When an Unexpected Detour Interrupts the Journey And WW Linkup!

unexpected detours

Today we are excited and honored to have Nannette Elkins from Hope in the Healing sharing a guest post and hosting Wedded Wednesday while my husband and I (Beth) travel to Dallas for a Marriage Ministry Conference. Please make her feel welcome, since she’s been a faithful presence in our linkups and is so very insightful, funny and sweet! My husband and I even gotten to meet Nannette and her husband, Doug, when they were coming through our neck of the woods! See pic below! 😉

A few years ago my family lived in Northwest Missouri, pastoring a church in a small town famously known as The Home of Sliced Bread. We were about eight hours from home, which was just south of Indianapolis. On the way to Indy, there was not much to see; it’s long, it’s boring and it’s barren. It’s easy to get distracted, which is exactly what happened to me on one particular drive.

The Sweetheart does most of our driving. He likes to drive, he thinks he is good at it and probably doesn’t trust me. But on this trip he became sleepy and I offered to give him a break. No problem, he was out in no time. About an hour and a half later he sat up from his reclined position and could see mile markers passing that didn’t seem to make sense. (Who in the world notices mile markers?!)

“Where are we?” I wouldn’t have a clue; all of the exits, hayfields and billboards looked alike to me. He knew something was wrong and then we both saw it. I-55 North.

Where does I-55 North go? …


Where were we supposed to be going?…


Oops. 😉

The Sweetheart was not amused. The drive was long enough without an extended detour. An hour and a half north also meant an hour and a half back south before we would even be to the point where we left off.

Unexpected detours. Sometimes they are for our good, sometimes they are for the good of others. (Okay, in our case it was just driver’s error but stay with me.)

Jesus was asked by one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus, to come to his house and heal his dying 12 year old daughter. On the way to help this man, Jesus was interrupted by a crowd that gathered around Him and another woman with a need. She did not wait for an invitation, she did not care what others thought, she pushed through the crowd and reached out for the One she had heard could heal her body and that touch was all she needed for complete restoration. Yet Jesus paused to learn her identity and hold a conversation. Surely Jairus was pacing and wringing his hands but the Bible doesn’t record any reaction from him.

These divine interruptions, detours or diversions were perfect for Jesus. They didn’t change His plans, they provided for a greater miracle!

By the time they reached the house of Jairus, his daughter had died. To heal the young girl would have been a great miracle but to raise her from the dead?

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Consider Mary and Martha sitting beside the bedside of their brother, Lazarus. They sent for Jesus and He could have left Bethany when He heard the news and arrived to find a sick Lazarus instead of one in the grave.

John 11:4-6, “But when Jesus heard it he said, ‘This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.’”

Healing Lazarus from his sickness would have been great, but to bring him back from the dead after FOUR DAYS was an even greater miracle that touched many more lives than had He chosen to hurry. Jesus said it was for the glory of God!

Scholars tell us that Jesus healed the blind man and had dinner with Zacchaeus on His way to Mary and Martha’s house. Sight restored for one and an entire family turned around because of His divine delays.

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If you think He has been detoured or delayed, think again.

God is never late! He is always right on time and those interruptions, detours and bumps in the road are only for His glory, to show a greater miracle and for more people to hear of His healing power.

Elkins & Steffaniaks

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When have you felt like God was late in response to your needs, but later it proved to be the best possible answer?


What is your biggest hindrance to trusting God’s timing or detours in your life? 


Photo credit – Nannette Elkins

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24 responses to “When an Unexpected Detour Interrupts the Journey And WW Linkup!”

  1. Those are such good questions. I have been really working through how faithful he is and growing in my trust of Him. The times it didn’t seem like He was answering prayers turned out to be some of the most amazing miracles. When I was going through a LONG period of feeling like I was losing my faith and He promised me that I wasn’t, that He was rebuilding my faith into a much deeper and stronger one, He was so right. I am in awe of what He has done in my life.
    Thanks for your post Nannette! I like the story that you relate to in the beginning and the story of Lazarus is one of my faves.


    1. Isn’t that true, Aimee? When we think He isn’t listening or isn’t aware, if we will just hold on we will see the greater miracle and greater glory for our Lord. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. God is good, all the time! ♥


  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Actually, Jesus had to wait four days before raising Lazarus. Jewish belief at the time was that the soul was resident in the body for three days after death, and therefore being raised until three days had passed would mean that the dead dude wasn’t really dead.

