Beautifully Imperfect Video

Imperfect Love Story

Sometimes we take for granted those idiosyncrasies that make our marriage partners beautiful and special just to and for us. If you have allowed those to become points of frustration or irritation in your marriage, then I hope you’ll watch this poignant video to regain a bit of perspective.


What are some beautifully imperfect characteristics or actions of your spouse?


Why do you find them beautiful?

2 responses to “Beautifully Imperfect Video”

  1. Dear Beth, thank you, for this lovely, truthful reminder of what really matters … and what we need to just let go.

    Next time I can’t sleep at night because of the man’s snoring right near my ear, I will give thanks that he is there, alive and well and breathing without help from a machine.

    I needed to be here today. To be reminded what cherishing is all about …


  2. So touching. Love is acceptance.


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