Our Anniversary Trip to Liverpool, England Plus Giveaway and Linkup

Liverpool Memories

I’m continuing a series of posts that are in honor of my 30 years of marriage to my hubby, Gary. About four years ago we went for our 25th anniversary (a year late) to the U.K.—visiting Tenby, Wales first; and then London, England last. But in between those two destinations, we visited Liverpool, England, since we are fans of the Beatles.

Liverpool Memories

It was such a fun city to visit, especially since we were able to go on a “Magical Mystery Tour” via bus to see all the places around town that were hallmarks of the Beatles’ lives and even offered inspiration for some notable Beatles’ songs.

I’ll be sharing some photos below of our time there, but I’d also like to share a story about something wonderful that happened to us while visiting in that fine English city.

We ended up starting our time in Liverpool by attending Frontline Churcha church that is very much like our own here in the U.S.

We walked in “sight unseen” among these new Liverpool friends and started to chat with one or two people near the entrance. At some point, Gary and I were introduced to one of the church’s pastors, John Harding. At that time, John was in an associate pastoring role, but has now taken over the reins as the senior pastor of Frontline.

What impressed us most of all, was John’s generous invitation. He and his wife Kirsten invited us to their home for Sunday dinner after the church service!

Say what?!

As if that weren’t generous enough, this particular Sunday just happened to be a special occasion for their family, because they were celebrating their oldest son Soren’s decision to receive Christ. They had a special meal prepared, along with a delicious dessert in honor of Soren’s big day.

They shared all of that with us—strangers to them! Maybe they were hoping we were “angels in disguise!”

Well, sorry for the let down, John and Kirsten! Because we’re far from angelic! 😉

But, oh my!

Their sweet, little boys certainly were angelic! In fact, I’ve included a video below of Soren sharing about his big day, including praying the blessing over our meal in the cutest Liverpoolian accent you’ve ever heard!

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Now, I promised a “fun outing idea” that can be used the next time you go on a special family trip.

As you might already know, one of the reasons we came to the U.K. was because I wanted to visit a place where our ancestors once lived. Maybe you can’t go as far away as we did on our trip, but consider either visiting a nearby place where your ancestors lived OR going on a trip to a place that is memorable and meaningful to you and your mate.

Years ago, I took Gary on a “treasure hunt” to all sorts of places that had some sentimental significance to us and our history together as a couple. Each time we came to a particular spot, I had a clue that he had to decipher. If he didn’t figure out my clue, I’d reveal the “memory” with some kind of activity related to that memory.

For example, we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon, and though we couldn’t afford to visit Hawaii again at that point, we were able to park at a street with the name Waikiki Drive. Once we got to that spot, I read him a riddle giving him more clues to the “memory” I was referring to. After he figured it out, I pulled out our honeymoon scrap book and we reminisced over our photos from Hawaii. Then we moved on to another location, clue and “memory” in our continuing treasure hunt.

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Frontline Church
The worship service of Frontline Church in Liverpool.


Harding Family
The hospitable and joyous Harding family, along with me!


Beth by Mersey River
Down by Liverpool’s “River Mersey” near sunset.


Gary by Mersey River
Gary looks rather “pensive.” Maybe he was trying to figure out how to master the Liverpool lingo! “Me mate is a Scouser!” #Ringolingo


The Royal Liver Building that sits majestically overlooking River Mersey.


Beatles Museum
Beatles’ Museum off of Albert Dock.


Albert Dock
Liverpool’s Albert Dock aglow in the fading light of sunset.


Can you tell I’m having a glorious time in this “windy” city? Bedraggled hair and all!


Locks of love
Many cities have them–padlocks that couple’s leave to seal their promise of love.


Ice Cream Truck
Wish this ice cream truck would’ve been open for business. But oh-so-cute!


Sunset on Mersey
Sunset marked an ending to our first full day in Liverpool.


Sail boat
The next morning, I captured this shot of a sailboat in Albert Dock. So lovely!


Penny Lane
Our “Magical Mystery Tour” bus route took us by the famed Barber Shop on “Penny Lane.”

If you’d like to listen to the Beatles’ famous “Penny Lane” click here.

The Cavern
This is The Cavern Club, where the Beatles often played–truly launching their careers.


Strawberry Fields
Believe it or not, this was taken at “daylight” in front of the famed Strawberry Fields where John Lennon once played as a child. Now it will live on forever in his song. Contrary to popular belief, this song was not written about a trip on drugs.


