4 Indicators that You Need a Date Night And WW Linkup

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Cassie 465X627 cropToday we are honored to have a guest post from Cassie of True Agape, who is also our host for this fine Wedded Wednesday! To find out more about Cassie and her blog, check out her bio below.


If your life is anything like mine it can easily become very busy with to-do’s, events, projects and tasks. If I am not very intentional I allow these things to take my attention away from the more important things like my husband and daughter.

Since I am a doer and a person that likes to check things off my list, I have to be very focused in how I spend my time and energy. However, there are times that the rush of life just gets the better of me. All the sudden I’m overwhelmed trying to remember the last time I really read a story to my daughter or pulling to recall the latest time that my husband and I were able to connect longer than ten minutes.

Because we live in an era of constant busyness, I feel like it is not hard to realize suddenly a month or six months has passed us by. I want to live a life that is intentional about taking care of myself, loving my husband, aiding my daughter in growth, serving others and so much more. One way I attempt to intentionally love my husband is to connect daily and partake in date nights.

For us, with a 9 month old and business travels, we do not have a set schedule for date nights. Instead I keep an eye out for indicators that let me know my husband, Ryan, and I need a date night.

Some of these indicators are:

Can’t remember: If I can’t remember the last time we went on a date, it’s probably time for another! Not just remember what we did, but recall the actual date. Often times it’s easier to remember what we did and suffice that it wasn’t that long ago we went on a date.

Negative thoughts: If I start to have negative thoughts about the tiniest of things that pertain to my husband I know that we need to reconnect on an emotional level. I need to remember all the things I absolutely love about him. We need to take the time to create oneness.

Feeling unmotivated: Typically, if I am in a spot where I’m feeling unmotivated in general about life, then a fun time with my best friend where I don’t have to be a mom, business owner, maid or cook is just what I need. But instead I get to be just me. A time to re-energize and be reminded of my vision.

Tough times: When there is a season of tough times in life in general or within our marriage I know I need to connect with Ryan more often. I need to know that we are facing these uncertainties together.

What I have come to realize is dates can look a lot of different way depending on schedule and budget. Some can be typical dates and some are more uncommon dates. Sometimes a date is a run together, and other times a date is an outing where we leave the baby with a sitter. Right now, we are in a time where we have a lot of at home dates. It’s not nearly as important what kind of dates we partake in, but rather that we make the time and effort to continue to date.

After talking with a lot of wives I realized many struggled, just as I did, to ensure date nights happened. This discovery made me dig deeper into the issue. Ladies shared many things they hoped to get out of date nights and why they were a must for them. That is when I published Creating True  Agape: 20 at home dates last April. We are currently celebrating a year since it’s release! As a way to ensure wives are able to date their husbands we are offering these 20 dates for $4.99 which is 25 cents per date! This special ends Monday, May 4th 2015.

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I’m interested to know . . .

What are indicators for you that let you know you need a date night?


Cassie is a wife, mom, runner and a marriage and family blogger at True Agape. She believes respect, trust, understanding and willingness creates happy marriages and families. She strives to keep those things the main focus in her daily life and wants to challenge others to do the same. You can get her free 6 page guide “The Secret to Making your Husband Feel Loved” when you sign up for True Agape’s monthly newsletter.


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23 responses to “4 Indicators that You Need a Date Night And WW Linkup”

  1. Cassie, I am newcomer to the marriage life. Your indicators will help me to be more aware of my feelings about dating my husband. I am a big fan of spending time with my spouse. Physical presence is a big deal for me. When I need a date night my day feels dreary. My husband is a best friend to me and spending time with him is like the feeling you get as a kid when the ice cream truck is coming. Everything else stops around you. Time is precious and is not promised to anyone. Needless to say I love being with my family (husband).


    1. I am right there with you, Marcia. It sounds like quality time may be your primary Love Language. It is mine which is why I feel so loved when we get date nights together.


  2. Great ideas for all married couples. So glad to meet you through Beth today. Hope you have a wonderful end to your week.


    1. Nice to meet you as well, Mary! I am so glad that Beth was willing to share her space with me today.


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  5. Great post Cassie! I know when my husband and I need an intentional date when I feel a distance between us.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for hosting us Beth.
    Have a super blessed rest of week!


    1. It is great to meet you, Ugochi! Have a great week as well!


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  7. Dating in marriage is vital. You miss out on so much if you don’t intentionally connect with one another. We have scheduled date nights every week. We don’t always use them, but they are always on the calendar, and we talk about what we are doing each week. Great to meet you.


    1. That is awesome that you have made date night a priority! We previously have not had a set schedule for dates. However, recently we have been using Sunday evenings after the baby goes to sleep to spend time together and connect. We have been enjoying it a lot!


  8. These are great reminders, Cassie. My Michael and I have learned that intentionally dating ALOT, coming together, laughing much helps keep us strong. And we are in the empty nest stage which helps, too. Thanks.


    1. We have one child who is just 9 months. So we are in a different phase of life than you are, but it is a great reminder that we should still be coming together and laughing!


  9. I love these reminders of when life points to your need for a date night with your husband. One of the ways I know we need that time together is when we start to feel like roommates. I need to be intentional with connecting with my husband and doing life together, discussing our goals, dreaming together, and just getting away. : )


    1. So true, Crystal. I love when we really talk about our goals and dreams. Check in to see where we are at and what we need to do to refocus.


  10. I like this concept, Terry! I know for us certain trips where we get to spend time in the car traveling I feel more connected afterwards. For the same reason we get to talk and connect when we haven’t in awhile. Not to the same level you are talking about here, but more than we had previously. Thank you for sharing! We for sure should try this!


  11. Thank you, Judith, for stopping by!


  12. You know what I love about your post, Cassie? I love that you are anticipating that this will occur in marriage. So many times we come into marriage and feel discouraged by the packed schedule or the tensions that are arising in our marriages and never really consider that it’s because we’ve not made time to reconnect as a couple. We push that panic button and figure our marriage is a bad one when it is simply a burdened and disconnected one. Thanks for hitting this out of the park, my friend! It’s a pleasure to have you highlighted today.


    1. Thank you so much, Beth, for having me. We are going on being married 4 years now and I figured this concept out pretty fast seeing how my Love Language is Quality Time. Besides when you marry your best friend why would you not want to spend quality time having fun together!?


  13. We are experiencing an empty nest this year. My husband teaches from home so we are together almost every day. We have found we still need dates! We have one scheduled for Saturday night. It’s special to dress up, eat something I didn’t have to cook and focus on each other.


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