30 Years of Marriage and Devotional Giveaway Plus Linkup

30 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been 30 years on the 30th of 2017 since my hubby and I got married! And I have to say . . . it doesn’t feel a day over 15! 😉

Today I want to celebrate those 30 messy and marvelous years by sharing a collection of photos from the trip my husband and I took to England and Wales on our 25th (actually it ended up being our 26th anniversary, due to some technical difficulties, but I won’t bore you with the details).

Regardless, it was a glorious time together and one that I hope to repeat in the years to come, perhaps with our adult children in tow (If we can figure out a way to raise the funds)! 

30 Year Anniversary

Before I share these photos, I’d like to share a brief story that’s related to some of the photos below . . .

About a year before my husband and I took our anniversary trip to England and Wales, I held a brief subscription to Ancestry.com. At some point I had exhausted the search into my side of the family and decided to search my husband Gary’s side. In time I came across an ancestor of his that sounded vaguely familiar, “Moses White.”

So I looked back at my side and found a Moses White who lived in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. This particular great, great, (etc.) grandpa of mine was married to three different women . . . at different times, mind you!

Then I headed back over to Gary’s family tree, looking for “Moses White” again and was astonished to see that the “Moses White” on Gary’s side had the same dates of birth and death, as well as the same three wives. However, Gary had come from one wife and I came from one of the other two wives.

So you could say . . . Gary and I are “kissing cousins!”

I say all that to explain that “Moses White’s” ancestry can be traced back to a couple named, Gerald de Windsor and Princess Nest ferch Rhys (Helen of Wales) who lived in a “stone keep” (1100 A.D.) that formed the foundation for what would eventually become Carew Castle in Carew, Wales.

With that fun detail in mind, Gary and I headed to the UK, first staying in a nearby town to Carew called Tenby, Wales.

Oh, and I can’t go on without mentioning how God blessed us with a wonderful bed and breakfast in Tenby that faced the beach off of Bristol Channel. Truly that was a blessing God dropped from the sky into our laps as we wandered the cobblestone streets of Tenby in search of a place to stay.

Below, you will see many of the photos we took of Carew Castle and the quaint town of Tenby. In the next two weeks I’ll be sharing more photos from our other two destinations in England—Liverpool (next week) and London (following week) along with a fun outing idea included in each week’s posts. So be sure to come back by!

Tenby, Wales
This was the view from our B&B room in the afternoon. Breathtaking!
Bristol Channel
This was how far the tide rose in the early morning! We loved being so close!
B&B Tenby
The gray building was our B&B, and our room had the open window.
Window with a view
This is the view from inside our wonderful room at the B&B in Tenby, Wales.
Door at B&B
Welcome to Grey Rock B&B in Tenby, Wales! Just so inviting!
Tide In
Morning tides in Tenby flood the docks and float the boats!
Boat Dock
Afternoon tides roll out, leaving the boats in Tenby hugging the shore.
Tenby Street
See me on the left, shopping in the colorful city of Tenby?
Tenby Horse Cart
Gary captured this amazing shot of a carriage and driver in Tenby. Love the little girl too!
Bird on Beach
I just fell in love with Tenby’s beach and here’s a photo that gives you a reason why!
Carew Castle
I’m standing in the “front yard” of Carew Castle in Carew, Wales.
Carew Castle
Gary inside the walls of Carew Castle. We explored this castle for hours!
Gary at Carew Castle
Gary’s sitting on the wall, overlooking the grand staircase below.
Carew Staircase
Gary captured this old man resting in a serene setting–looking upon the grand staircase.
Carew Castle View
This is the backside of Carew Castle–taken from afar.
Carew Castle
Here’s a professional pic I snagged from the Internet b/c the moat was empty when we visited. Isn’t it beautiful surrounded by water?

Now to celebrate a bit more with a . . . Giveaway!

In honor of our 30th wedding anniversary, I’d like to offer a closed Facebook group with 30 quick and easy marriage devotions, one given each day in the month of June, starting June 1, 2017. You can join this group anytime in June, but it closes July 1st. Once you’re included in the group, begin by doing devotional #1 and going through #30, or pick and choose only the ones that strike your fancy.

The group is free to anyone who requests it either by commenting and requesting below or by requesting through my personal FB page—Beth Oster Steffaniak—or through my Messy Marriage Facebook page. However, I would absolutely LOVE it if you’d “like” my Messy Marriage Facebook page, as well as subscribing here to my blog, Messy Marriage, though that’s not required.

I just love you all that much!

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What was the best trip you’ve ever taken with your mate and what did you like about it?


