Blues to Bliss Book Review and WW Linkup!

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When I signed up to be a part of Ngina’s (from Intentional Today) launch team for her new book, Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-ever-after in the Early Years, I was {and am} so very excited! I couldn’t wait to get the word out about her book!

You see, I love this bloggy girlfriend of mine and have seen her throughout the years develop and find “her voice” in the blogosphere and in the ministry of marriage. It’s a proud <sniff, sniff> moment for me to see her succeed and move to the next level!

I’ve always been amazed at Ngina’s wisdom, especially since she’s so young and has a lot less “mileage” on her than I do {in more ways than one!}. If I’d have been as wise as she is earlier in my marriage, it might not have gotten quite so messy!

Her book is no exception, as she quickly and practically focuses on the most common issues that trip young couples up especially in the early years of marriage.

She touches on issues like:

  • Cultivating a thriving relationship with God
  • Healthy expectations
  • Communication and conflict
  • Submission in marriage {Yikes! That’s a challenging topic, for sure!}
  • Intimacy in all areas of marriage
  • Sexual Intimacy {including all the things that might go wrong there}
  • Money management
  • How to keep your love vibrant {because every worthwhile endeavor must be continually cultivated!}

I so appreciate how real Ngina is about her own marriage struggles and reminds us that she is a work in progress too. I rarely give a book high marks where the author doesn’t personally dip into the real torrents of marriage, so I was happy to check off this box as well. We all need to feel like the author gets our struggle and you will feel this in Blues to Bliss for sure!

I also really liked how she approached the many issues that occur in the sexual relationship of our marriages. If you struggle with guilt over premarital indiscretions, or perhaps struggle now to find sex fun and/or more than a chore, or maybe you even struggle with a spouse who has a low-libido, then you can rest assured that these tricky issues and more are tackled with wisdom and candor.

But Ngina doesn’t just handle the sexual issues that come as part of our “intimate relationship” with our spouses, she delves into ALL the arenas where we need to be intimate with your mates—something I’ve not seen done as well as she did in her book.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are:

“Unless you speak in a language he understands, a language that is devoid of disrespect, accusation and anger, he won’t hear you.”

“God wants me to love my husband the way he is. Not the way he will be tomorrow.”

“Marriage cannot thrive on leftover attention. It has to be the best attention.”

“Intentionally getting yourself in the mood for lovemaking is not faking it. We do it all the time in other areas of marriage, doing things for our spouse and our marriage, not because we feel like, but because we know it’s good for our marriage and it yields positive results. We don’t consider it faking; we consider it love and maturity.”


Giveaway! Yes, please!

Ngina has graciously provided an e-book (pdf) of Blues to Bliss to one randomly selected person who comments on this post between now and Thursday evening (February 5th, 2015) at midnight (CST). But wait . . . there’s more!

Bonus Giveaway
When you purchase Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-Ever-After In The Early Years, during the official Launch week, between February 2nd 2015  and February 6th 2015, you will receive two free gifts (in digital format) as a thank you from Ngina Otiende.

These gifts are

  1. Her brand new, 7-Day Devotional for Wives
  2. A Love Check List – Scriptures on areas of struggle for earlywed wives.

To get the Devotional and Check List, simply email Ngina your receipt on and she will send you information on how to access the gifts. These gifts are only available to those who buy the book between February 2nd 2015  and February 6th 2015 and email their receipts to Ngina.


Tell us what were the issues that most often brought on the “blues” in your marriage during the early years!




Simply offer a word of encouragement to our sweet friend, Ngina on this special occasion!



I’m excited to announce that Erica was chosen by Random Number Generator as our winner of Blues to Bliss! Congrats, Erica! I pray that it is a meaningful resource for your marriage!

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32 responses to “Blues to Bliss Book Review and WW Linkup!”

  1. Congrats, Ngina! May God prosper the work of your heart, your hands. So many need the wisdom you share …


  2. Oh Beth! What a wonderful post! Thank you for your sweet encouragement! I feel so loved! God has blessed me with the greatest bloggy friends, I thank Him for you. Thank you for such great words about the book and myself. I am all teary these sides! 🙂 Many hugs!


  3. Congratulations Ngina! Sounds like a great book to read! I have read a couple of your articles and I believe your book will be a great read.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and hosting Beth!


    1. Thank you Ugochi, I truly bless the Lord for the privilege of sharing and inspiring others. God bless!


  4. Congrats Ngina on an amazing accomplishment. Thank you Beth for always open up your home here for new and old friends and for your weekly link up. Have a warm, wonderful week!


