankful when you stop by, my friend!


  4. Beth, Thank you so much for visiting CMB. I’m so excited to find you! And you’re a Preacher’s wife close to St. Louis! Woo Hoo! I loved this. And your captions . . . so much fun! Loved sharing this on FB and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!


    1. You are welcome, Deb. It was nice to meet you and find out about your place. We should try to get together sometime. I’ll be in touch to see if we can set something up, my newfound friend! Thanks for coming by and encouraging me today as well. Hope to see you much more around the blogosphere and Internet. 🙂


      1. I would love that Beth! Look forward to hearing from you!


  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    What a great post, and a brave one, too.

    My wife used to try to read my mind; she doesn’t any more, because I think we’ve both realized that there’s nothing there worth knowing. I’m on a literal dead end, and she has to move forward, so my thoughts and words are – for the most part – not relevant to life as it is today.

    That said, I do my best to offer encouragement, to refrain from irritation (I used a pretty strong word-filter when I speak, and usually give everything I’m about to say a good ‘think’), and to refrain from complaint of any kind; in effect, I’m rendering myself one-dimensional to allow my wife to streamline her own life – as she must do, to thrive.

    I don’t try to read hers, either, because she’s always been something of a mystery to me, and is even more of one now. I do my best to listen, and to accept her words, when correlated with her actions, at face value.

    As I write I’m hoping that this makes sense, because I’;m writing with some difficulty today


    1. You are funny, Andrew. I’m sure there’s a lot going on up there in your brain. You prove that with every post you publish–always so full of wisdom and practical insight. I’m impressed that you’ve learned how to self-reflect and self-regulate what goes through your mind and out of your mouth. We all need to learn some of that self-discipline. It would save a lot of heartache in our marriages. Thanks for your constant encouragement, even on days when it is so very painful. I was wondering about you today. You were slower to emerge and that triggers worry for you. See! There I go trying to read the situation and “fill-in-the-blank!” It’s a hard habit to break! 😉


      1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
        Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

        As it happened, you got the fill-in-the-blank right…I wasn’t quite sure that my comment was even coherent, and had to reread it a few times to make sure. A couple of tough days.

        Your SJT videos are a delight; I always look forward to them…was that a new look, with your hairdo? I liked it.


  6. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    I used to read my husband’s mind – and didn’t do well at it at all. Whenever I would read his mind, the results would be full of my insecurities. There’s a great comedic piece on what’s going on in a woman’s mind and a guys – and my husband laughs that it is so true. I think trust is very important in order to not mind read successfully! Instead of mind-reading now, I just ask! I get the right answer every time! LOL – wonderful post – and so very true!


    1. Yes, Maryleigh, I think “mind-reading” often tends to go toward our insecurities. And I may know what comedic piece you’re talking about. It truly is hilarious and showcases exactly how most women let their thoughts run in all sorts of directions while our very linear guys are only thinking they are hungry or something very “guy” like that. Yes, you’d think I’d learn from my mind-reading failures that so much could be solved by simply asking him to explain. Well, all I can say is I will try, try again! (try to ask questions, that is, not read his mind!). Lol! Thanks for coming by and adding to the discussion, dear friend!


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