Why Refueling with Family and Friends Brings Sanity {And Synchroblog}


Recently, my sweet blogging friend, Linda Stoll, invited me and a few other lovely lady bloggers to join her in a synchroblog—answering the question, “What Saved My Life This Summer.”

My mind immediately went to how often I feel emotionally spent by the time May or June rolls around. I’ve been blogging since February of 2009, so I’ve spent a lot of years powering-though those feelings—continuing to churn out blog post after blog post all summer long, instead of refueling.


It was last year that I noticed how very few people really were engaging with my blog during the summer.

They were/are busy with other things like sinking their toes into the sand of a beach or scurrying off to the latest summer blockbuster at the theater with friends and family.

And I don’t blame them!

In fact, I cheer them on in their efforts to make memories at a time when summer kisses those fleeting moments with an extra dose of sweetness.

Naturally, when my blogging “plate” was so full, I felt as if I couldn’t do those things.

So while everyone soaked up the sun and fun of summer, I withered like a sun-scorched raisin. 😉

At some point last year, I decided it was okay to take a summer break. So, you could say that was what saved my life last summer, as well as this summer. After all, I was dying on the blogging vine whenever I ignored my needs in favor of powering through each summer.

Now I am determined to take back every summer—filling it with all sorts of “family and friend times” that refuel me for the blogging days ahead.

Family . . .

So my husband and I took a quick trip out to Denver to visit our youngest son, Braden—checking out his new workplace, his within walking distance apartment, and his great new church that meets in a rehabbed auto garage.

Summer Vacation
Lunch with our son, Braden, and our beautiful niece, Taylor, who also lives in CO.

I also spent time with my adorable in-laws in Dandridge, Tennessee. This was the very first time I’ve gotten to spend a few days with them without my husband and kids in tow. It was so wonderful!!

My inlaws beautiful cabin nestled in the smokies with a view of Douglas Lake

I went a week ahead of my husband so that I could spend a few days with my in-laws before traveling on to Concord, North Carolina for the She Speaks Conference. That experience refueled me in a different kind of way, but also much-needed! #SarahGeringer #TerriHutchinson #LeslieNewman

She Speaks
Had an amazing time with fellow bloggers at She Speaks!

A week later my hubby came in so we could enjoy the rest of our summer vacation together.

Friends . . .

My husband and I also carved out time during our week-long vacation in Dandridge to get together with our lifelong friends, Kelly and Nickie Kinder. We spent Friday night and all day Saturday with them—staying at a cabin on the grounds of Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend, TN.

Dancing Bear Lodge

Best Friends
Here’s “Nickie” of Kelly and Nickie fame. Love this lady with all my heart!
Smoky Mountains
Our friend Kelly took this of us. Sorry to leave him out, but how ’bout that view?!

It was soooo much fun! We always have a great time with these two good friends, having gone on several family vacations with them in the past. That’s a true test of any friendship! 😉

We are so blessed to have another couple that we really click with! #marriedfriendships

If you don’t have another couple that you love to do things with, I’d encourage you to find one. It’s really a marriage-enriching experience.

Why Refueling is Needed . . .

1.  We all need to refuel to bring back our sanity after being overloaded.

[Tweet “It’s like a beautiful reset button for my heart and brain! #refuel #summerfun”]

2. We need to refuel to capture important moments in our lives with the people who matter most!

3. We need to refuel to regain our passion and inspiration.

That’s been so true for my ministry here at Messy Marriage. I feel that “fire in my belly” again, thanks to an important break! 😉

Please visit these other lovely ladies and friends who are participating in the synchroblog and answering the same question: “What saved my life this summer!”

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So now it’s your turn . . . 


What you ‘saved your life’ this past summer and how did it refuel you? 


What do you look for as a sign that you need to refuel in your life/marriage?



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20 responses to “Why Refueling with Family and Friends Brings Sanity {And Synchroblog}”

  1. Dear Beth … thanks for joining me in this time of reflection! I’m with you about the blogging break … things have been slow this summer with many of our friends slowing down and taking off. It’s a very good thing to stop and take a breath.

    And then return with enthusiasm and renewed creativity!

    I love that you’ve been traveling, spending sweet time with those you love. Oh, the memories you’ve made …


    1. Thank you for inviting me, Linda! I really enjoyed thinking back on my summer and I do hope that my reflections help others to take a break and spend time with family when the summer hits. Of course, for some the summer can’t offer those respites, but sometime in the day, week or year, refueling needs to be added to our busy lives. I’m so glad to know you took it slow this summer to soak up all the amazing moments with your lovely family. And I can tell from your post that taking that break has given you a renewed enthusiasm for what you do–which is to bless others in all sorts of ways! Yes, yes! I have made some wonderful memories and will definitely look back on them when I can’t be near or travel to my loved ones.


  2. What a beautiful time of refueling, Beth! You make me want to immediately go take a blogging break. 🙂 I appreciate being in this circuit with you, friend. I always gain wisdom from you when I visit.


