Simple Date #8 – Fun and Inspiration by the Water

Lake Date

One of my all-time favorite activities to do on a date is to seek out a body of water of some kind to sit by and gaze at the beautiful hues that dance and shimmer on the surface. Of course, give me a vacation at the beach where I can sink my toes into the sand, while listening to the rhythmic pounding of the waves and I am in heaven!

Lake Date

The photo above was taken at another favorite spot, captured while we were on vacation in Chicago (and parts north of there). We took the architectural tour that threaded us along the Chicago River to give us an up close and personal view of the many impressive skyscrapers when I captured that shot.

That’s a not-so-simple date!

But, if I were a Chicagoan, I’m sure I would be hanging out close to those familiar waterways on many-a-date. If you know what I’m sayin’! 😉

Even though I live farther south of Chicago in a small and quiet Midwestern town, I still have lots of rivers, lakes, and ponds nearby or within driving distance to visit.

So this kind of date is no problem for me and my man! And I bet it wouldn’t be for you either!

If my husband and I are heading out for a “simple date,” we only need to walk to the pond that sits in the middle of our nearby Glik Park. Or when we have more time, we can and do drive up the river road from Alton to Grafton for a date just a bit farther away.

Love those bluffs towering next to the river! Can I get an “amen” from the locals?

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Both of these nearby locations for us are free or next-to-free (considering the gas to drive up the river road). So, once again, this simple date idea scores BIG on not costing you much at all. 😉

Of course, walking to our nearby Glik Park is a very quick date, as well as a simple date, so it won’t cost us much time to make this date happen either. Below is a pic I took of our beloved neighborhood park at sunset.


“. . . The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” ~Psalm 19:1

I’d also like to offer you and your spouse some “Conversation Starters” for your date as you walk next to a nearby body of water (or wherever!).

And don’t forget to add in a little fun like: skipping rocks, picnicking, playing Frisbee with your tag-a-long pooch, firefly catching, or a friendly game of “people-watching” (like Simple Date Idea #2) when you go.

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What are some fun things you’d like to add to my list for when a date is near a body of water?


What are some of the places in your neck-of-the-woods that you and your mate like to visit on a simple date?


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7 responses to “Simple Date #8 – Fun and Inspiration by the Water”

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Lovely post, Beth, and wonderful pictures. You make me miss Chicago.

    If you have access to a sandy beach, no one is too old to build sand castles!


    1. Thank you, Andrew! And though I don’t want to make you miss something you can’t visit again, I’m glad that it stirred your affection for Chicago. It truly is a beautiful city–one of my favorites!

      I love your idea too of building sand castles! That’s certainly something that many waterways can provide! Thanks for sharing it!


  2. Any water. Anywhere.

    Especially oceans and lakes.



    1. Yep! Though I can’t stroll the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, I can stroll near many-a-waterway around my neck of the woods, until I go on vacation to see YOU again, Linda! It won’t be this year, but perhaps next?? I should get it on the docket now! Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation, my friend!


  3. I love being near the water too! Every year we celebrate our anniversary and I love picking places by the water. Santa Cruz, Monterey and
    Carmel are about a two hour drive, San Francisco one hour and Lake
    Tahoe 3.


    1. Oh how envious I am of you, Valerie! San Francisco is one of my all-time favorite cities! And I also love Carmel–though it’s been soooo very long ago that I visited there. You are blessed, my friend! And I’m glad you take advantage of your prime location!


  4. Beautiful photo! We love to spot fish in a lake pond or stream. Plenty of water where we live, and associated flora & fauna.


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