Photo Tour of London Plus Linkup!

Romance in London

It’s been so much fun to share photos with all of you from the anniversary trip that my husband and I took to the U.K. (back in 2013) in honor of our most recent anniversary of 30 years!

And as promised, today I’m sharing the last installment of that trip with a look at all the sights and sounds (well, imagine the sounds!) of London.

Romance in London

I also want to share one more tip for any trips or dates that you might be planning to go on in the near future.

Researchers discovered several years ago that couples who do new and exciting things together are better able to keep romance alive! You can read an article about it here. But before you do, check out the new and exciting things my husband and I did and saw first . . .

London Tower

We started day one of our time in London by touring London Tower that you can see behind me (not the most flattering spot to take a pic! But what did we know?!). This is where the Queen’s jewels and crowns are on display. You can also view many dramatic recreations of historic events as you walk around inside. We also got to tour the dungeons that held many royals, such as: Lady Anne Boleyn; Queen Elizabeth I; and Henry IV, to name a few. It also held the Scottish rebellion leader, William Wallace, who I’m sure looked nothing like Mel Gibson. 😉

Eads Bridge

After touring London Tower, we walked over London Tower Bridge. Here behind me is a photo of Eads Bridge which is in St. Louis, Missouri—the city where I grew up (actually the suburbs of St. Louis). An.y.who . . . it was “exciting” for me to see my  beloved StL bridge being recognized for its unique and advanced design for the time it was constructed in the 1800’s.

Gary London Tower Bridge

We walked through indoor sections of the Tower Bridge, then headed outside to walk along the car path. Gary and I found all of this experience to be, you guessed it . . . new and exciting! 😉

London EyeAs we made our way through London, the next sight we came by was the London Eye. We didn’t go up in this iconic sky-high ferris wheel because it was too pricey for our pocket books! ha! But we still enjoyed taking in the awesome wonder of such a new and exciting sight!

Beth by Big Ben

As we crossed over Westminster Bridge, the majestic and towering Big Ben that stands alongside the House of Parliament came into view.


Westminster Abbey

On day one we walked by Westminster Abbey, but didn’t tour it until day two. One of my favorite sights to see in the chapel was the tomb of Charles Dickens.

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Next, we walked through Buckingham Palace Gardens. Along the way, we met a nice guy who must feed the squirrels “peanuts” all the time since they came right up to him. He even took my hand and helped me to feed a squirrel too! I’d say, feeding a squirrel a peanut for the very first time counts as new and exciting, wouldn’t you?


Buckingham Palace

We made our way over to Buckingham Palace and took this pic from afar because there were so many tourists swarming the gates that we couldn’t manage a decent pic up close. 😉


Unfortunately, at the time we were in London, these scaffoldings obstructed our view and shot of Harrods Department Store. But that didn’t hinder us from taking a look-see at what was inside this impressive and high-society landmark.

Harrods Sales CounterGary caught me whizzing by in Harrods. There was so much to see, although we didn’t spend a dime (or ten pence?) in that pricey retail establishment. However, we did head around the corner to a cafe for dinner afterwards.

Sheikh near HarrodsGary spotted this very important man—perhaps a sheikh—leaving our little cafe with his entourage. Who knows? Maybe we were dining with royalty?! That’s certainly new and exciting!

The TubeDay two began with, of course, a ride on the Tube! You can’t do London properly without lots and lots of rides on the Tube. And don’t forget to “Mind the gap” while you’re at it! ha!

Piccadilly Circus

One of our first stops was at Piccadilly Circus, where I spent a good ten minutes trying to find the circus! jk!

ChinatownWe then wandered around looking for new and exciting sights in Chinatown. Later we headed back over to Westminster Abbey to take a tour. Quite a study in cultural contrasts! 

Kensington Gardens

After Westminster came Kensington Palace with this beautiful garden just outside. This palace was the home of Princess Diana and is now where Prince William and Princess Katherine live. I loved getting to see the portraits of Princess Diana inside, as well as touring a gallery of the many iconic dresses that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana wore in times past (insert a yawn for Gary!).

London Tower Bridge

The last thing we did on day two was board a tour boat that took us down the River Thames where Gary caught this shot of London Tower Bridge all lit up!

