10 Questions that Can Improve Connection on Thanksgiving

This is a seven years old post that I’m pulling out of my vault and defrosting just like you would a turkey! I hope it gives you something encouraging to focus on around the table rather than politics, the pandemic or other uncomfortable subjects.

I know that many of you are busy shopping, cooking, cleaning, and generally keeping very, VERY busy preparing for Thanksgiving this Thursday.

I, too, am busy and want to focus on my home and family, so here’s what I’m going to suggest …

Disconnect from the Internet and connect with your family! And I will join you in that pursuit!

That means I won’t be commenting over at your place or replying to comments here. I truly love all of you, my “bloggy” and “non-bloggy” friends, but there are some days that just need to be devoted to our families only!

Still, I want to give you a little gift for Thanksgiving before I immerse myself in gravy and family times.

Below is a graphic with 10 Questions for Families to Connect for Thanksgiving. You can click here for a printable graphic.

Thanksgiving Discussion #Thanksgiving #questions #conversation #communication #connection

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The graphic below shows the latest devotional published by Devotableapp.com. And I am honored to be one of the authors with my devotion, โ€œDistracted by Worry and Wants.โ€ You can check out the devotional and purchase it on Amazon here.

Devotable Devotion on Fear. #fear #Bible #devotional #inspiration #encouragement #Scripture

21 responses to “10 Questions that Can Improve Connection on Thanksgiving”

  1. Perfect post for this Thanksgiving! I love the questions above and will be reflecting on some of them in the next few days. Happy Thanksgiving and much love!


    • I’m glad you liked it, Mary! I have been thinking of you and your “hostessing duties” this week. I’m praying that you remain calm and feeling God’s grace pouring down on your head all day long! Hugs!


    • Ha! Aren’t you cute, Becky?! Yeah, I’m never quite unplugged since my job as a life coach keeps me “clicking and plugging away!” But I’m really going to try and avoid cracking the old laptop tomorrow and you won’t catch me in any Black Friday lines. But then, … I don’t have “little ones” that just have to have that … eh-hem … Razor scooter! ha! Love ya, girlfriend!


  2. I love the questions above! I often am prepared with questions to prompt meaningful conversation that lasts long after the meal is done. May you & your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!


    • Yes, it’s often those who are not bloggers or “wordsmiths” that have trouble with this at Thanksgiving, Joanne. Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks so much for encouraging me, my friend!


    • Yay! I hope it is a positive experience. You’ll have to tell me how it goes, Nicki! I need all the juicy details! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, sweet girlfriend! I hope that you are experiencing God’s healing balm as you share more about your story!


  3. Our family never had a shortage of things to say. I will miss the chatter this year being so far away, but will be calling/Skyping them to connect. Our family started so many years ago with my Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary today. Such a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend.


    • That’s the problem with most families, Kim! They never have a shortage of things to say but often they are negative or gripey! The stress of the day just lends itself to that, I think. But I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to Skype with your family. I forgot that you moved and this is a perfect way to connect. Congrats to your parents as well and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. Our traditional Thanksgiving — of heading to my mom’s — will change this year as she and my sis have plans to eat out. My kids are all otherwise engaged so it will be me and my Michael home alone watching the parade. We had planned an afternoon hike in nearby Tymor Forest but we are now getting up to 9 inches of snow !!!! today so I don’t think we’ll be on the trails tomorrow. If only we had snowshoes!!! Anyway, I’ll be roasting a turkey breast and making lots of veggies and a sugar/dairy/grain free pumpkin custard tomorrow. Don’t work too hard on your prep. ENJOY your blessings and I will too. Love and hugs to you, Beth xxoo


    • Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving, if you ask me. I’d love to celebrate a holiday alone with just my hubby–all holed up in a warm spot near the fire as we gaze out at the snowflakes. I do hope you can drink coffee or maybe tea is more to your liking, Sheila. Either way, stay warm and cuddle up with that special guy in your life. Happy Thanksgiving to you two too, my friend!


  5. Ha! so I should not be reading or commenting on here today, Beth ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Lol. But I had planned to read this today ๐Ÿ™‚ For us, Thanksgiving is still a very new thing, as we don’t have the holiday where I come from. So that means I don’t humongous amount of cooking to do, yaay! But I do love having the time with my husband! Enjoy yourself, have a blessed time with your family!


    • I didn’t even think about that! I guess all of your family is in Africa, right? I hope you and your hubby had a great time to just relax and be together. That may beat all of our rushed, crowded and over-stuffed Thanksgiving feasts! Thanks for your friendship, Ngina! And have a blessed week, my friend! BTW, I’m still praying that you get all the funding you need for your marriage conference. I hope all is going well with that!


      • I have a sister and my husband also has a sister here in the US ๐Ÿ™‚ But everyone else is back in Kenya. Thank you sooo much for the prayers and thoughts! We are still far from our fundraising goal but we are working and trusting God! We know He will make a way!


  6. Thanksgiving, yes, may be the right
    time for some reflection;
    a view from metaphoric height
    from which we see direction
    of the road that lies ahead
    and that which lies behind,
    and see when we held wrath instead
    of choosing to be kind.
    But, my friend, we can do better
    (though we bear Adam’s flaw)
    if we hew to the letter
    of this vital law:
    “Love thy God above all else,
    and love thy neighbour as thyself.”


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