    1. Ha! Yes, well maybe you should do that, Lisa! But I know you may just have to do that when those precious grandchildren alive. So better to stick with it until that moment dawns in your life. I appreciate being included in this fun exercise with you too! Linda has impeccable taste when it comes to friends! There I go again, patting myself on the back! But mostly I’m patting all of yours since you’re all such incredible women!


  3. Colorado and Tennessee, two of our favorite places! It looks like you had a very memorable and renewing summer!


    1. Yes, they are two of mine as well, come to think of it, June! Yes, indeed! It was an amazing summer with so many adventures and moments of relaxation. I will miss it and all the friends and family I got to visit with terribly! Waiting impatiently for a Tennessee Christmas to arrive! 😉


      1. A Tennessee Christmas . . . {deep sigh} 😉


  4. Several things saved my life. I was riding my bike last November when i was hit by a hit n run driver who left me laying on the road. Then in February I had another bike accident and I did an endo. Broke my collarbone, 3 ribs, did a fact plant and split my helmet. It was the latter more than the former which woke me up…and my wife. our summer was spent renewing our love with each other while I dealt with a back issue caused by the first accident. I finally had surgery in July and my wife has been a dream. I did a lot of soul searching this past summer and started to realign my priorities. (I came over from Linda’s home).


    1. Wow, Bill! You have been through the ringer this past year! I’m so sorry to hear of all the injuries you’re having to heal from, but I love how it really brought into focus how wonderful your wife is! That’s so inspiring to hear! Thanks for stopping by from Linda’s place. I do love her so!! Thanks for joining the conversation!


  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Love the pictures, Beth! And I am so glad to see how nice a summer you had.

    Blogging is a lifesaver for me, mainly because it’s the only way I can really communicate these days. I’m also challenged to write something meaningful, and meaningful these days now means I have to look at things I would have preferred not to see.

    And what’s saved my life…I guess that it’s the realization of what I am facing, and that the veneer of civilization I had put on my heart to be a good husband, a good teacher, and a good member of the community are no help here. This is sheer savagery, a fight to the death in my own body…and a fight to the death is an ambience I know quite well.

    It’s almost like going home.

    As for refreshment and refueling, I don’t really need it. That might be the result of long Zen practice, which allows me to live in the moment, or it may just be my nature. But it does cause problems, because Barb definitely DOES need that kind of refueling. It too me a long time to understand that.


    1. Thank you, Andrew. I hesitate to put my life out there on this blog. It’s funny, I don’t hesitate at all when it comes to FB. But here, I just feel like I am taking up much-needed time that should be devoted to the issues of marriage. HOWEVER, I do know that when I demonstrate healthy habits, it inspires others to keep those at the forefront of their minds and marriages as well.

      I am so grateful that you do not fight the slow death, but embrace each day like it’s your last. You never delude yourself or try to sugar-coat things, but tell it like it is and that’s what we all appreciate about you. You are always gut-level honest and humble.

      I understand that refueling isn’t part of your focus. Your focus is on surviving each day. But Barbara, as you’ve said, isn’t in that “fight.” So she must find those moments to refuel and refresh. I’m glad you expect and applaud her for that. You are an understanding husband, to a fault!


  6. Stopping by from Lisa’s… I have a daughter in Denver — and live just minutes away from Dandridge, TN. 🙂 Sounds like we have some things in common. Your summer break was obviously life-giving for your spirit, and that will surely serve you well as you return to blogging. I’m glad to “meet” you today.


    1. Really? How cool is that? Such a small world, Susan! And it’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad you came over from Lisa’s place to meet me!

      Yes, yes it was! In more ways than a blog post can count. Thanks so much for visiting. I’ll have to check your place out next!


  7. What a wonderful summer you’ve had! Love the view on your vacation – trying not to be jealous! Or of the fact you met Sarah Geringer – I just recently found her blog – and I’m now a fan.

    Maybe next summer, I will actually schedule a blogging break, too – instead of just … not posting much … Thanks for letting me know it could actually be a reset button.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jerri! I’d love to visit your blog, but don’t know where it is. Are you “Jerralea”? That’s what comes up when I Google search your name. 😉

      Yes, I met Sarah and actually roomed with her. We spent lots of evening talking into the wee hours of the morning at an inspiring conference like that! Glad you found her blog. She’s really got a heart for God!

      I do hope you take a break whether it’s in the summer or some other time. I really need it to keep my heart in the right place with my blog. Nice to meet you, Jerri!


      1. Yes, I’m Jerralea … somehow I’ve never got my avatar on Disqus to show me as a girl or who I really am! My blog is Jerralea’s Journey found here: https://jerralea.blogspot.com/

        Glad to meet you, too, Beth. Your message is one that I’m sure we all need to here – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have “messy marriage moments.”


      2. Great! I’ll head over there here in just a sec. And you are right! Whether we want to admit it or not, marriage and life are messy. That’s why we need a Savior! If you know what I mean! 😉


  8. Thanks for the reminder to refuel! Have been feeling guilty about a trip to Florida, but this helps! 🙂


  9. Love this post, Beth! Your photos always tell a lovely story, and I’m SO glad I was part of it this summer!


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