Relationship Communication: 6 Keys for a Successful Marriage

Marriage Communication - This post is about learning to talk it out with your mate so that you can gain 6 key benefits in your life and marriage. #marriagematters #communicationinmarriage #messymarriage #communicationkeys #sexlife #empathyskills #empathizewithspouse #conflictresolution

Today, I’m glad to introduce you to Rachael Pace, who is sharing some important benefits that effective communication in marriage can bring to our lives and marriages. You can find more about her at her bio below! Please, make her feel welcome by commenting below and sharing to all of your favorite social media spots! 

Ask any couple and they will tell you that one of the biggest factors in a successful relationship is communication.

Even the best relationships will run into problems every now and again. Why? Because people are different.

Marriage Communication - This post deals with the benefits of talking it out with your mate. If you do, you can gain 6 key benefits in your life and marriage. Find out what they are at MM! #marriagematters #communicationinmarriage #messymarriage #communicationkeys #sexlife #empathyskills #empathizewithspouse #conflictresolution

You and your spouse were both brought up with different morals, values, thoughts, and opinions. It’s only natural that bringing two different personalities under one roof can only run smoothly if there is an effective back and forth between partners.

Not only is communication the way we connect to our spouse, but it’s also how we problem-solve, strengthen trust, and improve emotional intimacy. Marriage courses can be an invaluable tool in helping you learn and apply communication tips for a successful marriage. Taking up any of the credible marriage courses is one of the most progressive steps you can take in building a better marriage.

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Here are …

6 Ways Talking it Out with Your Spouse Benefits Your Marriage

1. Teaches You to Have Empathy

One great benefit of relationship communication is that it teaches you how to empathize with your partner.

Having empathy means that you feel what your spouse is feeling. When they are upset, you have a fellow feeling for them. Or if they are excited about something, you’re just as ecstatic!

Empathy is a great foundation for marriage since it helps you to bond and connect on a deeper level.

2. It Teaches You to Problem-Solve

In order to have a thriving marriage, couples must learn to resolve drama in a way that is healthy. This will help you both get your point across in a way that is clear and respectful.

Unhealthy communication is as follows:

  • Freezing a spouse out to get your way
  • Swearing, yelling
  • Getting physical during an argument
  • Using an argument as an excuse to make fun of, hurt, or disrespect your spouse
  • Dredging up past mistakes (that have already been forgiven) as a bargaining chip during an argument
  • Being unable to express your honest opinions during a disagreement
  • Gaslighting or manipulating

Opposite of this, healthy relationship communication includes:

  • Coming to your spouse with an issue before the problem has had a chance to fester
  • Keeping a respectful tone
  • Choosing the right time to have a discussion
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Staying calm during discussions
  • Learning to listen to your partner
  • Not interrupting your spouse while they are speaking
  • Trying to empathize with one another
  • Staying on topic
  • Working together to solve the problem instead of viewing each other as the enemy

3. Know Each Other’s Triggers

Often, it is the people who know us best who know exactly how to push our buttons. That is because the more you get to know your spouse, the better you’ll be able to understand their personal triggers.

By communicating openly as a couple, you’ll be able to steer clear from topics or tones that might upset your spouse. This will help you have a more peaceful marriage.

4. It Sets Your Sex Life on Fire

There’s another reason to boost your relationship communication game – to benefit your sex life!

Marital satisfaction is closely associated with sexual satisfaction in couples. A close, intimate connection is also a high predictor in emotional intimacy in couples.

When you can talk to your partner and communicate about your likes, dislikes, turn-ons, and turn-offs, you will have a deeper connection and a more satisfying intimate life.

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In fact, the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy did a study with 142 couples and is quoted as finding “greater amounts of sexual communication were associated with increased orgasm frequency in women and greater relationship and sexual satisfaction in both sexes.”

5. It Helps Prevent Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are dangerous to a marriage. They can hurt feelings, cause resentment, and giant blow-out arguments – for no reason at all!

Instead of taking offense at something your partner has said or putting your own interpretations behind it, nip the problem in the bud.

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification about your spouse’s comment. Talk it out together, even if it feels hard or awkward to do so.

By practicing healthy relationship communication, you will help prevent a lifetime of needless arguments.

6.  It Helps You Get to Know One Another

Not only does communication prevent misunderstandings and help solve arguments, but it also helps partners get to know each other better.

Communicating is how couples learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes. It can also be an excellent opportunity to catch-up, make each other laugh, or plan for the future.

Having a weekly date night has been proven to strengthen a couple’s communication skills.

Plan a fun evening out with your sweetheart and have a list of questions ready to ask them. Some ideas for fun get-to-know-you-questions include:

  • What is your favorite memory of your childhood?
  • Do you remember when you first realized you were in love with me?
  • What is your favorite color?

Asking open-ended questions is a great way to engage your spouse and strengthen your marital friendship.

