Are You Really Enough? Find Out What God Says!

Are You Enough - Find out what God thinks about this question by clicking the link and reading more! #selfworth #identity #masterpiece #Goddesigned #redemption

Have you heard the cheerful declaration—“You are enough!”—that’s often bandied about on the Internet and beyond? Oh, my goodness, I have!

Are You Enough - Find out what God thinks about this question by clicking the link and reading more! #selfworth #identity #masterpiece #Goddesigned #redemption

This idea is meant to encourage those who feel unworthy, raising them to a new and uplifted way of thinking about themselves. And I think it’s true, but only in part.

We can’t necessarily declare ourselves as “enough”—in and of ourselves—without first viewing this from God’s perspective.

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God Created Masterpiece - See what Ephesians has to say about your worth in God's eyes by clicking the link! #worth #selfworth #Goddesigned #Godredeemed

To read more about what God’s perspective is on this issue, click here to go to, where you’ll find the rest of my latest devotional.


What do you think this verse means? 


In what ways have you struggled to feel “enough” for God and others? 


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