How to Make Fall Fun with Your Spouse During COVID

Fall Date Ideas - Are you running out of ideas for fun fall dates especially during COVID? Then come by MM and snag these 35 ideas! #dates #fall #autumn #spouse #connection #inspiration #dating #fun #recreation

Are you feeling a little too close for comfort in your marriage during these crazy COVID days? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, especially with the divorce rate skyrocketing across the globe! 

Fall Date Ideas - Are you running out of ideas for fun fall dates especially during COVID? Then come by MM and snag these 35 ideas! #dates #fall #autumn #spouse #connection #inspiration #dating #fun #recreation

I hate to admit it but I struggled at first with having my husband home all the time. He, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy this newfound freedom to pop in on me working in my home office, hoping I’d be up for a quick chat or two.

Don’t get me wrong!

I do so enjoy a good chat session … after my work is done. 😉

But I’m also very task-oriented and keep a tight schedule too. So there’s often very little margin in my day, leaving me feeling a tad bit irritated when he drops in unannounced. Lol! #makeanappointmentplease

One very good thing has come from this, though . . .

[bctt tweet=”My husband and I have realized just how much we work at creating meaningful connections. These have kept us encouraged and growing closer while many marriages are feeling worse for wear. #connecting #giveaway” username=”BethSteffaniak”]

So, in honor of Messy Marriage’s 10-year blogiversary! Woot woot! I’ve created a list of 35 fun activities that you and your spouse can do this fall even during COVID! Not only that, but I’ll be giving away my couple’s devotional—“Before You Snore or Go Out the Door”—in ebook form to TEN randomly chosen people who comment on this post! See the details below.

