Questioning marriage?

Questioning Marriage

At Messy Marriage I always strive to bring the most relevant content to you, my readers. With that in mind, I’d like to ask for your help on a new series of videos that I will be creating in the weeks to come.

You have two options for how you can help me, by asking …

1. Me, as a wife, mother and/or life-coach, any questions you have on marriage or relationships.


2. My hubby questions that he can answer from his perspective as a husband,  father and/or pastor.

I will take those and create videos addressing at least one question (perhaps more) per video.

So let’s get to it …

What questions on marriage &/or relationships do you have for me?


What questions on marriage &/or relationships do you have for my husband?


Btw, don’t forget that I am also offering a Bible study opportunity that will be hosted through a private Facebook group. We are going to study 1st Samuel beginning the week of April 3, 2016.

At that point, I will provide my “Worthy” method of Bible study that has been tested, “approved” and, quite frankly, improved by three previous Bible study groups before this upcoming study! Here’s one day’s notes from the current study I’ve been doing on James to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting.

Check out what my friend Trudy Shady said about our current study in James: “You spurred me on Beth. It is so easy to skim by these short verses. Your method of study makes us stop and SEE it new. Your insights directed mine, teamwork sister!!”

If you’re interested in joining our 1st Samuel study, you’ll need to FB friend me at Beth Oster Steffaniak and request to be added. The group is currently forming, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


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7 responses to “Questioning marriage?”

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    OK, a rather tough question, I think…my wife considers me unsentimental and rather detached, and that’s a problem, because she feels it a value judgement on her much more ‘feeling’ nature.

    The truth of the situation is that I’ve had experiences that have overloaded my ability to bear or show sentiment, and only through careful application of meditative techniques (and control of reactions) can I avoid the ‘one last straw’ of sentiment that could be the killing blow to my soul. I walk a fine line, but there’s no way to help a person who hasn’t been there to understand what it was and is like, and how close the margin that makes an even partially viable life possible really is.



    1. It is actually quite common for people who’ve endured a trauma such as PTSD or the like to have this tendency or condition, Andrew. I will try my best to address your question in that context, since most often that is why this dynamic is present in a marriage. Though there are degrees of it in everyone’s marriages. Thanks for asking and I do hope you’re having a “less-painful” and more productive day, my friend!


  2. I can’t think of any questions at the moment but maybe as time goes on I will think of some. I am sure this will be a wonderful series of videos. Thank you for letting us get involved i the process!


    1. I realized after I posted this how difficult this is for most people. If they do have a question, it can be embarrassing to ask in such a public forum. So I’m encouraging personal friends to share with me privately and you feel free to do the same, Mary … that is, if you think of a question. And please know that this can be in the context of any kind of relationship where there’s a conflict or some confusion. Thanks so much for visiting, my friend!


  3. Oh, interesting. I probably have some questions if I can dredge them up. I recently watched some of your videos where you present together.


    1. I do hope you can think of some, David. And I do hope to do more videos with both of us answering, but the challenge there is my husband’s camera shyness. He has preached before thousands at our church, but when it comes to conversing on our video camera, it’s a whole other matter for him! 😉 So if I can coax him, you’ll see us answer together, but if not, then I will have to suffice! Thanks so much for helping me out!


      1. Go, Gary, go! Go, Gary, go!

        Cheering you both on as you head forward together in ministry, Beth!


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