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  6. Congratulations on your book, Ngina!! And what a lovely review, Beth…just enough information and endorsement to make us all want to run out and get the book. Right now! I definitely want to give a copy to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. What a blessings it will be. 🙂


    1. Thanks Candy! So blessed that you’d like pass it along to your soon to be daughter in law 🙂 May she find encouragement as she starts this wonderful journey! God bless you


  7. Sounds like a wonderful & helpful book. May it bless many!


  8. Thank you so much for sharing about this book, Beth! It for sure sounds like something I need to read and pass along to my readers as well. Healthy expectations and communication is for sure things that we discuss over at True Agape within those first few years!


    1. Thanks Cassie, so true! I love the name of your blog and your focus. God bless and may you and your husband impact many hearts and marriages.


  9. This book sounds fabulous, and I know someone I’d love to share it with!


    1. Thanks for your kind words Lisa..and thanks for helping share the word about it!


  10. Sounds great! Sounds like she’s got a lot of wisdom for someone so young. It’s wonderful to see young people with godly marriages. One of my biggest problems in my first marriage (besides the fact that he was/is an alcoholic and a somewhat hostile unbeliever and I got saved during the marriage) was my lack of respect for my husband, regardless of what he was/is or how he acted. I was so wounded going into the marriage, and carried that hurt with me like a security blanket, and when I got hurt, I retaliated with twice as much hurt back. Today, I am in a healthy second (and last) marriage with a godly man, but I still catch myself doing the same thing with him at times.


    1. I hear ya, Mary. And it makes us keep pressing into Jesus more in order to please Him and our mate better. Don’t ya think? Hugs!


  11. How great to have such a valuable resource for “earlyweds.” Terrific, practical helps, Ngina! Congrats to you and may God bless your book by taking it far and wide. 🙂


    1. Thanks Sheila! The early years are so foundational, and I am so blessed to share my journey. Thank you for encouraging words!


  12. Hi Beth, this sounds like a great book. Thank you for introducing it to us. Congratulations on the book, Ngina. I pray it saves many marriages. Hope you are both having a wonderful day.


    1. Amen Kim! it’s my prayer and desire too, that it will impact many hearts and marriages.


  13. This looks like really good advice. I think I’ll read it first then pass it on to my married children. My biggest challenge is in speaking without “disrespect, accusation, or anger”. I’m reminded to work on that today! Thanks.


  14. I will not be considered for the “giveaway” but wanted to just thank you, Ngina, for all the hard work and dedication this book must have required of you. I don’t think folks who’ve not attempted to write a book (with any coherent theme for more that a few chapters anyway) get the gravity of what you’ve accomplished, girlfriend! It’s something I pray is used for God’s glory and blesses the lives of more couples than you can even imagine! God’s good about surpassing our expectations like that, isn’t He?! So happy for you and all of us!!


  15. Well I am still “earlywed”, however one thing that used to bring on the blues was when I would expect him to read my mind. I would get upset (for days) if he didn’t notice that I needed help with something. Now I just ask him for assistance and he does it quickly without a problem


  16. That is amazing her wisdom, but we all know that wisdom comes from God and is the product of her humbleness, love and respect for God. Praise God! I also entered our marriage with a train car full of baggage which ended up despair. It is a true miracle that God somehow kept us together 35 years (15 healed) so we could experience true intimacy, love and friendship in our marriage.


  17. Sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing your review of Ngina’s book, Beth.


  18. How exciting, Ngina! My husband and I faced some unusual obstacles in our first years of marriage due to some trauma in his past that he had never revealed to anyone. Of course, at first I thought the problems we were having were all about him – how wrong I was! 🙂 Once we entered into counselling, I quickly discovered that I came into marriage with some baggage of my own. Learning to see how the past can affect our perspective on the present has been really good for us! I’m really hoping for a copy of this book! 😉


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  20. Sounds interesting. The year is just starting but my book list is getting loooong. Thanks for sharing this.


  21. I am finding myself focusing on my marriage so much lately and wondering why I have stopped payin paying attention. So I am probably still in my early years of marriage (7) but struggling with intimacy, communication, and embracing my opportunity to be submissive 🙂 Why does my brain tell me to be in control!

    I might have to download the book even if I don’t win. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Congrats, Erica! You’re a winner in more ways than one, my sweet friend! 🙂


  22. Sounds like a book I need to read! Hate that I missed the deadline for the giveaway.


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