When Storms Come in Marriage – WW Linkup

This past Saturday, my husband and I were excited to celebrate with our oldest son, Jordan, as he married his sweetheart, Sarah at beautiful Sorella Farm in Evington, Virginia. They had planned to have an outdoor ceremony followed by a grand reception in the nearby, decked-out barn.

We knew that storms were a possibility on that day and I had many friends praying for clear skies for at least the ceremony time. But clouds began to gather as the time drew close. We attempted to begin the procession and got all the way up to just before the bride was to emerge, when the raindrops started to fall.

So the guests quickly herded to the barn that was across the meadow—dodging raindrops the whole way. The wedding party/family debated whether to wait on the storm to blow through or to join the wet guests in the barn (as we stayed dry in the Amish built farmhouse that was also on the property). Finally a decision was made to move it all to the barn.

As the ceremony restarted over at the barn, the storm really whipped up and the rain pounded on that noisy tin roof. It was hard to hear all that was being said, but the spirit of the Lord was clearly there—just like the mighty winds that were blowing all around us! Most notably, both Jordan and Sarah’s love for the Lord were the hallmarks of the prayers prayed, the message shared and the vows taken.

As a woman who’s been married for as long as I have (28 years!), I couldn’t help but think this storm was a metaphor for most of what we experience in marriage and life. We will face many storms from the moment we take our vows to the day we take our last breath on this fallen earth. We cannot escape these harsh realities. But we also have a shelter from the storm—very much like the barn, but a whole lot sturdier—that is our Lord!

I’m so grateful that Jordan and Sarah make the Lord their shelter! And I hope you and your spouse do too!

Here are some photos from the wedding. I hope you all enjoy them! (And yes, I am not in any of them because I’m waiting on the professional photos to share the ones taken of me and Gary.) 😉

Bridal party Edit
I accidentally cut off my two younger sons from the pic–also groomsmen! Yikes!
JS Kiss Edit
Beautiful blue skies after the storm blew through!

FlowerGirl Prayer VowsThe Kiss EditGroom Peek EditGary and Jordan


What kinds of “storms” or difficulties happened on your wedding day?


What advice would you offer to Jordan and Sarah as they begin their lives and ministries together?

I am on vacation this week and will not be responding to comments or blog hopping. My mind needs to be on my family at this special time in our lives. Thanks for your understanding and I’ll be back next week!

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14 responses to “When Storms Come in Marriage – WW Linkup”

  1. Oh Beth … what a beautiful, glorious day! I thought of you throughout the weekend, and am just relishing these joyous photos. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into this sacred personal family celebration!

    Even in the midst of the storm!

    Love to all …


  2. The photos are gorgeous! I love how you described the love of your son and wife for the Lord even more. What a beautiful way to begin a marriage and the perfect foundation to watch it grow. Enjoy your week friend!


  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    We got off to a hot start. Barbara’s bouquet lit off from a candle in the altar.

    Our advice? Remember why you’re there, together. Remember that you love each other, and reaffirm it every day.

    And ditch the Smart Phones, because many people spend more time on their phones than talking to the person they married.



  4. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    When my son married almost 3 weeks ago – the wrong cake was delivered! There were other storms, but the couple handled them with such grace! To me, seeing how they handled those challenges was worth the upside down things happening! It made the whole event more deeply meaningful! Your photos are lovely (despite two brothers being cut off)! Congratulations!


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  6. Not on my wedding day, but not long afer the wedding I took off my ring, slammed it on the table where my husband was having dinner as I said I told him I wanted out of the marriage.
    But like you have said, we ran into God as shelter and we have overcome that and many other storms in marriage.

    Congratulations to your family Beth! I pray the young couple fulfill God’s purpose for their lives and marriage and enjoy bliss while at it!
    Now, remember to share with us when the grand-babies start arriving!


  7. Julie Bagamary Avatar
    Julie Bagamary

    Beautiful wedding. I like the uniqueness of the dress code! Advise from a bride of 36 years…stay connected to a healthy body of Christ and be honest!


  8. What a beautiful story and such a good analogy. Storms will come and we must rest in the Lord!!!


  9. Beautiful pics. The storm clouds only enhanced them. Beautiful analogy too. Storms=marriage sometimes. We can’t avoid conflict. Handling it right just brings more intimacy though I believe. Let’s see – my wedding day – my mom almost made us late because she needed to stop for gas. I wore a full skirted dress (Think of Gone With The Wind) with a hoop slip under it and my dad got caught up in it and we fell in the foyer. We left the reception for our honeymoon and forgot my luggage! Just a few fun facts about our beautiful day. Thanks for asking. Good memories.


  10. What a beautiful wedding! We were lucky to have beautiful weather on our wedding day (although crazy storms the next morning made us spend the first night of our honeymoon in an airport hotel in Houston on our way to Mexico!). Thanks for hosting this linkup! I love learning from all these women who are sharing their wisdom and thoughts about marriage.


  11. Very nice wedding. Just believe in each other and don’t listen to the rest of the world.


  12. What a beautiful wedding – and great reminder about marriage, too!


  13. When God is made as shelter, no storm can destroy it. Beautiful!


  14. I love this Beth! “we have a shelter from the storm—very much like the barn, but a whole lot sturdier—that is our Lord!” He’s soo much sturdier, way better than any man made shelter and efforts we sometimes turn to. Glad for that reminder today!

    The thing that sticks out about our wedding season was falling sick with chicken pox three days to the wedding AND how God came through for me!

    Wishing Jordan and Sarah a BEAUTIFUL Christ-centered marriage and life! Aren’t they so blessed to have you as parents! Beautifull pcitures!


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