How to Make Time with God Your Priority

As a counselor and life coach, people often ask me what’s the best way to get their lives and marriages back on track. My answer often leaves them less than satisfied.

I always say—it’s connecting with God and His word daily. 

It’s as if they can’t quite see the connection between a vibrant and growing faith and a vibrant and growing marriage. They want some formula, steps to follow, or a more direct correlation to the issues plaguing their marriages.

If you’ve visited Messy Marriage at any point over the past few years, you’ve seen me make a case for Scripture informing our lives. Scripture and prayer even go even further, transforming our attitudes and actions in marriage.

But all of that can sound more like “blah, blah, blah” until you experience it for yourself.

Because I feel so strongly about this, I feel it’s only fitting to give you some tips on how to make time for God each day. After all, I know that many of you will be trying to do better in this regard in the New Year.

So allow me to share …

4 Crucial Tips for Making Time for God Each Day

1. Pray about this endeavor! 

I’ve found that unless I pray about a matter before I begin it, my ability, attitude and perspectives will not be as God-empowered as they can be. This is true for uncomfortable conversations, a challenging day ahead, and/or the strength/resolve to make time for God.

We desperately need to invite God into this effort or we will be doomed from the start!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

God says no to some requests because they are not according to His will or asked out of wrong motives. But this is one prayer God will answer in the affirmative every.single.time!

2. Discern the best day and time for meeting with God.

This too needs to be discerned with prayer and not just a glance at your schedule. Ask God to make it clear to you when would be best. Then ask Him to give you the power and motivation to make it happen each day at that particular time.

Practically speaking, it’s always best to choose the same time each day whenever possible. This way you’ll be more inclined to remember to do it. If your schedule is really packed full, you might even want to put it on your calendar so you never double-book!

3. Enlist a good, same-gender friend to hold you accountable.

I talk a lot about accountability here … because it works!

When you ask people to check in on you each week, you’ll be much more prone to stick with your plan. Besides, it encourages you, making you feel less alone in the pursuit of your goal.

Just be sure to ask God who you should choose since He always knows better than you do (Prov. 3:5-6).

4.  Pick a Bible study PLAN.

I don’t suppose I have to say this again, but I will! Ask God to give you discernment on what plan to start. Because you always need a plan in place if you hope to make this work.

This could be anything from a Bible study book to a reading plan. Just don’t close your eyes and drop your finger on a text in your Bible, letting that decide where you’ll read for the day. Let God lead you with His word rather than relying on your finger to guide you.

What is your biggest hurdle in creating the habit of meeting with God?


What tips do you have for others who struggle to make this a priority?

13 responses to “How to Make Time with God Your Priority”

  1. So much good and practical help here, and even better– an appropriate sense of urgency. Thus is a top priority for the believe who wants to grow.


    1. Yes, Michele! I wanted to highlight this with all those resolution makers out there looking for something positive to do in the New Year. I sure hope they see the importance and encouragement in making this their goal and focus! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Good practical tips – especially good if you can partner in prayer with a friend that you trust!


    1. Yes, that’s always been the way I’ve gotten anything nailed down and established in my life, Sharon. Where would we be with our our godly accountability partners?


  3. It’s not that I don’t want to meet
    the Lord Almighty, face-to-face,
    but really do not want to greet
    the Man, just yet, at His Own Place.
    Yeah, I know it’s getting close
    to that time, the time to go,
    and, oh, yeah, time’s river flows,
    and the tumours sure do grow,
    but there’s some fight inside me yet,
    and I’ll play it to the end,
    so I ask that God forget
    me for awhile, and just pretend
    to be surprised when I do
    turn up when all of this is through.


    1. I know you, Andrew. And I believe you meet with God even before you enter His pearly gates. Might be a prayer between gasping for air, struggling to sleep or throwing up your dinner, but it’s time with God here and now nonetheless. Hugs and prayers to you, my friend!


  4. Beth, I needed this prompt and encouragement as I’ve noticed recently that everything else seems to be worming its way into my devotional time. I pray without ceasing all day, but I need to solidify my Bible reading time yet once again.

    Thanks for the nudge. You are a great mentor and guide, dear friend …


    1. If you’re like me, the holiday time when I should be focusing on Christ the most, is often the time I’m distracted and don’t focus as much. I know you’ll get right back at it but, in the meantime, I’ll pray that you find that precious time in the word to complement your times of prayer.


  5. Just taking your survey gave me insight into my Bible study plan. I typically read the Bible before I go to bed. It is a good, distraction-free time but sometimes I find I am so tired, my eyes get heavy. I get the most from my Bible study when I have others to discuss with. Your advice to find a friend is a very good one.


    1. Hmm, I love that! Always want to stir new insights into this important pursuit, Laurie. And, if you had your time in the morning and had that same complaint, I’d say grab a cup of coffee! But since you do it at night, that wouldn’t be such a great idea! Lol! Could you have a little snack while you read? That always keeps me more alert. But whatever you find to do, I’ll pray you find success with it! Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!


  6. I have to work with a plan myself too. It eliminates at least one decision, and having to make too many decisions can cause procrastination. I also keep a reminder on my daily planner. I can be such a forgetful creature without my calendar! Thanks for this wonderful advice to keep us focused on God. Praying you have a wonderful Christmas, Beth!


  7. Great practical tips for prayer and Bible Study! Thanks for sharing!


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