Husbands Confess How Pride Made Their Marriage Messier


I’m excited to unveil the first of the Confession Videos where husbands answer the question: “What prideful attitude or action have you done in your marriage that has made it messier?”

In my experience, pride has been a huge factor in hurting my own marriage, not to mention the marriages of those I counsel. So I feel like it’s an important place to start.


I’m so glad that my hubby Gary helped me out with this one—interviewing the men from our small group. So I have to say upfront, the background noise is a bit much! 😉

However, that just means that my church friends were having a whole lot of fun, munching on the goodies that my good friend Lisa brought for us to enjoy.

Btw, we tried to interview some men at Lowe’s but found that most men don’t like a strange woman approaching them to do an interview on “pride” while they’re in the middle of a working on a house project! ha! 😉 Sorry, guys! 


I also want to announce the winners of The Wedding Night, written by my good bloggy friend, Ngina. The winners who were chosen by random number generator are Julie Loos and Karrilee Aggett. Congrats, my friends! I’ll be emailing you to get your info to Ngina. And thanks to all who participated!

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What prideful attitude or action has made your marriage messier?


What are you (husband or wife) willing to do to try and improve a prideful issue in your marriage? 


You can check out the video asking wives this same question at this link – Confessions of Messy Mrs.


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3 responses to “Husbands Confess How Pride Made Their Marriage Messier”

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Loved this, Beth…and please tell Gary he’s a good interviewer.

    Pride’s definitely an issue here. As things are progressing from really unpleasant physically,to downright awful, I’m having an easier time dealing with it. The standing joke comes from one of the recent ‘Thor’ films: “A mere mortal could not handle anywhere near this degree of pain and humiliation, but fortunately…I AM MIGHTY.”

    The problem is that it’s a bit more real, at least in my head, than it is a joke. I’ll happily push myself through pain, just in getting to my feet and walking, that I would never impose on another. It’s all to make a point; not, as some think, that I’m all manly and stuff, but to prove to me that I’ll still be around to do this tomorrow. That I cannot be broken by this.

    The effect on Barbara is not good. We were talking about vulnerability yesterday, in another context, and I said, “I don’t do vulnerable,” to which she replied, “No s***!”

    That takes something away from her, the ability to offer the comfort and solace that a spouse should. As I go from badass to dumbass (please pardon the expression, but it’s the only way to say it!) she’s sort of left behind in the dusty wake of egocentric idiocy, not knowing how to help, and not knowing how an offer of help will be received.

    So often she lets me go my own way, and feels bad about that.

    Can I change? It’s hard, because I don’t WANT to. This is an effective way for me to fight, and if I let down my hard man attitude I might dissolve into a puddle of tears and self-pity.

    But I do try. I can at least say, “Wow, this is really awful!” sometimes, and I know I will be making progress when I don’t start laughing after saying it.

    And by the way, I certainly don’t think you;re strange, and if you wanted to interview me in Lowe’s I’d be delighted.


  2. This is great! I love the interviews with these humble and willing men!


  3. Thanks for sharing such an encouraging message at Literacy Musing Mondays. It’s good to hear men speaking up.


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