Why Fearing God is Needed for Your Trial and Messy Marriage

I know it’s been a while since I posted a “Sloppy Joe Time” and, FYI, I have two more in the queue! However, today I’m posting this very important video by Francis Chan that explains why the fear of God  is needed in life, especially if you’ve been in a long-standing trial.

I know how easy it is to question God or be angry with Him when you’ve been wounded and/or your situation or relationship doesn’t improve.  Francis Chan challenges us to trust God in that time of overwhelming chaos, pain and fear—illustrating vividely what that might look like in this video. Every time I’ve watched it, it brings me to tears!

Although this video is about 14 minutes long, it has riveting cinematography along with Chan’s so very compelling preaching. You’ll be glad you took the time to watch it!

I’ll be back with another “Sloppy Joe Time” next week! So I hope you’ll join me again with your cup of “joe” in hand!


What trial are you facing that has you questioning God or angry with Him?


What are your observations on what Francis Chan says about the “fear of God” in this video?


I’d love to pray for you regarding your trial, so please feel free to contact me privately through my email address – messymarriage@gmail.com

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4 responses to “Why Fearing God is Needed for Your Trial and Messy Marriage”

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Well, I have internet access again. Sort of. Not quick enough to watch the video, and barely sustains email, but it’s something.

    What trial? Well, lately pancreatic pain has been so bad that it acts as a nerve block…my left arm and leg go numb, and sometimes I can’t walk.

    But I’m not crying out to God. If I can’t walk I will crawl. Why me? Well, why not? Pain and chaos and death are part and parcel of a world in which free will is required. I got unlucky. God didn’t do this.

    But now that we’re finally at the killing field, we can sound the deguello, and there is no call for quarter. I don’t fear God, or the devil, or death, or life.

    But by God the devil will fear me, and his minions will cower in dread at the sound of my name. And when this war is over, and I step out onto the streets of gold, God and His Angels will stand aside, heads bowed, while I walk past.

    I’m no hero, and no warrior. But when the bloody soil beckons, you need a killer. And here I stand.



  2. I will come back to take a listen but I love Francis Chan. I wanted to cheer you on because your Sloppy Joe Time messages are so good and there is always a tidbit I can take away just for me to use in my own life. Hope your weekend away was renewing. Blessings on your week!


  3. Powerful video Beth, thank you so much for sharing it! It’s right along a study I am just beginning!


  4. Mary Flaherty Avatar

    I have no sound on my monitor, so I’ll have to wait until I’m at my laptop to watch it, but anything Francis Chan has to be terrific. Thanks for sharing that, Beth.


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