How to Affirm Your Mate Printable

Affirmation SingleIt’s been quite a challenge to get back on track with the blog since vacationing and celebrating my son’s wedding. Add to that, my laptop has a major issue that has left several computer geeks stumped and you might understand why I’m taking yet another break from my Sloppy Joe Times. I will be back, I promise, next Sunday/Monday with a fresh brew …

But for today I’m sharing a printable that has been helpful for me and my hubby to strengthen our connection and deepen our appreciation of one another. Back in September of 2014, I shared a post “But what do you ‘feel’ about it” along with the acrostic, P.E.A. that stands for Pray, share and Emotion, and share an Affirmation.

My husband and I are committed to praying a quick prayer each day together. We also try to take time later in the day to share an emotion (but not a negative one about each other!) and an affirmation with each other.

I have found that after doing this practice for a while the affirmations can become repetitive and confined to certain aspects that we tend to see. So I’ve come up with a daily guide that prompts you to affirm your spouse in a variety of ways. I think this is one area where my husband and I, and I’d venture to say that you and your spouse, don’t practice often enough.

Practicing affirming your mate helps you to not only learn how to express the positives you see in your spouse, but it also improves your ability to spot something positive. When you continue to make this a habit, it can transform your negative attitude into a positive one that strengthens and encourages your marriage as well.

I’m providing both a side by side printable (so you can print more than one at a time) and a single page printable. If you’re like me you need these reminders posted in various places around your home. I’ll be working on more designs for the printable in the months ahead, so if this one doesn’t suit your fancy, please keep coming back around and I’ll have more to offer!


What is one quality or characteristic that you appreciate or find attractive in your spouse?


What gets in the way of affirming your mate on a regular basis?


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9 responses to “How to Affirm Your Mate Printable”

  1. […] How to Affirm Your Mate Printable […]


  2. Sheryl @ Cherished Avatar
    Sheryl @ Cherished

    I really like you sharing this very positive idea for building up your relationship with your husband…thanks!


    1. Thank for letting me know, Sheryl! I hope it is a helpful guide for you and your hubby!


  3. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    Yes – we so need to focus on the good qualities in our spouses and remind us of that which delights us!!!! What a wonderful reminder to help keep our minds and hearts on the good things, Beth!


  4. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Great idea, and great list, but you have to know your spouse…in my childhood I was NOT affirmed, except in some pretty unpleasant contexts, and in consequence personal affirmation was, for a long time, something that made me very uncomfortable. It seemed like a tool for disarming me, so that subsequent actions would meet less resistance.

    The trouble was that I didn’t know this until long after I was married, and I ruined Barbara’s early efforts at affirmation. It’s changed the complexion of our marriage, and not for the better. We did go to counseling, but the moment had passed, so to speak – she no longer wanted to take the risk of offering affirmation, and when it’s elicited, it’s worth little..


  5. Love these affirmations, Beth! What a great way to show our love, especially for those of us whose top love language are words. Thanks for sharing the printable.


  6. I hear you about the technical glitches! AARRGGHH! I’m trying to iron through a few of them myself and it’s making me crazed!

    But this print-out of affirmations? I’m going to put this to good use in the days ahead, maybe as a little after dinner conversation starter? It might be a bit awkward, but it’s never too late to learn to dance, right?



  7. What a great list! At this point, I was thinking of my sons and their girlfriends (hopefully fiancee’s someday). It’s never too early to start affirming the other person. So glad you shared this at The Weekend Brew and loved seeing the wedding pictures.


  8. This is such a great resource, Beth! And, praying with my husband changes so many things for me. Great advice, friend. And grace to you as you try to get back on track!


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