How to Find Rest that Improves Your Life and Relationships

Have you caught up on the rest you’ve desperately needed during your community’s quarantines this past year?

With all the hanging out in our homes and away from our friends and coworkers, you’d think we would just feel so rested and refueled. 😉

But, like everything else that’s happened in 2020, we’ve been left feeling sorely disappointed and far too sleep-deprived.

And I’m not just guesstimating here. There’s research that backs this idea up!

The Better Sleep Council¹ compared their survey results from January 2020, when they conducted their annual sleep study, to the results from a second survey done in March of this year.

In January, 43% of Americans described their sleep as poor or fair. While only three months later, in March, that number actually increased to 52%.

Furthermore, in January, 30% said they regularly felt well-rested upon waking. But in March, that number dropped to 24%.

Just last week my husband and I enjoyed some time away on vacation. We visited with some of our family in Tennessee, as well as North Carolina, and especially enjoyed celebrating our grandson’s second birthday!

But was this time away restful? Not as much as you might think or expect. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed! Lol!

Still, while on the road and in unscheduled moments, I was able to steal moments away, reading a great book.

That book is Rest Now by Kelly Balarie.

I was really looking forward to this book and Kelly did not disappoint! Her book really helps us to understand how to find and improve our level of rest in life.

But this is not simply about getting into a good sleep pattern or finding sleep-aids that guarantee a restful night’s sleep. This is about pursuing and finding spiritual rest—the most foundational and important of all types of rest.

In Kelly’s book, she devoted the first section to outlining some of the ways we struggle to find rest along with what disrupts it. This really grabbed my attention right at the start.

I also felt like I could relate to Kelly since she is very open and vulnerable in her writing style. She came across like a friend and fellow sojourner, never sugar-coating her occasional failures or hiding the times when she fell victim to a faulty mindset.

This gave me greater confidence, not less, in her ability to navigate this slippery slope.

Kelly then discussed seven ways we can cultivate a restful attitude in our lives. Some of her ideas include pursuing things like humility, forgiveness, peace, contentment, etc. She also used thought-provoking questions to help the reader consider how to live out each of these character qualities.

Of course, Kelly grounded all of these pursuits and more in Christ, giving us insight into how He enables us to experience the rest we long for in life. I truly appreciated how she used Scripture and a biblical perspective to guide us into this rich and relaxing territory.

The last section of her book took a more in-depth look at boundaries—helping us to understand what they are and aren’t.

But what I found most inspiring in this section was Kelly’s examination of the way Jesus used boundaries in His life and relationships. There’s so much to learn and gain from His amazing and perfectly balanced approach.

So, if you’re feeling like your life could use more rest—a rest that impacts every area of your life—then check out Kelly’s book here. Also, I’m giving away a copy to one randomly chosen person, who lives within the continental U.S. and comments by Saturday, October 31st, 2020. Check back here to see who wins, as I’ll announce it on that Saturday.

Come by next week when I’ll be starting a series called, Out of Balance, which will tackle the issues that can create havoc in our lives and marriages when we let them grow out of balance.


What is one practice you pursue in your life that brings greater spiritual rest to your life? 


What is one area in your life that’s really draining you now? 


¹The Better Sleep Council Survey

19 responses to “How to Find Rest that Improves Your Life and Relationships”

  1. Beth,
    Thanks for this review of Kelly’s book – it sounds very honest and helpful. I think that the best thing, for me, that has come out of the quarantine is that I’ve been very obedient in being in God’s word and having my quiet time in the morning. It really has been a non-negotiable. I’ve needed the spiritual rest in order to survive what the world is throwing at us. Where I really need help ( and this is the peopl-pleaser talking ) is in setting boundaries. I hate to say, “No” and let others down. But I know that I am very easily susceptible to burnout. I know we all need boundaries, but I still struggle with setting healthy ones for myself. One of these days (hopefully) soon I’ll get to see you on one of your NC ventures.
    Bev xo


  2. It has been a learning season for many to trust in God’s sovereignty and rest in Him. The book sounds like a valuable resource!


