How Meaningful Connections Can Improve Your Marriage

Feeling like you and your spouse are drifting during this pandemic season, or just in general? Then come by and learn 5 ways to carve out meaningful connections in marriage! #connect #connection #marriage #meaningful #tips #inspiration #encouragement #spouse #family #time #habits #practices

In these crazy pandemic days, the divorce rate is soaring even though couples and families are spending more time together than ever before. On the surface, this can look deceptively like we’re more connected in marriage.

But often these connections feel forced rather than feeling like meaningful connections that encourage true closeness.

Meaningful connections involve . . .

Find out what I say they involve and so much more at, where I’m honored to be Anita’s guest this week! Then be sure to click the link at the end of my post (on Anita’s blog) so that you can find the link to my freebie that’s reserved for visitors of Anita’s blog back here.

Be sure to join me next week, as I’ll be celebrating the 10-year blogiversery of Messy Marriage! I’ll also be hosting a giveaway, sharing a video my husband and I made together, as well as a post that provides lots of ideas for connecting with your spouse during the cool, beautiful days of autumn!

And if you have the time, I’d love for you to stop by a site that I partner with—Kingdom Winds—to read one of my latest posts, “How to Stop Hiding and Improve Your Life.” You might not think you’re hiding but this problem is more common and subtle than we might ever imagine! Be sure to find out it if describes you or your spouse. Then learn how to deal with it, if it does!

In case you missed it at Anita’s blog, click here for the freebie!


What’s one way you’ve made a meaningful connection with your spouse and/or family during this pandemic season?


10 responses to “How Meaningful Connections Can Improve Your Marriage”

  1. Beth,
    If I popped over from Anita’s do I qualify for the freebie? Did I miss it somewhere? LOL. Loved this post! Early congrats on your 10 year blogiversary – WOW!
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx


    1. Hey Bev! It was a tiny little link at the end of my post over at Anita’s. But for you, I’ll email you a link! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for coming by to encourage me, girlfriend! You’re the best!


  2. Great tips Beth! I came from Anita’s blog as well. How do I access the download?


    1. It was a link found at the end my guest post on Anita’s blog. But I sent you one in an email just in case, Priya! Thanks for coming by!


  3. Great tips Beth! I also came from Anita’s blog. I love the example prayer you shared and your idea of setting aside “talk time.” As parents to five active kiddos, we know that if stuff (even as important as time to sit and talk) isn’t scheduled, it often doesn’t happen.

    Thank you for these ideas and reminders!


    1. Yes, so true, Jed! Especially when there are five kiddos involved! Wow! Their activities surely must take precedence on most days. But we all can be intentional about getting our marriages on the docket too! Thanks for coming by and encouraging me!


  4. Just to be talking about meaningful connections, is a meaningful connection in itself 🙂 Great tips thanks Beth!


  5. Such an important conversation right now. Thanks for these tips! Visiting from Grace & truth.


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with my readers, Beth!


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