WindsorDay three of our three days in London began with a tour of all things Windsor—including the quaint town of Windsor. Can you spot part of Windsor Castle peeking above the cityscape way back in the distance?

Windsor Castle

Here it is . . . Windsor Castle! And this isn’t a postcard photo either! See the little van in the front? We saw that van drive onto the castle grounds and I’ll be sharing a video of that van entering in a very unique way on Facebook next week! So be sure to friend me—Beth Oster Steffaniak—if you haven’t already. I’ll be posting that cool video, as well as some other photos that won’t be posted here on MM.

Windsor and Gary

Here’s Gary wearing the audio tour headphones for Windsor Castle.

Queen's Loo

What is it with the Steffaniak’s and British bathrooms? ha! Gary wanted to capture me coming out of the Queen’s loo, since he was able to visit the “loo” that John Lennon used back in the day! Visit my Liverpool post to see more about that.

Beth in Windsor I kind of felt like those palace guards were marching toward me to usher me out! But you’ll be happy to know, we exited of our own accord! 

Madam Tousseau

Next on our agenda was Madam Tousseau’s Wax Museum. Here’s Gary telling Muhammad Ali that he (Gary) can “sting like a bee” too! 😉

James Bond

This was my attempt at becoming a Bond girl! 😉 Oh, and doesn’t it look like Daniel Craig is sticking his hand in my purse? Lol!

Abbey Road

We ended day three at the spot where the Beatles were photographed for an iconic album cover, walking in front of Abbey Road studios. Just envision me as John and that woman in the background as Ringo. Doesn’t work for ya? Me either! But it sure was fun, as well as . . . new and exciting to try!

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What new and exciting things do you hope to do with your spouse or family this summer?


If money was no object, what far away place would you like to visit, and why?


If you’d like more information about visiting some of the places we’ve visited on our trip, then click on the links: Tenby, Liverpool, London. #travelhappy

I’ll be taking a summer break from blogging for about 8 weeks beginning June 15th. I have two very important projects that need my undivided focus during that time. But I can’t wait to hit the ground running when I return the second week of August! 

Be sure to scroll down below to comment! 

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41 responses to “Photo Tour of London Plus Linkup!”

  1. I love all your photos especially you and Daniel Craig! 🙂 What an amazing trip! If money were no object I would like to travel all over the world. I don’t have any specific place in mind but traveling would be a great experience.

    I am praying you have the stamina and whatever else you need to complete your projects. May you feel God’s strength throughout. See you in August.


    1. Thank you, Mary! Yes, it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a “spy girl!” Ha! If I were ten years younger I might join you on traveling the world! ha! But for now, I’d be happy with just one more trip over to the U.K. but with my hubby, my sons and daughter in love in tow. That’s what I’m hoping and praying for! Thank you for praying for me in my projects. I will need stamina and perseverance for the tasks. I’ll probably see you around FB during my break, but yes, back here in the blogosphere in August, my friend!


  2. Does moving to a new house count?!


    1. Hahaha! That depends on your attitude about that move, Amy! I do hope it is a good move with lots of new and exciting adventures that follow after you!


  3. Very beautiful photos. I would go back to the land Down Under. I loved it there.

    Thanks for hosting and you will be missed. See you when you get back.


    1. Thanks, Patrick! I bet Australia is amazing! That would be a place I’d like to visit too. You’re welcome, my friend! Thanks for the kinds words and, yes, I’ll see here in this space you before you know it!


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  5. Bev @ Walking Well With God Avatar
    Bev @ Walking Well With God

    As I sit here, laid up from surgery, I have been living vicariously through you and your wonderful journeys. London takes me back to when I studied in Europe one summer….oh what fun and fond memories. Love Harrods! Thanks for this fun walk down memory lane!
    Blessings and congrats on your anniversary!
    Bev xx


    1. Next best thing–looking at photos of places we wish we could travel to when we can’t, Bev! That’s what I’m doing too! Reliving all of these memories and wonderful places has brought a lot of joy to my heart. Sharing them with all of you has added to that pleasure as well! I bet studying there for an entire summer would be so wonderful! I’ve teased my husband that I’d love to be a “summer missionary” in Tenby, Wales. The people there were so friendly and kind. I absolutely felt at home in a far away place!