35 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Spouse

  1. Set up an indoor picnic for two Pull out your blanket and basket full of goodies to enjoy in a climate-controlled room in your house! Do this when the kiddos are in school or at a babysitter so you’re free to do whatever suits your fancy! #winkwink
  2. Go for an outdoor picnic at a favorite park or scenic location.
  3. Take in all the fall colors on a scenic drive.
  4. Visit a pumpkin or apple-picking farm.
  5. Go on a photo scavenger hunt – Click this link—Scavenger Hunt—for a downloadable list of things to find and shoot.
  6. Scavenge for the prettiest fall leaves – Bring them back home for the two of you or your entire family to decide which one is the prettiest of them all! If you have children, show them how to make rubbings of the leaves using crayons and a sheet of paper. Post the artwork somewhere special!
  7. Carve or paint a pumpkin together.
  8. Enjoy a day dedicated to baking together – Make apple pie, pumpkin pie, candy apples, homemade applesauce, roast some pumpkin seeds, etc.
  9. Stargaze on a blanket in your backyard.
  10. Explore a local cave together – Click the links for some American tours: America’s Cave, 12 Amazing Caves You Have to Visit, The Caverns.
  11. Watch a sunset at a scenic or romantic location – And don’t underestimate the beauty of a nearby park. One of my favorite spots to see a sunset reflecting off of a small pond is just minutes from my house! Ask around. Maybe your friends can recommend a spot near you!
  12. Show up as a nerd couple at your favorite coffee shop – Sip your coffee together, chatting over every nerdy thing you can think of, while fellow-patrons snicker at how silly you both look! Be sure to capture at least one “usie” with your spouse and any onlookers in the background!
  13. Visit several special places around your community – Start out by making a list with your spouse of which places you’d like to include. Then head out to each location, stopping at each one to share what was memorable about that particular spot. Be sure to top of each spot with a kiss or snuggle.
  14. Spend a day at a winery – Download and use this guide for making it even more romantic and fun! 😉
  15. Binge a favorite show – Be sure to book a babysitter or put the kids to bed. Then grab your favorite munchies, your warmest blanket and camp out together in front of your TV, binging on a show you and your spouse have been wanting to get to for some time.
  16. Visit a local corn maze – Then get lost together, wandering around while you talk about your corniest and fondest fall memories. End your day roasting popcorn over an open fire!
  17. Go for a hikeNaturally, the best time to do this is when the leaves are at their peak! Then get busy capturing a few random pics of the two of you together all along the way to share with your friends on Facebook or Instagram.
  18. Make your favorite dinner together – Afterwards, either look through a favorite photo album or watch some videos of your wedding or other monumental milestones.
  19. Dance the night away – Make room in a spacious part of your house. Then put on your favorite music to cut the rug with your sweetheart. After each dance, rate how well you think you both did! At night’s end, award yourselves the mirror-ball (a ball glued to a mirror)! 😉
  20. Go for a scenic bike ride – You might want to invite another COVID-free couple along to multiply the laughs and good times.
  21. Head to a cemetery with blanket and snacks in tow (or backyard, if it’s after dark) – Then sit in a spooky spot and tell each other your best ghost stories—complete with a flashlight for ominous face-lighting! Really ham it up! If you don’t know any ghost stories, share your favorite childhood memories of Halloween or autumn with each other.
  22. Get a fire pit or bonfire going – Just don’t forget to bring the marshmallows, fixings for your smores, and hot dogs for roasting! Invite along another COVID-free couple to enjoy the crisp night’s air and blazing magnificence of an open fire!
  23. Do a Leaf-Jump – Get out your trusty rake to gather up the fallen leaves in your yard. Then take turns jumping in your big pile of fluff. Be sure to take lots of pics, sharing them on your favorite social media platform. Or lay back on the leaves and take a pic of the two of you for your fall greeting card.
  24. Attend a high school or other local football game – Be sure to bring a blanket and a thermos full of your favorite hot beverage. Then get busy snuggling up together while you cheer on the gridiron action.
  25. Take a Ghost Tour –  Many historic cities/towns host them. And since they are outdoors, they are a great option during this pandemic season.
  26. Play games together – Pull out your gaming system and/or your favorite board games for a night of non-stop fun competing against your spouse! Just be sure not to rub it in when you win for the umpteenth time!
  27. Build a fire in your fireplace – Then sit back together—watching the flames dance and dive. Whisper a few sweet nothings in your spouse’s ear. Use my affirmation guide for some ideas!
  28. Visit a local playground – Try to do this when not many children are present. Then act like kids yourselves while you swing, and slide!
  29. Go to an outdoor concert – Then really get into it by singing, swaying, bouncing and clapping along to the beat!
  30. Build-a-Story – Try doing this outdoors near sunset. Sip your favorite beverage while you spin a custom tale for two! You start by sharing the first line, then your spouse can add the next, and so on until you reach the best climactic ending ever.
  31. Watch a meteor shower – Three showers will occur this fall when the moon is only a crescent, offering the best chance to view them. The Orionids will peak on the night of Oct 20 into 21, the Northern Taurids on the night of Nov 11 into 12, and the Leonids on the night of Nov 16 into 17.
  32. View the space launch –  NASA astronaut Kate Rubins and Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov will be launching into space on October 14, 2020. You can watch all the action at this link –  International Space Station.
  33. Head to a drive-in theater – Get your car loaded up with all your tale-gating gear and pretend like you’re back in 1955.
  34. Play a sport at a local venue – This can be anything from throwing a baseball or football to a two-person game of tennis, badminton or volleyball. You pick!
  35. Head out to an ATV park – Google to find one in your area that includes rental of an ATV, safety gear and trails for some high-speed fun!

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Here’s a video my husband and I recently did for our church, hence we reference “Stronger Marriage”—the name of the workshops we do for them. I hope it gives you an extra idea for connecting!

Click here for the full-sized PDF of this image.

Scavenger Hunt - Use the fullsize PDF of this image found at MM for your next fall photo scavenger hunt with your spouse! #scavenger #marriage #dates #photo

Here’s a throwback moment when Gary and I won the “nerd contest” at a party in college!

