How I’m Overcoming Arguing AND Not Planning for the Future!

Transformed by God's Word - Find out how God transformed Beth's habit of arguing, and learn how you can too at MM! #argue #conflict #pride #anger #marriage #Bible #Scripture #verses #improve

I’m extending last week’s focus on forgiveness for another week since it’s such an important topic! Besides, I’ve got two other posts I want to highlight for you this week. One has to do with my tendency to argue, which certainly dovetails nicely with forgiveness. And the other one has to do with planning for the future, which is always relevant this time of year. You’ll find the links to both of these below!

Ever catch an ugly argument erupting between spouses?

Unfortunately, my kids and sometimes even my friends were often privy to ugly moments like these back in the early days of my marriage.

Thankfully, after one of these despicable debates with my husband, the Lord opened my eyes with an important passage that still echoes in my heart and mind today. It truly transformed me and my marriage from that point onward.

The Fight

This ugly fight probably all started with one of us slinging an angry accusation at the other, . . .

Head to Wield the Word to read—How I Stopped Arguing with My Husband—for the rest of the story! 

ALSO . . . Be sure to click this next link to check out my post at DevotableIs it Wrong to Plan for Your Future?

Is it Wrong to Plan for the Future? Find out what the Bible has to say by clicking the link! #Bible #plan #planning #strategy #future #verses #wisdom #faith #Scripture

For those of you who are participating and following my Insight for 2020 series, then click this linkForgiveness Inventory—to find out how forgiving you are. Then formulate your goal for the week based off the question where you scored yourself the lowest. My goal for last week AND this week is to ask God to reveal any sins I’ve committed in a conflict before and perhaps instead of confronting my spouse with his sin.

This is the “shutteth thy lips” strategy! 😉 See the KJV of Proverbs 17:28 to see why I call it that!

If you’re interested in more support in this effort to apply our insights to our lives and marriages, I hope you’ll join my private FB group! Click here to head to the Facebook Group and request to be added. It’s really been encouraging to me in my life already, and I hope it will do the same for you! 

Be sure to join me next week when I’ll be continuing my Insight for 2020 series with a look at “Faithfulness” that includes another inventory to help you gauge this in your life and marriage as well.


What have you tried to do to curtail arguing in your life and marriage?


Do you think it’s wrong to plan for the future? Why or why not?

4 responses to “How I’m Overcoming Arguing AND Not Planning for the Future!”

  1. Beth, hi! This made me smile ’cause you and I are tracking in the same direction in our writing yet again!

    I love when that happens …



  2. Thrilled to have you over at Wield The Word again, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


  3. I don’t know where I am going,
    I don’t care where I have been.
    I’m just really glad in knowing
    I’ve been saved from my own sin,
    from the voice that rose in anger,
    from the heart that planned and schemed;
    these brought sorrow, and, yes danger,
    and not the boons of which I’d dreamed.
    ‘Twas from the haughty devil-man
    and not from being mild and meek
    that I drowned out others with my plan
    to find that which my greed would seek.
    And then God stopped me, laid me low
    with cancer’s fatal life-saving blow.


  4. Great post, Beth! I love the “shutteth thy lips” strategy and the Scripture you use here. I am reminded once again that the words we say cannot be taken back. We have an excellent post, by one of our guest bloggers, going live over on the blog Friday morning at 9 am about this very subject. There is a wonderful illustration of a feather pillow that really hit home with me this week.

    Tweeted & pinned.

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


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