  6. Oh my goodness, I’m just a tad jealous! What fun! Kensington Palace…wow! I laughed at your Bond Girl picture, and yes, it does look like he has his hand in your purse! I would definitely go back to Africa. I am out of Africa; but Africa is not out of me. Bless you, sister!


    1. I hope it only fuels some ideas for your own travels abroad someday, Lora! Yes, and doesn’t it look like that? I mean, who knew that James Bond was also a thief! ha! I bet Africa is amazing! That’s exactly what I would say about Tenby, Wales. I would love to visit that quaint town by the sea and live there for more than a few days! Thanks for stopping in and joining the conversation, my friend!


  7. Sarah Geringer Avatar
    Sarah Geringer

    Beth, I have absolutely loved this series! Laughed out loud at some of the photos. I can picture my husband and I enjoying the same sights. We’ve never traveled together outside the U.S. I could see us both enjoying Germany due to our heritage. Blessings to you as you prepare well for the conference. I’m working hard on juggling all my tasks too. Trying to write my book proposal in one week of July…yikes!


    1. I’m so glad, Sarah! I’m also glad you enjoyed the humor I threw in here and there. I bet going to Germany would be an incredible adventure for you both! You should start planning now and someday it just might become a reality!

      Thank you for the well-wishes on preparing! I’ll be praying for us both as we work hard on those important tasks this summer! And looking forward to sharing the room with you at the conference as well. It will be so fun to get to know one another better, not to mention all the experiences that will forever change our perspectives and tactics!


  8. Great photos especially the one with Daniel Craig’s hand in your purse. London looks lovely. It’s on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary. Many more to you and yours. Gods richest blessings to you.


    1. I know! I love that shot too! Although I think Agent 007 had to have been pretty disappointed by the contents of my purse! 😉

      It truly was lovely, Yvonne! I do hope you can scratch that off your bucket list someday. And thank you for the well-wishes. God bless you right back, my friend!


  9. Patricia A Krank Avatar
    Patricia A Krank

    It looks like you had a fantastic time on our trip! Beautiful pictures. I hope your break is refreshing and that you get your projects completed. Happy Summer and blessings to you my friend. Patti


    1. We did, Patti! Thank you! I am sure that my break is just what I need to refuel and gain some motivation for this space. Quite frankly, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and that has made churning out content here a burden of late. So I am looking forward to the break in more than one way! Thanks for stopping in and encouraging me!


  10. We visited London this spring, then spent a few days in Windsor. Loved it all. Thanks for bringing back the memories.


    1. Ah, so this was a very familiar sight for you, Sarah! I loved Windsor and I told my hubby if I had to do it all again, I would spend more time there than we did. Thanks for stopping by and taking a gander!


  11. I like that tip, Beth! Enjoyed your fabulous pictures.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. When I heard it a few years back it really encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone more with my hubby–especially since I’m a “comfort-zone” loving kind of gal! ha! Thanks for encouraging me, my friend! Enjoy your summer!


  12. Dear Beth

    Strange to see you both on those familiar grimy streets! I hope you had a good time. I like London a lot. Getting away from the routine can certainly help put a bit of life back into the relationship. If money were no object I think Crete in the spring: flowers and birds, but before it gets too hot.

    Good luck with your projects, and enjoy your break!



    1. Actually, I never thought of the streets as grimy, David. Come visit St. Louis sometime and I’ll show you grit and grime! ha! We did have a spectacular time! And yes, getting away from the routines of life has a way of breathing new life into any relationship or person for that matter. I bet Crete is beautiful! Gary and I visited Switzerland and Italy back in the first year of our marriage. I loved Venice, since it was by the sea–and in many ways, literally on the sea! We also visited Rome, but that seemed more like a “grimy” city to me than London! Of course, who knows what it is like today, since that was 29 years ago! Yikes! Time flies! I hope you get to visit Crete sometime soon–in the spring, of course! Thank you for the well-wishes on my projects. I am sure that I will enjoy my break from blogging. Whenever it becomes more of an obligation than a joy, I know I need a break! 😉


  13. Great memories! My hubby and I were there in 2003 without the kids. It was a great experience. Visiting from Sitting Among Friends.
    Tina – Amanda’s Books and More


    1. Well, I hope it brought back those memories for you, Christina! And maybe it will put a “bee in your bonnet” to visit someplace new and exciting with your hubby in the near future! Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  14. IF money were no object? A full blown trip to AK and then across Canada to Prince Edward Island and then home.


