What shows you respect? SJT Video

3 Faulty Beliefs on RespectIt’s never easy to show respect when we don’t see “eye-to-eye” with our mates. I must admit that respecting and submitting to my husband has been especially challenging for me in times of conflict.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered three faulty beliefs that I’ve embraced about respect. Now whenever I notice these beliefs cropping up and I challenge them, I’m able to respond with the calmness, acceptance and respect that my husband needs (actually that we “both” need).

Maybe you can relate and if you do, then I hope you’ll take the less than 4 minutes to watch my latest “Sloppy Joe Time” by clicking on the video below …



What faulty beliefs about respect have you embraced when you don’t see eye-to-eye with your spouse?


What have you learned that has brought greater perspective and calmness to a tense situation?

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6 responses to “What shows you respect? SJT Video”

  1. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    I so enjoy your SJT! You are so right – trust in the key to the foundation of respect – and it is because of that trust that I can “submit” when my husband makes a decision I might disagree with – which is rare – and that kind of trust can only come from God! Wonderful Job, Beth!


  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I think you handled this very, very well. There are so many male-slanted definitions of submission…and almost as many ‘backlash’ definitions that are anti-male…that it’s hard to know what it all means without some guide of clarity.

    Your just provided that.

    For myself…I’m in the somewhat unusual position of pushing my wife NOT to take my thoughts into account when making decisions, because she’ll probably have to make them on her own soon enough. Even though she was single for many years, she still lived in the ‘small-town-womb’ where she grew up, and where her family still lives. She’s alone out here – she has to be able to cope.



  3. Great job as always! Welcome back with your SJT! I’m thinking your technology is now cooperating with you. Great thoughts on submission!


  4. Husbands are empowered to become all that God intends when we are supportive and respectful – and patient. Thanks for these controversial but biblical thoughts.


  5. Ah, these glorious Adirondack mountains are keeping your video from coming to life! Bummer! But when I come back down to earth, you know I’ll be by again to put my feet up for another visit with you.
    I always come away blessed.


  6. Dear Beth

    Excellent video as usual.

    Very good point that submission is only applicable for things you don’t like/agree with, and that submission builds on trust.

    My problem is probably that I’m too submissive. My wife praises what she calls my “flexibility” (actually takes it for granted these days). I’ve grown use to tacking with the winds of fate, and relying on native genius to get me out of scrapes. Realising belatedly that this is not a good long-term strategy.



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