Making Memories And WW Linkup

2016-05-14 16.48.02.jpg

My hubby Gary and I are vacationing this week between two important graduations in our family.

Last Saturday, our daughter-in-love Sarah graduated summa cum laude from Liberty University with a bachelors degree in elementary education.

This coming Friday, our oldest son Jordan (and hubby to Sarah) is getting his Master of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

We are so proud of both of them and can’t wait to find out where God is leading them next in life and ministry.

So in lieu of my usual post, I’m posting some photos of Sarah’s graduation and a couple from our trip through Virginia this week.

2016-05-14 11.28.37
Liberty’s packed stadium – See the “Liberty Flames?”
Sarah cap and gown
The beautiful graduate all decked out!
Sarah Parents
Sarah and her parents, Doug and Marcia Johnston
Sarah and Me
Jordan, Sarah and yours truly, the proud mother-in-law
Sarah Photographer
Sarah is quite the photographer and blogger
Sarah at window
Sarah with her sister Hannah and hubby Jordan spying her latest pic!
Gary at NB resized
Gary’s quite the photographer as well! 😉
NB in VA
Natural Bridge in Virginia

NB Park

2016-05-15 16.23.26-1

Always have to make time for antiquing!
Covered Bridge
Humpback Covered Bridge in Covington, Virginia

Now, since I am on vacation, I will not be blog hopping or responding to comments this week.

[Tweet “It’s important to pull away from blogging sometimes and “make memories” with my family. “]

Can I get an “amen?”

I hope you all will understand. And know that I always love having each of you here in the linkup! It’s my privilege to be the host here each week. 🙂


What are some memories you’re planning to make this summer with your spouse or family?


What life advice would you give Jordan and Sarah as they embark on a life in the ministry together?

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16 responses to “Making Memories And WW Linkup”

  1. Even though you won’t be responding! But just wanted to say have a great vacation! Thanks for all you do… including setting an example of how to live “unplugged.”


  2. Beth, your example and pictures speak volumes. Have fun!


  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Beth, thank you for sharing these milestones, and your lovely memories! You’re truly blessed, and have blessed us.

    My suggestion for making memories is informed by the appearance of another really ominous symptom. It would seem that I’m in even deeper trouble now. Such is life, and I remain confident of ultimate victory. I will fight on.

    The advice is simply this; be aware of each other. Treasure your spouse’s reactions to the events that will become cherished memories, and document them as well as you can.

    You see, if the hard routine of serious illness hits, it can sweep away the memories that should be safe in your heart, and it’s really important to give them a physical base by which that shattered heart can be renewed and refreshed. Shared memories can be a wellspring of hope…and hearing your spouse say, “So much has happened…I really don’t remember the good times” can bring a sort of despair.

    Don’t let them go, those memories. Protect them, and you’ll be protecting one another.


  4. How exciting! Congratulations!


  5. Very cool and Congrats.

    My suggestion is to keep it real. Believe in their faith. As a teacher myself, I am always up front and honest with kids. I will tell them straight up what they are doing right or wrong. I will also tell their parents the same thing. Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing.


  6. Beth here’s an amen for pulling away and making memories. Love the pictures and thanks for sharing your memories with us and for the link-up.


  7. Congratulations Beth, and enjoy your vacation! See you when your return!
    Have a super blessed time!


  8. Bev @ Walking Well With God Avatar
    Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Enjoy this time of refreshment and family!! To Jordan and Sarah…congratulations and may God bless your ministry. Always keep your “life arrow” pointing toward God.


  9. Several amen’s!!! My granddaughter goes to Liberty! She will be a sophomore this fall! You are vacaying in my neck of the woods!!!


  10. Hey Beth! I love the pictures, thanks for sharing them. Congratulations to your son and daughter in love (love that title). They are such a beautiful couple. So glad you enjoyed yourself and made some time for antiquing.


  11. I love everything about this! Family comes first and the treasure of time with them is a gift that you want to enjoy thoroughly. I am so excited about tomorrow and I already know we have a lot in common.


  12. Enjoy every minute … I hear you about the blog-break. I feel one coming on, too …



  13. That’s so awesome to have two graduates! I have one, my son graduated from WKU with an Ag degree. Blessings to you and yours and love connecting with you! Teresa


  14. Amen! So glad you are having a great week! Have safe travels. Thanks for hosting!


  15. Beth, what a wonderful time of making memories. A friend of mine just graduated from Liberty, as well. And my husband and I were at Southern last year for a conference. It’s a beautiful campus! We are in North Carolina at a graduation ourselves. One of our granddaughters is graduating from high school and going on to North Carolina State.

    Enjoy the remainder of your trip and thanks for hosting!


  16. Beth, I’m so glad you are getting a chance to get away and enjoy your beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing the pics! It’s so fun getting to see real life!
    Blessings and smiles,


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