2 Devotionals Offering Encouragement and Relief

Eyes of Faith - This post reveals the way to see the unseen work that God is always doing in our lives. #unseen #faith #Godsactivity #invisible #encouragement

Today I want to point you to some encouragement and relief by sharing two devotionals I’ve recently written, which are featured at two inspirational Christian sites.

The first devotional starts off by pointing you to see the unseen. An impossible sounding task, I know! But read on to find out how …

Eyes of Faith - This post reveals the way to see the unseen work that God is always doing in our lives. #unseen #faith #Godsactivity #invisible #encouragement

I’m about to be a grandmother. I tell you that not to gain your congratulatory wishes, but because it serves to illustrate this verse and spiritual truth in a vivid way. After all, my grandson is the unseen prize that just happens to be currently packaged in his mama’s cozy womb.

Naturally, I can’t see my little grandson except for the sonogram photos his parents have shared with his soon-to-be granddad and yours truly. But I can see the evidence that he is growing bigger and bigger by just taking a good look at my daughter-in-law. And one day, my grandson will be born and clearly seen by all who know and love him.

In a similar way . . . Click on the link to read the rest of this devotional at Devotableapp.com.

But before you go, be sure to check out my latest devotional at Lifelettercafe.com too …

Anxiety Solution - This devotional gives the Apostle Paul's secret for dealing with anxiety. #anxiety #peace #prayer #prayerrequests #thanksgiving

Click here to read more about what exactly the Apostle Paul learned and lived when it came to anxieties in his life.

Click on the link if you missed any past posts in my most recent series – Marriage According to the Bible. And don’t miss the final installment in that series this coming Sunday evening – “3 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life Using the Bible.” Sound intriguing? I hope so!

Also, next week I’ll be starting a new series called, “Lessons Learned in Marriage” with a guest post from my sweet blogging friend Melanie Redd kicking it off for us. See the graphic below for a list of all nine of the great bloggers/authors who are joining me (#10) in this amazing series.

Lessons Learned in Marriage - Blog Series with first-hand accounts of lessons learned in marriage. #bloggers #authors #marriagelessons #lessonslearned


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