3 Encouraging Truths for When You’re Suffering Plus Giveaway!

Encouraging Truths - Discover 3 Truths from the Christmas story that will encourage you when you suffer in life and marriage. #suffer #Bible #Scripture #Christmas #trouble #inspiration #marriage

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve hit a confusing and/or conflicted point in life and/or marriage, only to find my time of Bible study providing the truths and support I needed. God has been so good to me in that way.

The pages of the Bible are dripping with so much wisdom, comfort, and power that we end up drenched in God’s hope after we dive in!

Today, I want to share what this can look like based on just a slice of the Christmas story found in Luke 2:28-35.

I’ll be pulling out three truths from this passage that we can cling to and build our lives on, giving us a foundation that’s based in Christ’s hope.

3 Encouraging Truths from Scripture . . .

1. We can relate to the people who experienced joys and sorrows in Scripture.

There are so many true accounts of humans going through some of the same things you and I experience in life in the Bible. That’s both comforting and encouraging. 

In this account found in Luke, Joseph and Mary had just brought Jesus, their baby boy, to the temple to be consecrated (dedicated) to the Lord. There they were greeted by Simeon, who took the newborn Messiah in his arms, praised God (Luke 2:28-32), and then blessed them (Luke 2:34a).

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Right?

Naturally, we all love happy moments in life, as well as in Scripture. But what really touches and draws us in are the times when we read about a believer trusting God through suffering. It encourages us to do the same because God’s word also reveals the outcome for those who believed—they received God’s best!

For Mary, it was revealed through a life fully dedicated to being Jesus’ mother, even after hearing and knowing what it would cost her. Hang on to find out why I say that!

But first, ask yourself: What story of suffering in Scripture reflects the troubles you’re facing currently? Search for one and find the encouragement you desperately need!

2. Harsh realities are part of God’s plan for believers.

Several harsh realities were revealed to Mary in Simeon’s words to her below . . .

“This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own soul too.”      —Luke 2:34-35

Mary would eventually experience every mother’s worst nightmare! She would one day watch her Son be tortured and killed a horrific and completely undeserved death!

Even though these words must have stung and left a foreboding cloud hanging over Mary’s head, she never resisted being God’s servant and Jesus’ mother. She trusted that God had a good purpose for the pain she would go on to suffer . . . That ultimately her Son would suffer as well.

And this was no hollow hope! Not by a long shot!

It was one that God graciously prepared her for here, comforted her with at the time of Jesus’ death, and lavished on her as she entered heaven.

God is doing the same for you, friend! If you are a believer who’s discouraged and hopeless in your life and marriage, realize that these are the temporary sufferings every Christ-follower must accept and endure.

“For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him.”  Phil. 1:29

Ask yourself: What painful realties in your life are you resisting? Would God’s redemption and refinement in your life be achieved if all you experienced was ease and normalcy?   

3. God redeems harsh realities for Christ-followers.

Did you notice that smack dab in the middle of the harsh realities Simeon prophesied about above (Luke 2:34-35), there was a promise of God’s beautiful redemption?

Though this child (Jesus) was/is destined to cause the falling of many in Israel (Those who reject Christ). Jesus also causes the rising of many as well. In other words, Christ raises up all who call on Him for salvation! He raises us up in our trials and troubles too—giving us comfort, strength, and healing!

Do you think Mary would have rather traded this enormously painful reality and experience with her Son for a pain-free life without Christ’s redemption? Certainly NOT!

Ask yourself: What is Jesus doing or has already done to redeem your painful situation?

If you can’t see it, pray that God would open your eyes to all that He’s doing to bring about His good through and in spite of your losses and suffering.

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Which one of the truths do you need to cling to more, and why? 


What is one way God has redeemed and encouraged you in a particular hurt in your life? Care to share how?


20 responses to “3 Encouraging Truths for When You’re Suffering Plus Giveaway!”

  1. your post has me thanking God, yet again, for the comfort and solace of His Word. may those pages be our first go-to when our hearts are heavy and our next steps are unsure …


  2. They see the fires in which I’m burnin’,
    they see the flames a-climbin’ high,
    they see no merit I’d be earnin’,
    and so they say, “Curse God and die!”
    They see no hope in faith I hold,
    no escape from cancer’s trials,
    no cause to be brave or bold,
    and no need for my tremblin’ smiles.
    They see my days of future passed,
    lost to clawing hands of time,
    cooked for a dark and fell repast,
    a feast to hail a devil’s crime.
    They see my dim bleak destiny,
    but at the end, they don’t see me.


    1. Richard Parlee/Adrienne Parlee Avatar
      Richard Parlee/Adrienne Parlee

      I hear you warrior.


  3. Beth,
    I’m clinging to #3…God redeems harsh realities for our good and His glory. I can look back over many harsh realities that I have lived THROUGH and my faith has been strengthened. The harsh reality I’m living today, I know, will be redeemed. I just don’t know the how, when, and where? This is where our trust muscles are developed. Thanks for the hope-filled reminders today. Praying for you – that you are healing up and doing well!
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx


  4. Yes, drenched in hope in the midst of a desert sometimes!
    Thanks for hopeful words in a busy season!


  5. God has redeemed many painful situations in my life! Recently, he’s helped me have a pleasant visit with my in-laws and I’m at peace about them moving down here so that we can help them (they’re in their mid-80s and need help). Only God could bring about my change of heart.


  6. Great post as usual, Beth! Sharing on Pinterest and Twitter, friend.


  7. I so love this season of hope Beth. The Christmas story truly brings out the why behind so many of the things we go through and how to persevere in so many situations. Thank you for giving beautiful examples of how everything comes together despite what looks like life-altering setbacks. Love this 💕


    1. Hey Brittany, you’re the randomly chosen winner! I’ll be in touch to get your address and send my Bible study off to you ASAP! Thanks for coming by and participating!


  8. I am so very thankful that God was there for my family and I as we experienced my life-threatening disease and recovery. He lifted us up in comfort and courage. I often wonder how people do don’t know Jesus as their Savior, what do they cling to during times of stress and tribulation? My prayer is that more people including my extended family will come to accept the free gift of salvation before it’s everlasting too late. This world needs Jesus!


  9. Great thought provoking post!!


  10. I’m glad we also have those sorrow stories. We need those to relate because we ALL have sorrows at some (many) points. Yet we can find hope through their sorrows to reach through to hope in our own. Thanks for your willingness to share the harsh realities and not sugarcoat everything, Beth. You’re a treasure!


  11. I agree with Lisa’s comment, Beth! The fact that you don’t sugarcoat a thing is such a gift to me! Marriage can be so messy, and being real about it is deeply encouraging! Thank you for pointing us to the Word here. It’s so easy for me to turn to other people for comfort, wisdom, and consolation when life is hard. While this is important, I want to be so grounded in the Word that I run there first!


  12. Such an encouraging post, Beth. Thank you!

    Pinned and tweeted.

    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


  13. I love my time in the Word so very much. Thanks for sharing this.


  14. Jennifer Erickson Avatar
    Jennifer Erickson

    Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes I forget that healing can be rather painful for C good reasons.


  15. God bless you you made my day with this post.


  16. Your words are so timely. I spoke at a women’s retreat yesterday about Mary. Her “yes” changed the world but as you said she didn’t change her mind halfway through. As I have gotten older I am more able to accept that life comes with joy and sorrow. The best part is how God is in the middle of both.


  17. Our lives are full of both joy and suffering, all with God’s Grace to endure. Thank you for this wonderful post and for linking up with Grace & Truth.


  18. […] 3 Encouraging Truths for When You’re Suffering, Messy Marriage […]


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