Where would you like to go with your mate in the future, and why?


Click on the link if you’d like to learn a bit more about visiting Tenby.

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33 responses to “30 Years of Marriage and Devotional Giveaway Plus Linkup”

  1. Congrats and blessings on 30 more.
    Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of the week.


    1. Thank you, Patrick! You’re welcome, my friend! Always great to see you in the linkup and here in the comments as well. You have a great week too!


  2. Congratulations on 30 years – what a blessing and testimony!


    1. Thank you, Juila! It is a blessing and am grateful that God has sustained us for this long! Here’s to 30 more years of God’s blessings! Thanks for encouraging me!


  3. I pray God pours out upon you immeasurable blessings this season.
    I treasure you and all that you do here encouraging Godly marriages!
    My sweet friend, it is good to visit here and soak up words of wisdom. I would be heading over to FB. Please add me to your group.
    God Bless


    1. Thank you, sweet Ifeoma! Such kind words of blessing! Thank you for being a constant participant in the linkup, my friend! Your blog is such a blessing here and in your spot of the blogosphere.


  4. We are looking forward to travelling in the next year or two with 2 other couples who will have the same 30 year milestone as us. We’ve had lots of good trips – Santa Barbara in CA turned out to be pretty nice. Looking forward to what the future holds.
    Congrats to you and yours.

    Stopping by from all the linkups!!!


    1. Oh, so you’re a senior member of the marriage club, so to speak, Nysle! It’s always good to hang out even in the blogosphere with those who’ve traveled this long road successfully. And how fun to share that milestone with two other couples. I bet that trip to Santa Barbara was beautiful. California certainly is a charming state. Thanks for encouraging me and being a part of the linkup here, my friend!


  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    And Beth, we love you THIS MUCH! (Imagine my gorilla-like arms spread as wide as they can go!)

    Loved this post; thank you so much for taking us on this trip with you and Gary!. And I loved the shots of Carew.

    I’ve never looked into ancestry.com, but I do know that I am a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. When I was teaching, had my students known, that might have explained a lot for them.

    And barbara’s maiden name is Schmeisser (thus our hyphenation). It’s the nickname for the German MP-38/40 machine pistol of WW2, which still sees service in lost corners of the world today…and which I carried for a time. Small world. (And it’s a good, reliable weapon, as long as you don’t go Hollywood and place your support hand on the magazine.)



    1. Always love Andrew’s comments. They are like postscript blogposts! xo


    2. I’m imagining it, Andrew! How funny! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope they evoke the beauty and fun that we experienced firsthand. I only wish I could take all of my bloggy friends along on another trip to Tenby! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

      It doesn’t surprise me that you’re related to Genghis Khan, since you are such a warrior as you fight back the blows of death. And it sounds as if you have a similar connection to Barbara since you carried that gun with her namesake–maybe before knowing her, right? It is indeed a small world. I bet there’s some kind of metaphor in there regarding the gun in comparison to how you must respect and treat Barbara! ha! Hugs and prayers!


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  7. I love this post!!! The photos: the castle, the b&b, the tide, the coastline, the everything. Is the castle ON that rock formation? Favorite trip/s: two cross-county road trips in the early 80’s to the panhandle of Idaho. And, of course you know what’s on our bucket list: 2020 Vision!!! xo


    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic words, Susan! It truly was a trip of a lifetime. Can I dare ask for a repeat? ha! Regarding the castle’s location, no, it was in Carew about 5 miles away from Tenby. That rock formation is called St. Catherine’s Island and what you see on top was built as a fort at one time. They no longer allow any visitors to the island, though there are stairs up the side of the rocky hill.

      I love Idaho! It’s so beautiful and I especially love going to Yellowstone, which I believe shares a patch of Idaho, along with a couple other states maybe? Anyway, Yellowstone is also one of my favorite places in the world. I do hope you can visit Tenby. The B&B owner said that they don’t get many Americans since it is a 5 hour ride by train from London to their location. But it was not a bad trip at all for us. We went there directly after landing in London and of course visited London when we made our way back via Liverpool. Traveling by train is a fun, beautiful and easy way to get around over there. It adds to the experience, in my opinion.


  8. Bev @ Walking Well With God Avatar
    Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Congratulations on 30 years!! And, what a fun trip hunting down the haunts of your ancestors. Enjoyed all the pictures and sightseeing vicariously through you 🙂
    Bev xx


    1. Thank you, Bev! It truly was so much fun. I reminisce all the time about the sights and experiences we had there. And of course, there are all sorts of pics from our trip that dot the shelves and walls of my house! It’s enough to make the average visitor to our home feel like, “Enough already!” ha! Thanks for your presence in the linkup and your kindness to me!


