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Messiah Bible Study - In this Bible Study done from the gospel of Luke, we will take a look at Jesus' mission and ministry years. #Jesusonmission #Messiahonmission #Biblestudy #gospelofLuke

I know I said I would be taking a blogging break for the holidays, and I still am! 😉 It’s just that I wanted to let you all know about my latest Facebook Bible study, “Messiah on Mission,” before stepping away for my Christmas break.

Messiah Bible Study - In this Bible Study done from the gospel of Luke, we will take a look at Jesus' mission and ministry years. #Jesusonmission #Messiahonmission #Biblestudy #gospelofLuke

This study follows up my previous study—Messiah in a Manger (which is still available by joining this group!). But in this upcoming study, we will be exploring the mission and ministry years of Jesus in the gospel of Luke.

Sound intriguing? I hope so! 

On Sunday evening Jan. 6, 2019, I’ll be adding the first of my notes in order to give you as early a start on Monday morning, Jan. 7th, as you’d like. Thereafter, each evening, Sunday through Thursday, I will add my notes for you to read the next day in your own time with God.

You can either wait to read my notes until after you have done your own study of the reading for the day …

Or you can read my notes like a devotional “with teeth.”

I say “teeth” because it gives you the ability to bite into Scripture in a deeper and more meaningful way than your average devotional might. That’s because I provide notes that are well-researched—offering you an in depth look at the life of Christ, as well as practical applications for each day.

If you join this group you’ll not only have the downloadable files for Messiah on Mission, but you’ll also get the previous study, Messiah in a Manger.

You can start from that point and move forward at your own pace, or start with where the Facebook group will begin in this upcoming study and go at our pace.

But let’s say you don’t want all those notifications, just click on “notifications” (in the FB group) and a dropdown menu offers you options for adjusting your preferences.

If you fall behind at any point, don’t feel the pressure to catch up unless you’re really motivated to do so. And there’s no pressure to comment or do ANYthing other than to receive the notes and resources.

In fact, if you discover that this group is not your cup of tea, you can leave at any time! Though, I would surely miss you! 

This, of course, is all FREE to you and offers the added benefit of reminding you five-days-a-week to read your Bible! That’s something I think we all can use, especially as we endeavor to do better in the New Year. 😉

So just how do you join?

If you are already my Facebook friend—Beth Oster Steffaniak—simply let me know you’d like to join and I’ll invite you.

But if you’re not my FB friend yet, you’ll need to send me a friend request, along with letting me know you want to be added to the group!

There’s one other more direct way to join. Just click here and it will take you to the group wall. Then click on the “join group” tab and I’ll add you ASAP!

FYI – Messiah on Mission will be followed up by two additional studies: Messiah Martyred and Messiah Magnified. With these two additional studies rounding out the other two, you’ll receive the entire study of the gospel of Luke.

It’s deal you surely won’t want to pass up! 

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Thanks again for supporting Messy Marriage and for being my friend as well! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and an incredible New Year!


Care to join me in this Facebook study and start your New Year off right? Head to Facebook and let me know!




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2 responses to “Join My Messiah on Mission WORTHY Bible Study”

  1. I’m in and looking forward to continuing the study.


    1. I’m glad to have you along, Gary!


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