    1. I bet that would be a breath-taking trip, Susan! I hope you get to go sometime soon! If nothing else comes from this post, I hope it puts the “wanderlust” in couple’s hearts. It really can be just what ignites the fires of romance once again.


  15. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Thank you so much for taking us along, Beth. For me, the highlights are not the places, but the faces – the happiness in yours and Gary’s.

    Not much excitement planned for summer here, except foe the ever-present danger of attacks by hummingbirds. For some reason they don’t like me, and I’ve been lanced in the neck twice by their beaks…and once in the chin.

    If money were no object…I’d stay right here. I’ve seen a lot of the world, and would rather (since time is my dwindling resource) become fully attuned to this place. Hummingbirds and all.


    1. I know that traveling is not something that appeals to you at this point in your life. And I agree, that making memories with the people we love WHEREVER we are should be the most important priority in our lives. And I’m so glad that you said you saw happiness in our faces. We truly were having a grand time! I don’t think we argued one time on that trip! Lol!

      So sorry to hear about the attack of the hummingbirds! It’s like you’re a magnet for being “shot down!” Maybe it was all that time you spent in Vietnam. You still look like the enemy for some reason! Know that I don’t view you as the enemy, but as a dear, dear friend! And I’m so glad that you are content to sit in your corner of the world and watch the wonders all around you–even when those “wonders” attack! I bet Arizona is a beautiful place to live anyway! So why travel when you have beauty around you all throughout the year?!


  16. Misty Hinckley Phillip Avatar
    Misty Hinckley Phillip

    Looks like an amazing trip! We sent our son on a study abroad trip to London and Oxford last summer. What a life changing experience! Blessings, Misty


    1. It really was, Misty! I bet your son will never forget that summer! What a gift you gave him as he ventures into adulthood. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation, my friend!


  17. Karrilee Aggett Avatar
    Karrilee Aggett

    LOVED all these pictures… especially as I am praying for London this morning! So good!


    1. Thank you, Karrilee! Yes, I saw about the burning building this morning on the news. They’ve had it so hard lately–from every angle–so our prayers for them are so very important. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me, my friend!


  18. Thank you, Aileen! It truly was amazing. I hope you get to scratch that one off your bucket list someday! Oh, and that wasn’t me feeding the squirrel. That was the man who was so familiar with them. The pic my hubby took of me feeding the squirrel wasn’t snapped fast enough. But yes, it was quite the fun experience! Thanks for coming by and joining the conversation!


  19. The pictures are all lovely with great stories to tell. My favourite one is the Buckingham Palace one. Thanks for sharing with us.
    I am hoping that this summer my family will make it to any beach or water side… I love the soothing feeling being by water gives me.
    Have a super blessed day!


  20. Beth, wonderful photos! So much history and so many interesting sights. We don’t plan to be traveling this summer, but are looking forward to a trip to Florida in the fall (a little closer to home than yours). Blessings!


  21. Beth, just wanted to be sure everything is OK when I didn’t see your linkup this morning. Praying for you either way!


    1. Hey Donna, I’m on a blogging break till the second week of August. I have some important projects that require every bit of extra time I can find to finish them. So I will miss linking up and visiting with you for awhile, but might visit on occasion. I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone most days! Enjoy your trip to Florida and thank you for your concern by checking in on me, girlfriend! You’re a sweetheart!


      1. I’m glad to know everything is OK. I’ll be praying for your project and YOU! Enjoy your break.


  22. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    What fun! We took 3 of our boys to France this summer. One of the things I so enjoyed was how my husband’s and my strengths made the trip so enjoyable. I planned where we stayed and he planned the transportation. I knew just to let go and trust him – and he did so with me. The logistics of it all went so smoothly, even in the blips.


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