Every Marriage Needs Adventure!

Adventures in MarriageSome of my best memories of bonding with my family when I was a child were from the many vacations we took. Since my dad was a pastor, we often to traveled to wherever the SBC annual conventions were held, so I got to see so many great places across the U.S.

I’m grateful that now my husband and I make vacationing and getting away a priority as well. It might be great to save that money for a new couch or bedroom suite, but the memories we make and the connections we deepen far outweigh any value we might find in kicking up our heels on any new cushions for our keisters!

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So in an effort to inspire you and your family to make vacationing a priority, I’d like to share some of the pics my husband and I took on ours. It truly is worth the time, money and energy to revitalize your marriage, as well as your own heart. Now I think I’m at least somewhat ready for the rush and demands of the holidays having taken that time to decompress with my hubby. 😉

By the way, we went through parts of Virginia, but our main destination was Chincoteaque and Assateaque Islands, so that’s what I’m going to start with. But I’ll end up with a few photos from our trek through Lynchburg (to see our son and daughter-in-love) and the Shenandoah National Park before we made it to the coast. I hope I don’t overwhelm you all with the photo roll! Just gotta share!

Day One of Chincoteaque and Assateaque Islands, Virginia

Beth on Beach 550The first thing I did was check out that surf! I do love the ocean. 🙂

Assateaque beach landsWe don’t fish, but apparently a lot of tourists and locals do!

The view from our hotel boardwalkThe view from our hotel boardwalk on Chincoteaque Island.

Day Two

Beach FoamCan’t you tell? This is the start of an incredible day!

Gary coldWe went on a scenic cruise around the islands to view the wildlife, but as you can see … it was very cold!

LighthouseThe view of the Assateaque Lighthouse from the boat.

Birds of a FeatherGary captured a great shot with our camera of the birds hanging out, as well as “drying out” their feathers.

Assateaque Horses 2We were privileged to catch some of the wild ponies on Assateaque on our cruise. Not every tourist gets that blessing!

Day Three

Beth and Bike 2It was a great day for a bike ride. We explored Assateaque National Park for hours.

Gary in front of LHUp close and personal to the beautiful lighthouse.

Gary and BethOn top of the lighthouse, the park ranger took a shot of the “two” of us for a change. 😉

Lighthouse viewView from the lighthouse—just spectacular!

Beth in stairwellWe got our work-out, walking up and down more than 170 steps!

Bike RidePhoto worthy view along our bike ride.

Later on day three …

Chinco Bird BoatsNo wonder the birds love this place! Chincoteaque harbor.

Chinco Horiz Boat

Previous days leading up to our island adventure …

2015-10-24 16.15.52 HDRGot to visit with our son and his new wife, Sarah, in Lynchburg, Virginia. Such a treat!

2015-10-25 14.42.40 HDRSaw this on our way to the Shenandoah National Park—driving up Skyline Parkway.

2015-10-26 18.49.21-1The view from inside Lewis Mountain Lodge, in the Shenandoah National Park.

2015-10-27 10.55.21Fall colors of Shenandoah.

2015-10-28 15.36.17Gary at one of my favorite vacation spots—Colonial Williamsburg.

Where have you gone on a recent family trip and how did it refuel you as a couple?


What hindrances do you face in making “marriage adventures” a reality in your marriage?


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8 responses to “Every Marriage Needs Adventure!”

  1. Lovely shots! Looks like you were at some of our old stomping grounds in the Shenandoah. I’m from VA and never tire of seeing those mountains! Thank you for sharing!


  2. It looks like lots of fun Beth! I am looking forward to get-aways with my husband right now.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights with us. Do have a super blessed week!


  3. How come you don’t look a day older than your daughter-in-love??



    1. long-distance photography!


      say cheese, girl! you’re gorgeous!



  4. Oh, such a beautiful adventure. While I lived in Virginia in the 80s, I always hoped to go to those islands, but never did. So I will meander along with you two, if you don’t mind!! So much for a “marriage adventure” having me along!! Thanks for the ride though.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda
    @ http://beingwoven.org


  5. I LOVED seeing this!! A real heart-grabber. Thank you so much!!


  6. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Sorry I am late. Circumstances.

    Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    One treasured adventure was shopping for a sofa, when I was able to get out. Going through Furniture Row, and learning something about Barbara’s taste. Have a picture from that day on the refrigerator.



  7. Beautiful pictures!! We don’t get the chance to get away as often as I would like, but on my birthday we took a day trip and it was glorious. Like you I got some fun pictures and we had fun just being together.



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