My Book Review of Surrendered Hearts – An Adoption Story

Adoption Story - This post shares a review of the book Surrendered Hearts. It unfolds the inspiring story of how God worked to bring a little girl from Bulgaria into the hearts and home of the Schumaker's. Click to read more! #SurrenderedHeartsBook, #Surrender, #Adoption, #adoptionstory, #bookreview

It’s been quite a few years since I became acquainted with Lori Schumaker and her amazing blog. She’s been a sweet blogging friend and wonderful supporter of MM for quite some time.

Ironically, my husband and I considered adopting around the same time the Schumaker’s went on their adoption journey in 2010.

Adoption Story - This post shares a review of the book Surrendered Hearts. It unfolds the inspiring story of how God worked to bring a little girl from Bulgaria into the hearts and home of the Schumaker's. Click to read more! #SurrenderedHeartsBook, #Surrender, #Adoption, #adoptionstory, #bookreview

That’s why Lori’s story touches my heart in such a deep and profound way.

And I truly believe, whether you adopt or not, her story will touch your heart too.

If you are considering adoption, it will open your eyes to the many challenges and hurdles that adoption—especially foreign adoption—involves. Best of all, if God is calling you to adopt, I believe her book will open your heart to the many blessings that await you.

How it felt to read Lori’s book …

Right off the bat, I got caught up in the emotional roller coaster that Lori and her husband Bryan faced every time they turned around. It reminded me of when I was being drawn to open my arms to a child needing a family.

Like Lori’s husband, it took my husband some time before he became convinced that we should consider adoption. I had to be like Lori and wait on God to soften and open my husband’s heart as well. And I’m so glad that God melted Lori’s husband’s heart, eventually leading them to pursue their sweet daughter Selah.

[bctt tweet=”What would have happened if Lori and Bryan had resisted God’s calling to adopt? Thankfully, we won’t ever know that sad outcome because of their surrendered hearts. @Lori_Schumaker #SurrenderedHeartsBook #bookreview” username=”BethSteffaniak”]

Some of the things I loved about Lori’s book …

One of the things I love about Lori and Bryan’s story and journey is that they always included their two boys in this endeavor. They taught their sons to pray for their future sibling long before they knew the child God would choose for them to adopt.

And the enthusiasm of her sons was nothing short of heartwarming! Not only that, but I was inspired by just how much her sons’ faith must have been stretched as they watched God at work.

I firmly believe that all of this helped her sons to fully embrace their adopted sister long before she arrived in their home. That’s so vitally important to any adoption process!

Another inspiring aspect about their story is just how much God showed up in very visible and monumental ways at every turn.

At one point in the book, Lori listed all the ways God had performed miracles—like connecting Lori to the right people at just the right time, as well as providing adoption for Selah in the nick of time! (Literally!)

Selah was slated to be classified as unadoptable by the Bulgarian government, if God had not orchestrated these interventions when He did.

As Lori so profoundly reminded us, none of this could not have happened … “But God” made sure that it would in just the right time and way.

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How Her Story Compares to Mine …

As I mentioned above, my husband and I considered adoption, actually as early as 2008. We were going to adopt from Russia when that country began to shut down many American adoption bids.

So we felt moved to foster a child here in the U.S. instead. Our time of fostering began in 2010 around the same time Lori and Bryan went on their first of two trips to Bulgaria.

Our story did not ultimately end in adoption, but that time taught us sooooo very much! Without a doubt, I learned how to trust God like never before! It truly was one of the hardest tests and times of my life.

I say that not to discourage you from adopting or fostering! Not in the least! There were so many lessons I learned from that time that I would never trade for the world!

And the best possible outcome actually happened while our foster daughter lived with us. She accepted Christ! I believe that adoption into God’s family will have a far greater impact on her life than if God had made the way for us to adopt her into ours.

What might God want to do with your story? 

So if you are feeling God’s nudge to consider adoption or fostering, then I hope you’ll buy and read Lori’s book first! I’m certain God will use it to guide you in discerning His will for you, as well as preparing you for this God-empowered task.

And if adoption is not where God is leading you, then consider checking out Lori’s book anyway. I say that because it will grab you by the heartstrings with every pulse-pounding turn of the page!

[bctt tweet=”Need a real page turner that will grab you by the heartstrings? Read Lori Schumaker’s real-life story of adoption and following God’s call for her family. #SurrenderedHeartsBook, #inspirationalread” username=”BethSteffaniak”]

Click on the link if you’d like to purchase Lori’s book—Surrendered Hearts. And be sure to visit Lori’s blog——to find out more information about her ministry, as well as discovering all sorts of inspiring posts. If you want to know more about Lori’s book, go to her Surrendered Hearts page on her site.

Finally, click on the video below to watch the trailer for Lori’s book …

What do you hope to gain from reading Lori’s inspiring story? 


What is one way God has shown up in your life—accomplishing what only He could do?


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