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Want to win my couple’s devotional—“Before You Snore or Go Out the Door”? I’m giving away TEN copies of this incredible resource in ebook form to ten randomly chosen people who comment on this post by noon (EST) on Tuesday, Oct. 20th. This devotional will give you and your spouse a topic, Scripture and related questions to discuss together. You’ll also be given an application and prayer example for the two of you to try! Do these either before you go to sleep or as you part ways each day. I think it will really encourage you and strengthen your marriage!

Exciting update! The winners of the giveaway are: Bev, Emileigh, Michele, Deborah, David, Deb, Karen, Maree Dee, April and Theresa! Congrats, friends! I hope you find the devotional to be a blessing in your life and marriage! 

Couple's Devotional - Want to find a way to connect quickly yet biblically with your spouse? Then try out this ebook. Head to MM for more details! #marriage #devotional #Bible #verses #prayer #connection #spouse #inspiration #verses #tips #applications


What’s one of your favorite fall activities and why?


What has been the most challenging part of quarantining for you?


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30 responses to “How to Make Fall Fun with Your Spouse During COVID”

  1. Beth,
    Congrats’ Happy 10 Year Blogiversary!! Great date ideas for these COVID times. We haven’t been on a picnic in forever…definitely need to put that on the calendar – maybe a surprise picnic!! I need to be more creative so you’ve got the creative juices flowing!! Yes, do enter me in the drawing…and you make an adorable nerd lol.
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx


  2. Happy Blogiversary! 10 years is certainly a milestone. Congrats! The 35 suggestions are wonderful. We do need to find ways to keep the fun in our marriages, especially now. Since we are both retired, my hubby and I spent most days together even before the pandemic, but now we have fewer opportunities to go out and interact with others. I love the photo of you and your hubby at the nerd party – so cute!


  3. There’s not much scope for having fun
    in cancer’s long goodbye,
    but as the Earth goes round the sun,
    we’ll sure give it a try.
    A game of Dizzy Pitbull
    gives dog and us a laugh,
    but don’t spin him when his tummy’ full
    or all will need a bath.
    And then there’s cowpat frisbee
    (which may sound really strange)
    but it keeps us busy
    out here on open range.
    And finally, let’s go shake
    from the sage, a rattlesnake.

    Yes, Dizzy Pitbull is a dog-friendly game; Roscoe loves it. Pick him up under his arm, and twirl; he makes a happy giggling sound, and when put own, does adrunken walk…and then, “Again, dad!”


  4. Congratulations on your blog-a-versary! 10 years of amazing content is such an accomplishment! Love these ideas. We did the scenic drive and winery last weekend. It was so relaxing and refreshing to get out of the house!


  5. Congrats on 10 years of blogging! I loved reading this post. You have great ideas, some I haven’t tried yet. I love cooking over a bonfire in the fall.


  6. Beth, Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! What an example of perseverance and faithfulness. Thank you for putting together this great list of creative ideas! Can’t wait to do the photography scavenger hunt this weekend!


  7. Congrats on your blogiversary, Beth! Thanks so much for all this great dating tips. So many fun ways to connect as a couple! We love fires in the fireplace and cooking together. Have a great week!


  8. This article gives so many fun ideas for this time of social isolation/distancing. We have managed to grow closer through this year, but a variety of activities is hard to come up with sometimes! Thank you so much…

    And the hardest part of this time has been not seeing my daughter and grandsons anything like what was “normal”… I do miss them so.


  9. Congratulations on your blogiversary!!! Thanks for posting this list. Lots of great ideas on here – a few we have already accomplished this fall. I definitely have several more on our to-do list!


  10. Hi Beth!! Congrats on this wonderful anniversary! Thanks for that picture of you and Gary, it’s so fun!!
    Keep on blogging friend!😍


  11. Love these ideas, and the throwback pic is adorable! Tweeted and pinned. Happy blogiversary to one of my favorite bloggers!


