Are You ‘In Over Your Head’? Video

Fear, Faith, WavesI wanted to share a video this week of a song that has become very close to my heart lately. I love the lyrics because it says, “I’m in over my head.”

I love that idea because, so much of the time, we hear songs or messages that talk about walking on water or being held “above the waves” of adversity by our Lord. Don’t get me wrong . . . I see that as a wonderful analogy!

But sometimes the Lord takes us through the flood. Sometimes we are sinking down into the depths of adversity with waves crashing over our heads. That can be an overwhelming and frightening place to be, but also ironically it can be the most precious of times and places.

You might be beneath the waves right now and wondering what in the world is she talking about? You want to be swept up on shore where it feels safe or pulled out of the swirling chaos—sooner rather than later!

I totally get that! But I also think . . .

[Tweet “We can experience something beautiful in that place of being “over our heads”—surrendered to God.”]

That’s when we lay back in Jesus’ arms—fully surrendered to His purposes no matter what they are or where they lead.

Is this something you can relate to? Feeling “in over your head” by the troubles in your life and marriage?


Please let me know what you’re facing and how I can pray for you!


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6 responses to “Are You ‘In Over Your Head’? Video”

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  2. Love that song!! Help me to be surrendered, Lord! Have a great week Beth. ♥


    1. Thanks for stopping by and listening/viewing, Nannette! I have been so busy today that I haven’t checked out any other blogs, but I was intrigued by your “door post.” So I’m going to hope on over there now! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend!


      1. Oh friend, I am so behind on visiting. Had a 12 hour complicated migraine today, missed church and felt drained to say the least. But I did read a few devotions today and visited a few “friends”. ♥


  3. I love that image of walking through the flood Beth. It is so true. Sometimes we are brought to the pain, so God can walk us through it. Oh Lord Jesus, I surrender! I surrender! Xoxo


  4. What a powerful song! I loved it! Thank you for this meditation today! Love you friend!


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