6 Great Ways Prayer Can Improve Your Marriage

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I’m always looking for great ways to improve my marriage. It kind of comes with the territory of being a marriage blogger and life-coach. But I also do this because I simply want to grow closer to my man!

Can you relate?

About ten years ago, my husband was game to try something I wanted to do. I suggested to him that we pray together daily at the start of each day as something of an experiment for this blog.

Since my husband is a pastor, you’d think that praying together daily would have been a priority right from the start of our marriage.

But if you thought that, you would be wrong! 😉

Sure, we prayed together at meals. We also prayed together whenever something monumental was going on in our lives. And we prayed individually every day for all sorts of needs and concerns.

But we did not make a habit of praying together before starting (or ending) our day. Even though that might seem like a no-brainer!

The experiment I wanted to do back then involved praying with my husband daily for 30 days. I wanted to see how or if it helped our marriage.

Here we are ten years later and we haven’t stopped! I guess that tells you something about how well it went! 🙂

That’s why I want to share some of the ways I feel like praying together daily with my spouse has helped my marriage. I think you’ll find that this practice and priority will do the same in your marriage as well.

6 ways praying together daily improved my marriage …

  1. It keeps us focused on who matters most each day—connecting us more with God.
  2. We don’t argue near as often as before we did this, nor do we get as heated when we do argue.
  3. It makes us feel more connected to each other while we’re praying AND while we’re apart.
  4. The act of praying together makes us feel more vulnerable, breaking down barriers that regular communication can’t.
  5. It reminds us that we are not alone in whatever struggle we’re facing—we have God and each other!
  6. Because we invite God into our day, He strengthens our bond with each other.

These are just some of the ways I believe praying together daily with my husband has encouraged us in life and improved our marriage.

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What’s one way you’ve seen praying with your spouse improve your marriage? 


Which of the six ways I listed would you like to see happen in your marriage?

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4 responses to “6 Great Ways Prayer Can Improve Your Marriage”

  1. This post came at the perfect time, Beth … I realize I now need to pray for and with my husband about an upcoming conversation.

    Why do we continue to need these necessary nudges?!


  2. We pray so very differently,
    my dear sweet wife and I;
    both fervently, efficiently,
    and yet we do not spy
    the selfsame God to which we speak
    when by bedside we do kneel,
    and in our inner hearts we seek
    what is or is not real.
    Is it my God of iron grace
    Lord of a kindness stern?
    Or is her God of smiling face
    a Father whose heart turns
    at her tears of glad submission;
    is hers perhaps the truer vision?


  3. Oh, Beth, this is lovely, and why isn’t it obvious that we need to pray for that all important guy? I am writing about prayer all this month as well. Preaching to myself…


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