Paul McCartney Home
The is Paul McCartney’s childhood home and his room was directly above the door.


The Philharmonic Pub
This is the Philharmonic restaurant and pub where John Lennon loved to have a pint with friends.


Gary and I decided to have a dining experience at “The Phil.”


Registered Latrine
This is the “loo” where John Lennon relieved himself. It’s also a “registered” toilet because a “Beatle” tinkled there! Lol!


I’ll be sharing more photos from our time in London next week, as well as another outing idea for you! I hope you’ll come back by!

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What outing ideas are you going to make happen this summer with your spouse and/or family?


What special friends have you made on a road trip with your spouse? 


Please scroll down below to comment! I love connecting with readers there!

If you’d like more information about visiting some of the places we visited on our trip, then click on the links: Tenby, Liverpool, London. #travelhappy

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36 responses to “Our Anniversary Trip to Liverpool, England Plus Giveaway and Linkup”

  1. Mary Flaherty Avatar

    Love the pictures, Beth. Especially the one of the ice cream truck. And I did LOL at the bathroom pic. I have Sirius radio in my car, and there’s a brand new Beatles station. I am LOVING it! Happy anniversary.


    1. Thank you, Mary. I love the way British cars like that look. It was fun to see the British taxies all parked in the roundabout in front of Buckingham Palace too. But the ice cream truck would have been fun simply for the partaking of British ice cream bars! I’m always up for some tasty snack! Glad you liked the bathroom. We couldn’t get used to the way British people often referred to that “room”–the “toilet.” The would look at you funny when you asked for the restroom or bathroom. Thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes, my friend!


  2. That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing the memories.

    Thanks for hosting and may you have a blessed rest of the week


    1. Thank you, Patrick. I’ve taken something of a diversion into photo tours here like you do at your place. I never really shared many of these photos with people right after we got back. But I will be sharing these and many more on FB once the series here completes. I hope you’ll look for them there too! Thank you and you have a great rest of the week too, my friend!


  3. I love the sweet video and adore the accent. What a beautiful trip of memories and creating new ones. Happy 30th and I pray that you and Gary continue to love well and grow your beautiful, messy marriage.


    1. Wasn’t Soren the cutest–well, Reuben was a cutie too. He was the one “asked” to pray, but he got stage fright and Soren took over! ha! That’s what big brothers do. 😉 Thank you for your kind words and well-wishes. We are trying to learn more and more how to love well, Mary. It will always be a work-in-progress, but we are up for the hard work it involves!


  4. Wow, breathtakingly beautiful ????
    You had fun, Beth.
    So happy for you and your anniversary celebration.
    God bless you real good


    1. Thank you, Ifeoma! We did indeed have fun! It was a trip of a lifetime that I think back on just about every single day. Thank you also for the well-wishes. Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend!


  5. Sarah Geringer Avatar
    Sarah Geringer

    I love these photos with your fun captions. The Beatles’ songs will play in my head for the rest of the morning!


    1. Thank you, Sarah. It was fun to do that and think about what was going on at that time. Sorry about the “ear worm!” At least it’s a happy little tune! Have a great rest of the week, my friend!


  6. Dear Beth … you make me wonder what our churches would look like if we all had an eye out for the visitor, the one standing to the side alone, the one who can’t get to the door fast enough.

    Meanwhile … I love that you’ve shared your photo album with us friend …



    1. I know, Linda! So true! I don’t do a very good job of that at my church–at least not during the before and after times. I’m better at this in my small group setting. I love to minister there, but I’m too much of an introvert for the small talk times! ha! But I really shouldn’t let that stop me. The Harding’s kindness to us has continued to impress and bless me ever since that day. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s been so much fun to dig them out again–almost as much fun as going there! ha! Love ya, girlfriend from afar!


  7. This collection of photos makes me want to go digging around for picture memories of our own marriage!


    1. Yes, it’s such a blessing to revisit the memories we’ve made along the way, Michele. And I know with your son’s wedding, you’re in the middle of making some wonderful memories. Congrats to you!


  8. What great ideas for enjoying memories together!
    Those shared memories are so important to a relationship! In many ways, shared memories (or lack thereof) define the relationship.

    Thanks for sharing, Beth!