  9. Fascinating genealogical details! Amazing, really!
    And congratulations on 30 years!


    1. Thank you, Michele! I still can’t quite believe it’s true. Thank you for your encouragement, my friend! Always good to have you in the linkup and here in the comments too!


  10. Sarah Geringer Avatar
    Sarah Geringer

    Loved these photos, Beth! I haven’t logged onto ancestry.com yet, but my husband and I are both of German descent. Maybe our genealogical lines intersect too! Blessings to you on your 30 years together. What a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness!


    1. Yes, I believe they offer a free month. So you can try it out and see what you think before buying. I bought, if I remember right, a 3 month subscription when a month wasn’t long enough. I really enjoyed that search and gleaned so many details and photos of more recent ancestors too. It’s well-worth the money and effort if you’re so inclined. I also have a good amount of German in me from my dad’s side of the family–hence my maiden name, “Oster.” You might be surprised what you find. Since the advent of the Internet, you can trace back so very far in your family tree because there are people all over the world adding pieces to the puzzle that is your family tree. Thank you for your encouragement, my friend! Have a blessed week!


  11. What a wonderful fun vacation! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! 🙂


    1. Yes, it really was, Joe! I really am trying to figure out a way to get back there again! Thank you for your kind words! It’s hard to believe Gary and I are here on this high hill, but the view is spectacular for those who persevere! 😉


  12. […] Copyright© Ugochi Oritsejolomisan 2017 Sharing With: Messes To Message […]


  13. Happy Anniversary Beth! The photos are beautiful. I would love to visit one of the Caribbean Islands sometime with my husband. I know God will make a way for us.
    I wish you and Gary a forever marital bliss Beth!


    1. Yes, the Caribbean must be beautiful! I’ve been to Hawaii and Jamaica, but never the Caribbean–though they may have similar feelings and sights to them. It is a beautiful place to aspire to visit with your hubby, Ugochi! I hope that trip becomes a reality for you! Let me know if it does! And thank you for the sweet “marital bliss” wish! I’ll take it, for it seems so much more attainable than it did in the very messy marriage days! ha! Hugs to you!


  14. Isn’t it, Jennie?! Thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes! I truly appreciate it. Yes! I’m excited too and am praying it is a blessing to couples who utilize the Scripture and questions. Glad to have you on board too! 🙂


  15. Tiffani and I celebrate our 30th on August 28th this year, but we’re saving our get-away until the 3rd week of September… then we’re DISNEY-BOUND! We’ve decided that since we never really got a honeymoon 30 years ago, we’re going to go (just the two of us) and be grownup kids for a few days. Gonna be fun! Happy anniversary to you and Gary!


    1. Well, now I know that Gary and I are in good company, Jason! We ought to start the 30 Years Married Club! ha! I hope your trip to Disneyworld/land is spectacular! I bet that will make you two feel like kids again! Say “hello” to Mickey for me and thanks for the well-wishes! We’ve had a blast celebrating!


  16. Congratulations, Beth, on your 30th wedding anniversary! What a memorable trip that must have been. We have had a number of special trips, but one road trip comes to mind where we had more time than usual and were able to make numerous stops and sidetrips. We drove from Texas to San Diego and up the coast of California, coming home by a different route. My husband loves to drive and we both enjoy just being away together. He’s planning to semi-retire this year, so hopefully, there’s another road trip in the not-too-distant future.


  17. How very romantic, your fascinating history, the beautiful pictures, your marriage. Love this post, Beth …


  18. Congratulations on 30 years Beth and for sharing this memorable celebration with us. I so look forward to visiting here every week!


  19. Congratulations on your anniversary, Beth! I LOVED your pictures – what a great trip! Can’t wait to see the next few weeks as well 🙂 What a funny story about you and your husband’s heritage. Talk about that 6 degrees of being connected….just glad it wasn’t a closer connection – lol!
    I think the most memorable trip my hubby and I ever had was our 25th anniversary trip to Israel. It was beyond words…and I have a “HIMpossible” dream of someday going back with my whole family…
    I already liked your FB page, but unbelievably just sent you a personal friend request – how did I overlook THAT all these months?!?
    Looking forward to this month’s series. I’m confident God will use you, friend <3!


  20. Excellent photos (I love those Wesh castles!), and congratulations!

    Best holidays for us: out of the way places in England, France or northern Italy. Plenty to explore, and on the continong good food & drink.



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