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Being able to talk to your spouse will ensure you continue to get to know one another. Communication will also help prevent arguments and miscommunications.

Rachael Pace is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world, offering effective solutions for healthy and successful relationships. She is also a featured writer for Rachel can also be found on Twitter and Linkedin.


Which of the 6 keys Rachael offered above have benefited your marriage the most? 


Which one do you need to focus on the most?


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15 responses to “Relationship Communication: 6 Keys for a Successful Marriage”

  1. Thank you, Rachel, good insight and wisdom. We still try to have a date night each week after 34 years of marriage. And still learning how to communicate in a healthy and intimate way. It’s always been easy for me to bring up the past…to keep that list of injustices my husband commited against me and remind him, even though I had said the words, “I forgive you” when it happened. That’s not true forgiveness. Keeping a clean slate in our marriage helps us build strong connection and intimacy with each other.


    1. Thanks for coming by to encourage Rachael, Karen! I can tell from your blog, and other interactions we’ve had, how hard you work on yourself and your longstanding marriage. And I, like you, realize that I am a work-in-progress-wife. Will be till the day I die! 😉 Thanks for your vulnerability here. It’s one of the things that I love about you!


  2. Love all of this great advice!! I read it with my husband and we both found some things that we know we can work on. It can be so easy to slip back into old habits in the area of not taking the time to work diligently to steer clear of arguments. It is a weakness of mine to want to prove my point or be “right” but I know it is mostly my pride that gets in the way!! Thank you for the great reminders, Rachel!! #RechargeWednesday 🙂


    1. Oh wow! I love hearing that, April–that you read it with your husband and discussed it too! That tells me you and your hubby have forged a teamwork mindset for your marriage. A rare find, indeed! I am like you as well on the need to be right. My hubby gets the brunt of that prideful attitude on many a day! Thankfully, he’s a forgiving man as well. Thank you for coming by and encouraging my guest, Rachael, as well as me! It means a lot!


  3. These are really good tips, Rachel! The more consistent we are with creating multiple opportunities to talk throughout the week, the more we both are able to gain from, and give to, each other. Thank you for sharing these!


    1. Yes, it’s so true that we need to create those opportunities in our day, Angela. I’m so glad that Rachael highlighted that challenge for us. It truly benefits and strengthens our marriages. Thanks for coming by and joining the conversation, my friend!


  4. “Misunderstandings are dangerous to a marriage.” This is so true! Misunderstandings are often behind most of our disagreements. Asking for clarification is great advice. Thanks for these tips, Rachael.


    1. Yes, isn’t that the truth, Lisa! In fact, my hubby and I got into an argument just the other day, all because of a misunderstanding. When that happens, we need to slow down and move from sharing our perspectives to asking clarifying questions, like you mentioned. It’s amazing how quickly that can resolve what gets us tangled in knots! Thanks so much for coming by to encourage Rachael. And your presence here encourages me too! 😉


  5. Terrific post, and well-defined action items.

    Communication’s hard here; as I am terminally ill, we live in very different worlds. It’s tough to bridge the gap, except through love in action, and not in words.

    As my body fades from life
    I’m more than self-contained.
    It’s hard, even with my wife
    to keep communication maintained.
    We live in very different places
    with an ephemeral thread-connexion
    that yet carries love’s own graces
    across the pond of God’s reflection.
    We’ve learned that the life we had
    is out of our determined reach,
    but all this said, it’s not all bad
    for what we’ve learned, we teach.
    Cancer may cloak the star above,
    but unless we allow, it can’t kill love.


    1. And I for one am so happy and blessed to receive what you now teach from the things you’ve learned and continue to learn, even in the haze of pain and sickness, Andrew. Thank you for stopping by to encourage Rachael. You’ve encouraged me as well, my friend! Prayers for and hugs to you!


  6. I sincerely thank you for the kind words in appreciation of my efforts. Your compliments have really encouraged me to do even better in future.


    1. Thank YOU, Rachael for sharing your wisdom with us. I hope your message gets into the hands of those who need it most!


  7. Thank you for sharing these great tips on communication from Rachel. I am so glad to see you put empathy at number 1. I would put it at the top of the list too. Problem-solving is a great suggestion for #2 also. These 2 tips can help most marriages.


    1. Yes, I agree! Empathy is so important to any effort to communicate, but especially in the context or marriage, Laurie. Thanks for stopping by to encourage Rachael. It means a lot to me as well!


  8. Rachael,
    Lot’s of great advice here. I still struggle with choosing the right time to bring up a difficult subject. If I am upset about something, it’s so hard to hold in my thought until there is a “good” time for both of us. I am often in a hurry just to get something off my chest and it might not be the best time. I’m working on (and hopefully getting better) at hearing my husband out and not interrupting him with comments in my own defense. As always, it’s a work in progress! Thanks for the encouragement to keep at it – it’s well worth it!


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