    1. Gary told me the other day that when I took him on that “treasure hunt date,” it was the best date we’ve ever gone on. That’s kind of what stirred the idea of sharing about it here, though it fits perfectly with what I’m trying to do in this series. I do think couples don’t realize how important and helpful it can be to revisit good memories together. It costs nothing to sit down and view an old scrap book or talk about the fun times we had on a particular trip. Thanks for joining the conversation, my friend!


  9. Beth, you are so clever with your ideas! Thanks for sharing your photos. And how sweet to share that special dinner with the pastor’s family.


    1. Thank you, Debbie. That idea came about before I began to blog. Sadly now most of my creative energy and ideas get used up here. I need to give a bit more back to my hubby and what better time than with Father’s Day just around the corner! Thank you for encouraging me and I loved seeing all of your photos and stories about the Holy Land too. Looks like it was an incredible trip as well!


  10. Happy anniversary!! We just celebrated our 30th anniversary too. Loved your pictures and stories.


    1. Thank you, Theresa! I still can’t get over that you could be old enough to celebrate 30 years! What were you, “10” when you got married? ha!


  11. Karrilee Aggett Avatar
    Karrilee Aggett

    Happy Anniversary! It looks and sounds like you had a blast! (and thanks for the tips!) We are celebrating 25 this Fall – but also welcoming our first Grandbaby in September and are church planters, two years in… so I’m not sure if we will get to go to a destination or simply get out of town for a few days, but we will definitely be reminiscing and counting gifts!


    1. Thank you, Karrilee. We did have a blast in so many ways! You’re welcome on the tips. I hope that you can use it to celebrate your upcoming 25th! I hope your celebration of that milestone really blesses you both!


  12. […] Sharing With: From Messes To Message  […]


  13. Hi Beth,
    We’re neighbors at Coffee for your Heart today and I loved hearing about your trip to England. What an unexpected treat to be invited by locals to experience life in a neighborhood home! Enjoyed my visit here!


    1. Nice to meet you, Valerie! Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me here. Yes, it truly was a sweet encounter with this family. I pray the Lord blesses them for that special gift!


  14. Great photos Beth! I like the way you and Gary make memories intentionally. Something I believe all couples should do. Thanks for sharing with us. Do have a super blessed day!


    1. Thank you so much, Ugochi! Yes, it really has to be intentional. Life is just so fast-paced and full, that it is easy to let this slide. But we are nothing if not intentional! ha! You have to know the two of us a bit more to get the full gravity of that joke. 😉 Thank you for coming by and joining the linkup, my friend! It’s always such a treat to have you here in this place!


  15. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Beth. Beatles 4Ever!


    1. ♫Strawberry Fields…forever♫


    2. You are more than welcome, Andrew! And I know that you are struggling, so do not feel the obligation to stop by and comment. I know that you are “present” even when your words here are not. Hugs to you … the classic rocker that you are! 😉


  16. A fun post! Hubs and I just returned from a fun summer short road trip. We headed west into SC and spent the weekend on a lake with two blogger friends and their husbands, then we drove east to Charleston SC to see friends and then up the coast and back home to the NW corner of NC. We had a really wonderful time of it. We have had some really great and comical times with people on the road especially in the early 80’s when we camped across America. Those were “enhanced” times!!! If you know what I mean. Kinda like Strawberry Fields but not John’s in the song of the same name!!! LOL


    1. Isn’t it great to be empty-nesters, so you can pick up an go on fun road trips like that, Susan?! And I’ve met a few bloggers along the way and hope to meet many more on our many trips here and there. Speaking of, I’m going to be at the She Speaks conference in Concord, NC this July. Any chance you might be going?

      And thanks for sharing about your “interesting trip” back in the day! ha! I’m sure you and your hubby have some amazing stories to tell!


      1. I don’t do conferences well, Beth, so it’s a no to SHE SPEAKS. But you don’t even live far from us. We must plan a meetup. We must.


  17. Oh my! What a wonderful fun trip that must have been! One I’m sure you’ll never forget. Isn’t it amazing how you can find such love and instant friendship with others who love Christ?
    What a shining example of hospitality the Hardings demonstrated!


  18. How FUN! I am SO enjoying following your adventures 🙂 As a fellow Beatles fan, I loved seeing Strawberry Fields (even tho’ it DID look a little spooky), Paul’s boyhood home, and of course, “the” loo, among others! lol And even with your windblown hair, I think you’re just beautiful! Thanks again for sharing these…and for the link up…AND the Bible study this month! So much to love!!!!


  19. What a fabulous trip, and I am so enjoying these pictures of your adventures!


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