    However, after four days, the soul really WAS gone; hence the miracle.

    A lot of my life has gone over a cliff in the past few years – career gone. fatal illness, that sort of thing – but I can’t say that there is any waiting for timing involved. I’m going to die, sooner than later.

    That’s OK. When God seems absent, that is when I need my Faith.



    1. Andrew, you are so right about Lazarus. I have read that about the body and Martha even says to Jesus that it’s been four days, he must stink, so he must really be dead! 🙂 I should have been more clear that I think Jesus waited two days before He even started back to their house. I will check on that. What a miracle though, if He had just healed the sick body people would have been happy for Lazarus but to raise someone from the dead was indeed a true miracle. Praying today for strength and comfort. ♥


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  4. Us control freaks don’t like the unexpected! God must smile down as He adjusts our carefully planned circumstances to HIS liking. And once again we learn who’s REALLY in charge. And we are filled with gratitude, for in our souls, we KNOW that He knows best …

    Thanks for writing, Nannette!


    1. He really is in charge and He really does know best! We want to do it NOW and we want to do it our way. Oh, but in the waiting!! He is working a greater miracle not just for us, but for a witness of His majesty. Blessings to you Linda!


  5. Nanette, that happened to me once-my two friends and I were going to NH from NJ and took turns driving. I was asleep in the back, and the friend who supposedly knew where we were going (she was from NH) was busy talking or praying or something, and we went right by the signs that directed us toward where we needed to go. It was much later, like you, that we saw signs for Canada! But boy, were we having a sweet time with the Lord, so it was all good. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.


    1. Ha, Mary! That is awesome…though I am sure quite a ways in the wrong direction. You can’t tell me to go west or east, I have to be told right or left 🙂 I am certainly challenged in that area. But my husband is just the opposite, he really doesn’t even need GPS, lol. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings!


  6. I’m the one who doesn’t trust SIRI to get me to my destination because it doesn’t make sense so I randomly make my own turns which always prove to be wrong. I do that in my own life. Sometimes the detours are caused by me because of the choices that I make. When God causes the detours, I know immediately that this is going to be big and the only way to find my way is to rely in Him. Great analogy today and I love that you have been able to meet Beth in person. What a treat!


    1. Hi Mary! It was surely a treat to meet Beth and Gary. We had a great time!

      Not so sure about SIRI myself but I am helpless and hopeless without some sort of GPS 😉 I love your analogy though that sometimes the detours are because of choices that I make. We need HIm!!


    2. Mary my GPS – Lola – and I argue often 🙂


  7. I’m so glad our needs are not interruptions to Jesus! What a great reminder, Beth!

    I was “parked” near you on Works for Me, and I’m always glad to have the chance to read your posts! Your words always encourage and inspire my heart!

    Hope you have a wonderful day~


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Wedded Wednesday today, I’m “sitting in” for Beth while she is away. She IS one of the most encouraging bloggers in our circles for sure! Blessings to you this week.


  8. Nannette, my biggest hindrance? My love for control! My love for a plan! Me, me, me! I’m forever grateful that God knows me so well and loves me so much, He just does what’s right for me.


    1. Oh Carmen, I don’t think you are alone in that area…we love to have things organized and planned out in our lives. It is difficult to yield but brings the best rewards! You are right, He just does what’s right for me, love that! ♥


  9. It is always good to read your words, Nannette. Every detour my life has gone, He always worked it for good. I may not have known the “why” for the detour for some time, but in His time I came to see it was the best thing. You are always encouraging, Nannette. Blessings to you today!


    1. Always the best thing, yes! Thank you Joanne, YOU are an encouragement to me and many through your words. He always worked it for good…I believe that. ♥


  10. Wonderful words, Nannette! So true and encouraging. It is such a comfort to know that no matter how many times Jesus is interrupted, His intended outcome for each situation will ultimately be the same. It is so hard to wait upon His timing, but if we could only remember, He has it all under control, and all will be well in the end. Thank you for sharing your heart here…that is so neat that you and Beth were able to meet! 🙂


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