How 5 Unfair Tasks Can Make Marriage Stronger

Unfair Tasks in Christian Marriage

Sometimes we bristle at a task because it’s “unfair,” especially when it comes to our marriages. 

Oh sure, most of us accept this reality in the realm of parenting or even in our jobs. But when it comes to marriage, we’ve somehow bought the lie that there should never be anything “unfair” about it. 

I don’t know about you but that does not align with God’s word or the reality of two sinners living together. Not only that, but marriage is God’s picture to the world of His love for the church, His bride. 

Because of that monumental purpose, the evil one LOVES to attack our marriages! He loves to whisper in our ears, “marriage is supposed to be fair!” 

“Stand up for your rights! Don’t put up with your spouse’s failures and annoying habits! You deserve better. Perhaps, something more meaningful and reciprocal.”

Ever heard that voice rolling around in your head, especially after a heated argument? Or maybe after a boundary that you set with your spouse was broken? 

I have! 

Back in 2018, I did a series of posts on the unfair tasks and realities in marriage. So today I want to remind you of the first five that deal with the unfair tasks we have a responsibility to DO. And I’ll share 5 more that involve what we must NOT DO very soon! 

I’m sharing this with those of you who’ve heard these messages rolling around in your head.

Don’t think you’re the only one!

And don’t fall for the lie that these are absolutely true. Each of the statements I mentioned above contains a grain of truth. But most of the time, they are encapsulated in a lie.

Sure! Sometimes we DO need to stand up for our rights in marriage. But this means letting God guide our actions as we respectfully approach our spouses with the problem.

And sometimes it means overlooking an insult, especially when it’s simply an annoying habit. 

Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult. —Proverbs 12:16

If you’ve been thinking any of the thoughts mentioned above, or even if you haven’t, you’ll find more motivation and clarity for your marriage from these posts. They will help you to know what unfair task you need to do which, ultimately, will strengthen your marriage.

If you try to apply even one of these unfair tasks to a wounded area of your marriage, I promise you’ll see it strengthening your marriage. And if not, you’ll see it strengthening YOU!

Test me on this and let me know at Then, be assured, I will add you to my prayer list and start praying that God strengthens your marriage exponentially! 

5 Posts on Unfair Tasks We Must Do . . .

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  2. Unfair Task of Respecting Your Mate No Matter What
  3. Unfair Task to Love a Mate Who Won’t Love Back
  4. Unfair Task of Accepting Your Mate’s Aging Body
  5. Unfair Task of Praying for Your Marriage Even If it Feels Passive

Which of these whispers from the evil one have you listened to lately?


What is one unfair task in marriage that you’re really struggling to do?

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