7-Day Affirmation Guide – Snag Yours!

Affirmation DailyI’ve been working on a book that I hope to finish by summer called Worthy that will explore three main “worthy” aspects of our relationship with God …

“Note Worthy” – where I’ll provide Bible study tools that will make your studies/devotional times rich and meaningful.
“Praise Worthy” – where I’ll explore how to develop a thriving worship- and prayer-life.
“Trust Worthy” – where I’ll explore how to find God’s help in times of need, and learn to yield to Him in times of challenge and testing.

Most recently, I’ve been working on the “Praise Worthy” chapter and it’s gotten me to thinking about how important praise is, not only to our relationship with God, but also to our mates. I know I feel a greater sense of acceptance, love and value from those who affirm me and do so regularly. How about you?

So with it being Valentines Day weekend, I thought what better time to challenge you to commit to a new affirmation habit in your marriage? Because I’ve discovered that …

[Tweet “Affirmation is like a muscle. If you don’t use it in marriage, it becomes flabby. #beencouraging”]

So …

[Tweet “Are you flexing your “affirmation muscle”? #dailyaffirmations #bethatkindofcouple”]

I hope so! But if not, then allow me to give you a Valentines gift that might get you going in the right direction. I’d like to offer you my “Daily Affirmations” guide that my husband and I use to help prompt us on the many ways we can affirm one another daily. There’s an overall theme specific to each day with several ideas or ways that you can affirm your mate—stirring you to stretch and grow in this part of marriage.

I’ve created three different types that you can click on to download and print – plain text, blue background, and red background.

I hope you’ll join my husband and me in working out those affirmation muscles so that we can be strong encouragers of our mates and grow more deeply in love with them as well.


How strong are your affirmation muscles in marriage?


What has gotten in the way of reminding your mate of his/her good qualities?


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13 responses to “7-Day Affirmation Guide – Snag Yours!”

  1. Beth, much wisdom in this post. Affirmation will cause the good qualities to be enlarged and the faults to diminish. May you & yours have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


    1. Yes, that’s so true, Joanne! Thanks for adding that to the conversation, my friend, and you an your hubby have a great Valentines Day too! 🙂


  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I downloaded the blue background. What a great resource!

    One of the hardest things about affirmations may be PPL…Paradigms of Previous Life.

    I worked in an area that was physically demanding and dangerous, in a position of some authority…and I was very good at my work, so it fell to me to be an encourager. You can’t browbeat fellow professionals who happen to be on a lower level. That doesn’t elicit performance, or survival.

    But no one affirmed me, and I did not expect it…nor would I have known what to do with affirmation. You don’t tell El Jefe, ‘Attaboy!”. You just DON’T. (And my superiors were properly distant, for some very good reasons with which I won’t bore you.)

    This has been hard for my wife, because she wants…or wanted, more accurately…to be affirming, but found no ‘handholds’, so to speak. My lack of understanding of how to respond discouraged her to the point of quitting.

    But I did need the affirmation, in this relationship…and it is to my everlasting regret that I did not see the need for early counseling to create the paradigm shift that would have let me accept it.

    It’s too late now. The ‘feeling’ is gone (though love is not), and the opportunity to work with a counselor to re-establish that connection is beyond my physical ability.



    1. Thanks, Andrew. I like to get very specific in any tools I give. I know how hard it is to wrap our brains and hearts around affirmation–especially when we didn’t have it modeled for us. Kudos to you for trying in your workplace. Yes, often the boss is not affirmed. Sad reality, but true. But so smart of you not to require it or expect it. That can get us into big trouble when it becomes about obligation and not freewill.

      I totally understand that working on this at your present state is more than your body and spirit can handle. I only hope that Barbara is saying to you all the things she cherishes about you, my friend. If she doesn’t, I’m certain that she feels them but fears expressing them. Might just be too painful of a reminder of what she is losing soon. Hugs to you, my friend!


  3. Thanks for coming by and encouraging me, Carrie! Have a great week!


  4. Thanks for the gift, Beth! I downloaded the blue affirmation sheet. Jeff would thank you too if he knew. 😉


    1. Great, Lisa! I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful for strengthening those affirmation muscles, my friend. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me!


  5. Hey Beth,
    These are great affirmations. I printed them just now!
    Thanks for encouraging us to have better marriages!
    I was parked by you on Social Butterfly today – always love that!
    Hope you have a blessed week~


  6. Thank you for the encouragement Beth. I love giving affirmation to my husband. I strive at letting Him know how much he is appreciated and loved because he really is. It means a lot to me for him to know how much I love and respect him. Thank you for sharing this encouragement at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I look forward to coming to this space every week. Have a great week!


  7. Beth, I know at the core of our beings, we need to allow God’s affirmation to fulfill our every need. However, God uses people as His conduit. One of those ways is affirmation. It’s especially critical for us with a love language of “Words of Affirmation” 😉 Affirming each other is really so easy, but goes so far to strengthen a marriage! Thank you, as usual, for this fantastic post!!!
    Blessings and smiles,


  8. Hey Beth, how are you? I can’t seem to download it…the links don’t work at my end! Thanks for the resource. I will keep trying to open them.
    Meanwhile all the very best in your new book.
    God Bless


  9. This sounds like it is going to be an excellent book, Beth and I can’t wait to read it! Best of luck and prayers to you! I’m so glad you linked up with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope you will link up again this week! Blessings 🙂


  10. Dear Beth

    I have downloaded your guide to my phone: it will be a useful daily prod. You are right about needing regular exercise. It is v easy to just let it drop. I am looking forward to your book!

    I think we (me, wife & son) are quite good at encouraging each other & celebrating positivity in each other (especially important to inculcate that as a habit in children). But even there it’s easy to let it become a habit. Your guide will help me break out of that and try to make every affimration meaningful and fresh.



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