  3. When you are speaking to the sleep-deprived, you are talking to me. It is comforting to know I am not the only person tossing and turning the night away. Kelly’s book sounds like a good one. Setting boundaries and saying no is not something that comes easily to me! So glad you got to visit your precious grandson. A second birthday is not to be missed!


  4. This would be a timely read. Insomnia!


  5. The timing of this is perfect-reminding me that God is very aware of the current struggles on a deeper level than ever before. Don’t you feel the wonder of His placing just the right book in your hands when you need it? Your response to the book echos in me, and you gave us the principles to go on. ‘Many thanks!


  6. Rest, it is not needed,
    so it’s not what I’ll be taking;
    there are mates here to be feted,
    and new bones set for breaking
    out upon the rugby pitch,
    and on Krav Maga mat;
    lacerations for to stitch
    when I have knocked flat
    those who do the same to me
    in spirit of good clean fun;
    every day’s a victory
    at the set of sun
    when every given moment’s used
    because you’ve got no more to lose.


  7. Very interesting


  8. Dear Beth, thank you for this alert and the nice review. I have bought a copy of the Kindle version. I really enjoyed ‘Battle Ready’ — it was a very fresh read and very practical. I like the idea of bringing Scripture into everyday life — not saving it for prayer time — so the more ideas for doing that the better

    Spiritual rest: I have managed to establish a very regular yoga habit, first thing in the morning 3 days a week. I know that is only physical but it helps me start the day very calm. And that helps me turn in the right direction during the day.


  9. Thanks for sharing this review. I’ve heard good things about Kelly’s book, and this was informative. One thing that’s helped me rest is really honoring the Sabbath, making it a day apart. I’m visiting today from the Inspire Me Monday link up. Have a great week Beth!


  10. Emileigh Ziebka Avatar

    Such an important thing to prioritize in life! I find myself losing sight of my peace when I’m not well-rested, which in turn affects all other areas of my life. Remembering that even Jesus made finding this rest a priority is such an important reminder and being certain to recognize and actively pursue things that bring me peace.
    For me, I’ve had to let go of my to-do list some days to find better rest, physically and mentally. I have to minimize it to a realistic to-do list and remind myself that I’m one person and not everything can always get done. The things that matter, my time with Jesus and time with my family are priority. The other things just tend to drain me and steal not only my rest but also my peace.


  11. thank you for sharing this! I have Kelly’s book on my book list and look forward to starting it!


  12. For such a time as this … ‘7 ways to say no, create boundaries, and seize joy.’

    Oh yes, please!


  13. Dear Beth, Thank you so much for this information.


  14. Great intro and research on rest to see the need to read Kelly’s book. I’m on the launch team, too, and have really enjoyed reading it. Definintely, Kelly offers fresh insight on rest. We often forget how the good Lord created us body, soul, and spirit and all 3 need rest from the weariness of the world. The kind of rest only fround in Jesus. Thank you, Beth!


  15. Beth, great research and resources. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they are not resting as well. However, I didn’t know things were this intense. And what an excellent and timely book by Kelly. Thank you for sharing this!


  16. I always feel so sorry for my family when I am sleep deprived. Rest makes all the difference in my disposition and my obedience to God.


  17. Kelly’s book sounds much needed for such a time as this!

    I did really think during the pandemic and staying at home, I’d rest more. But such was not the case. It seemed harder than ever to turn off my busy brain!

    I have been more intentional since my run in with Covid on what things I can do – and what things I cannot. Scheduling more time for rest is paramount.


  18. Sounds like a good book I’ll have to put on my list. How do I get rest? Deliberate daily time with God. Sucking life from me? Housework right now. It just seems the monotony of cooking cleaning laundry and grocery shopping etc is all I do! Then I remember this is just temporary. I go outside for a walk and remember there is life outside these four walls! I remember that my time spent serving others is also serving Christ and living out His model of servanthood. God is good. He blesses us every day.


  19. I will admit, sleep hasn’t been coming easily. On those nights when sleep is more elusive, I find myself quietly praying for those He brings to mind. And of course, I always pray that He multiplies my rest so that I can meet the demands of the day 🙂 He so faithfully delivers! This sounds like a wonderful book for these days we are living.


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