  12. My best fall activity is going on hikes with my husband. The leave are gorgeous. Thank you for the date night ideas.


  13. Happy Blogiversary!! I really loved this post. Some of these activities my husband and I already do but the one thing we haven’t tried yet, is dressing up as nerds and going to a coffee shop! Yes, love it! I will be sharing pictures this month of our nerd date. Thanks for the great idea. So much fun. ❤️


  14. That nerd picture is awesome! Happy blogiversary! So thankful for the wisdom you continue to share with us!

    Many of these ideas are fall activities we enjoy with our kids but we have been trying to watch some of our favorite movies together a couple times a week lately before bed. It usually takes a few days to get through one but it’s something we can enjoy together to relieve any stress of the day.
    We’ve also enjoyed doing puzzles together but need to add game night back to our list since that’s one that can be easily done after the kids are in bed and without the need for a sitter 😉


  15. Congratulations!!! I love this blog and my friend, Beth! Both are a wonderful blessing in my life.


  16. First, Congratulations on 10 years of blogging!! What an incredible accomplishment! As a new blogger, I can’t even imagine…only dream. Secondly, GREAT article! I admit with COVID I have felt brain dead in the fun department for date nights, but these ideas are fabulous. I have renewed energy to enjoy my absolute favorite time of the year thanks to you!


  17. 10 years of blogging! Wow! That’s a commendable accomplishment!

    I was happy to see that my husband and I have done quite a few of these great suggestions for dating your spouse during COVID. This week he is on vacation from work so we are looking for things to do during our staycation. You’ve given me even more ideas!

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Ten years! Congratulations!! And still as fresh and thought-provoking as ever. Love the Stronger Marriage Moment — and you’re right, Coronavirus logistics and fretting can swallow up all our time together. Very important to break out of that. We used to love stargazing but haven’t been out like that for a long time. Good idea, but we might go for an indoor picnic with a crossword in front of the fire.

    Selfishly, one of the things I miss most is breakfast at a few favourite cafes. Since the beginning of lockdown I have lost a stone in weight. Sara heartily approves; I have mixed feelings.


  19. Congrats Beth!! Thankful for your faithfulness, vulnerability and passion to bring life and healing and Christ’s love to marriages. What an adorable photo of you guys and love the video too!


  20. Fun ideas. Hubby and I have walked and walked during quarentine. Getting anything done with him at home is a challenge as he likes to pop in multiple times a day and do something. We have had lots of fun, though.


  21. So many great ideas, Beth! My husband and I want to visit a winery and enjoy a bed and breakfast weekend. We feel that will be a great treat for us, once we are able to make it happen! You’ve given some ideas that also don’t cost anything and that’s always a bonus! Just spending time, focused on each other, is the main objective.


  22. Love the scavenger hunt idea and downloaded it! Unfortunately for a lot of the outdoor activities it will be too hot and mosquito infested for a while still in Texas to enjoy those.


  23. Love these fun ideas Beth! We are not making dates a priority right now 😦 I think the scavenger hunt would be really fun, I love the colors of fall! The hardest part of quarantine has been the changing of routines. Some changes have been really great and others have been emotionally rough. And as always my expectations seem to get in the way. Thankful for my years of following you here. Happy Anniversary!


  24. Love that photo of you two as nerds. There are some great ideas here! Thank you for the effort of compiling them!


  25. […] This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Messy Marriage  […]


  26. I tried to convince my husband last night to start watching my DVDs of The Crown! Needless to say, he soon vanished into the basement to find something important to do.

    All is well, although sometimes tense, in this crazy season. Sometimes the best gift we can offer each other is a bit of grace and space.



  27. Has anybody shopped at Wild Bill’s Tobacco? x


  28. I’m sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Blogiversary. Ten years! That’s wonderful.
    And I absolutely love this list—sharing it for sure.


  29. […] What are some important activities we could be doing together that would deepen our bond as a couple? For more connection time ideas, click here. […]


  30. […] What are some important activities we could be doing together that would deepen our bond as a couple? For more connection time ideas, click here. […]


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