Free Tribute Letter as Gift for Moms And WW Linkup!

Gift to Mom
It’s that time of year when we all think of ways to honor and give to the mothers in our lives, and that got me to thinking . . .

What would I want as a gift from my sons?

What would mean more to me than a physical gift?—although those are certainly nice and welcome!

But what gift would stand the test of time for me?

My answer? I think it would be a letter that tells me what my sons and my husband love about my role as a mom throughout the years. I would want to know what memories they will always value and reflect upon—especially when I’m gone . . .  

But I’d much rather hear about these sweet memories while I’m still alive and kicking, than at my eulogy! 😉

I think that might be something other moms would love and appreciate too, so I’ve created a printable, as well as, a document of questions that can be printed on the printable. The document of questions will help to guide you in writing your letter of tribute and honor to your mom or wife. You can click here to snag the printable and here to snag the questions for mom and questions for wife who is a mom! {Instructions are included on the document of questions.}

And don’t forget to share about this post to your family, so that they might get the hint and snag the letter to give to you!

I’d also love it if you’d tweet about this gift by clicking below . . .

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What other gift ideas do you have for Mother’s Day?


What is one thing you love and appreciate about your mom or wife?


FYI – I’ll be returning to my series on creating a confessional culture in marriage next week, so I hope you’ll join me again!

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19 responses to “Free Tribute Letter as Gift for Moms And WW Linkup!”

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  2. I love this idea! Being a word girl and knowing my love language is words of affirmation, this is perfect. As I think about my own mom, I remember her legacy and reflect on that in terms of how I am creating my own legacy. I have seen and read other Mother’s Day posts but at this time I don’t think that will be something I will do this year unless God has a different plan. Thanks for always thinking ahead and for creating some lovely practical resources. Hope your week is going well. So glad I get to come visit you each week! 🙂


    1. Yes, I hear ya, word girl! I’m that way too, so it makes total sense to me to do something like this for my mother-in-law. My mom passed years ago, but would’ve loved a letter like this as well. Kind of makes me wish I’d thought of it sooner!! I’m sure this is a tough time of year for you, dear friend! I’m praying God comforts you and brings back all the wonderful memories you have of your mom! And you know, you might want to do this letter, even though your mom is already gone. It is taken from a grief journal that I’m working on getting published soon. Thinking through these questions could bring you a lot of comfort, my friend!


  3. What a good idea! With this being my first Mother’s Day I was thinking about what would make me feel loved. I decided it would be a card or note of encouraging words from my husband letting me know what he thought about my parenting skills. So I for sure think you’re on to something here! Thank you for hosting the link up!


    1. Aren’t we like “two peas in a pod,” Cassie! 😉 Yes, I think most writers would love to receive a gift like this–especially writing moms. And this being your first mother’s day is so exciting! Happy mother’s day to you, my friend! Your sweet baby is a doll!


  4. Mary Flaherty Avatar
    Mary Flaherty

    Interesting…my mom just had bypass surgery and it was a pretty bad scenario…she was very sick and no one knew…so I was thinking that I might just write her a letter this year instead of the standard card that someone else writes. I’m so glad she’s still here with us! Great idea!


    1. I bet that has brought a lot of clarity to your feelings for her, Mary. I hope these questions help to prompt more insight into your relationship with her. She will be blessed by your gift, my friend! Thanks for stopping in to encourage me!


  5. This is great Beth! My mom is a great teacher, she taught me so many disciplines that I now apply in my own home.
    I have never like the way people who never really celebrate their loved ones when they were alive, spend money in lavish funerals and praise filled eulogies.


    1. We truly need to let our loved ones, in particular our moms, know how much we love and appreciate them. It gives them that perseverance and joy in the journey that is a difficult one for any mom. I’m so glad you had a great mom, Ugochi, but that’s no big surprise to me–as sweet and nurturing as you are!


  6. Just sent out our card and ordered a gift for my Mother-in-law. She is dearly loved and has taken the role of my Mom now that she has passed. Oh, the things I would tell my Mom if she were still around…there are not enough words. We always think we have more time. Happy Mother’s Day, Beth.


    1. Yes, same here too, Kim. My mother-in-law is the best and am so grateful for her sweetness, generosity and love throughout the years. I’m going to work on this for her and hope that it blesses her like she’s blessed me and my family. I know what you mean about telling your mom things! But like I said to Mary below (who also lost her mom recently), these questions were taken from a grief journal that I’m putting together to publish. If you answer the questions, I bet you’ll feel a sense of comfort and joy in the process of your grief. Hugs to you and “Happy Mother’s Day!”


  7. Beth this is such a great idea. I have just been thinking today that I want to write a post for Sunday to honor my mom. Very timely!


    1. I hope this is helpful for you in that letter, Carmen! Thanks for your encouragement, my friend and Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  8. Hi Beth! I am putting together a spa-themed gift bag for my mom. After reading your post, I’m going include this tribute letter!


    1. Aww! That’s so great to know, Stephanie! I’m glad this is something that enhances your Mother’s Day gift. Please let me know how your mom feels about your tribute letter!


  9. Dear Beth … this is a beautiful idea. I wrote a post about my mom and mailed it to her for her ok before I shared it with the world. But we ended up quickly agreeing that it was too deep, too personal, and meant to be shared only by us. The time to honor our loved ones is while they’re here with us. The time to say thank you is NOW.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, friend …


    1. Yeah, I bet that letter was a deep peek inside your heart–full of very personal and intimate details that only a mother and daughter should hear and know. I’m so glad you did that, though, Linda! I’m certain that is going to aid you in this painful journey. And I’m certain it brought amazing comfort to your sweet mama! Thanks for your sweet words to me as well, dear friend! Happy Mother’s Day right back at ya!


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