Review of “Your Legacy” and Link Up!

Your Legacy

Today I am happy to share another book giveaway, Your Legacy by Dr. James Dobson, to one randomly chosen winner* who comments on this post by midnight on Thursday, Sept. 18th.

Dr. Dobson has always been such a treasure to families and this book adds another gem to his stockpile filled to the brim with godly, practical and wise resources for all of us.

He begins his book from several different and important vantage points: from his great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, to his own parenting legacy. I loved reading all the behind the scenes stories about these godly generations in Dr. Dobson’s life. I loved perusing through the photos of him, his family and ancestors as well.

One interesting tidbit that I didn’t realize is that his son, Ryan, is adopted. Discovering that gives me more compassion for the infertility the Dobson’s faced after their biological daughter, Danae was born, and adds more admiration for their loving and courageous act of adopting.

About midway through the book Dr. Dobson fleshes out just how to lay the foundation of your children’s spiritual understanding and convictions. His focus on the spiritual impact we can have on our children is written with precision, practicality and relevance. He also has a chapter on how to reach a “prodigal.” I so appreciate his compassionate response to parents who find themselves in this situation, as well as his familiar reminder that, Love must be tough at times.

Another important chapter focused on the words we say to our children. That chapter was really convicting to me, since this is an area I often struggle and/or have struggled with! I really appreciated his wise advice to make the first five minutes that you are with someone positive, since it sets the tone for the rest of your interactions for that day. One simple rule of thumb that can have relationship-impacting power—with our children and spouses.

I felt like each chapter unfolded another facet in the chain that helps build and create our legacies with our children and beyond. With the practical tools for spiritually raising and training our children, Dr. Dobson provides a map of sorts for what was often confusing and challenging to me and my husband when we were young parents.

The bottom line: If you are a parent who is in the trenches with struggles that seem insurmountable, this book will encourage you and arm you to face the conflicts and challenges that come with the territory and responsibility of being a godly and wise parent.

What did you learn from your parents and grandparents that shaped you into the kind of parent you are today?


What are some of the challenges you’re facing {or faced} with your children and what has it taught you?


*Rules for the giveaway –

  • Only one entry per person—regardless how many times you comment. :)
  • Entrants must have a U.S. or Canadian mailing address.
  • The winner will be announced back her at this post on Friday, Sept. 19th.



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20 responses to “Review of “Your Legacy” and Link Up!”

  1. Thank you, Beth, for providing such a detailed review on this book resource.

    Blessings to you, my friend!


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  3. I’m not a parent, and the experiences I had with mine don’t bear discussion, but I have been thinking on the subject of “legacy” recently.

    On Monday, Sept. 15th, Beth Vogt talked about optimism in her blog, “In Others’ Words” (please visit Beth at

    In considering a suitable comment, I realized that my life has narrowed down to a kind of “Kamikaze Optimism”. It says that I’m going to die, but I’ll sell this life dearly, and will not go gentle into that good night. To beat pain, I’ll make myself hurt more than this illness ever can, so that I know I can face its worst.

    But there’s more. The coming dissolution of ego means that I don’t have a status to protect, and I can explore how to extend true courtesy., how to be, at last, a civilized man.

    It’s a combination, and it’s my legacy, to whoever wants to look at it.

    Gentility and ferocity. That’s what I choose to leave.


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  5. I have a soon to be teenager, a 11 and a 9 and it has not been easy. Sometimes they go the exact opposite of where they are supposed to. But I look to God for a complete change in their hearts. I love Dr Dobson and I have read on of his books.
    I hope to win this and glean some wisdom for parenting.
    Thanks for sharing and hosting Beth.
    Do have a super blessed day!


  6. I love the word legacy and have come to realize in the last 8 months since my passed away that this is a word I want to understand deeper and to pass on to my own sons. Dr. Dobson’s book sounds like a must read to gain this understanding of legacy.
    My own parents have shaped me into who I am today. Living a grace-filled life was a trait from my mom and acceptance and calm are huge traits from my dad. I am blessed by their beautiful example of parenting and modeled my own after their example as much as I could.
    Thank you for the review and for the giveaway. Have a beautiful day, my friend!


  7. I was fortunate to have a mom who raised me to love God and to depend on Him. She has definitely left a legacy I want to carry on. Now as a parent of an almost teenage boy, I wonder what kind of legacy I will leave him. This new stage of life he is entering is new, not only to him, but also to me. I want to help him stay connected to Christ in every area of his life. I’m finding at this age, there is a different type of independence which tends to question a little more. I pray that I can be an example for my son and he will see God’s love for him and run towards Christ and not from Him. This sounds like another great book!


  8. I’ve always loved Dr. Dobson’s books. I read “The Strong-Willed Child” shortly after my 2nd child was born and I’m so thankful that I did! The wisdom imparted in that book helped me to safely navigate an extremely strong-willed little guy through his growing up years. He is now a mighty man of God who is making a positive difference in the lives of those around him. I could share story after story of how the nuggets of truth that I discovered in various Dobson books have been applied to my parenting. I would love to have “Your Legacy” to glean from as well. I’m sure my younger children would appreciate mama learning a few more things about this parenting gig. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing such a thorough review of the book and for hosting the link-up and give-away! Hope you’ll consider sharing it at Coffee & Conversation so that our readers can have the opportunity to enter your give-away as well.
    Have a blessed week!


  9. Sounds like a wonderful book! Even though I’m currently helping raise grandchildren, there’s always something to learn.


  10. Thank you for this review. I heard about this book but now I’m really interested in reading it.


  11. My current challenge is keeping my teenager grounded in her convictions. I think it will get harder with each year of high school. This sounds like a great book and as always, I love Dobson.


  12. What are some of the challenges I’ve faced with my children… hmm… I’m chuckling. You know most of them because I write about them weekly! Thank you for offering this thoughtful review, Beth. I didn’t even know this book was coming out, and now I can add it to my list of reads. Hugs!


  13. Dr. Dobson has made a big impact on my parenting. One think I’ve always appreciated is that his father took time off from evangelism so he could be with James Dobson during his formative teenage years. That sacrifice paid off!


  14. Jim Dobson should be in some sort of Hall of Fame. Only eternity will tell the impact He’s left on our marriages, parenting, relationships.

    Love that you’re featuring him this week, Beth!


  15. I would enjoy a personal copy of this book. It sounds interesting to me, both as a parent and counselor.


  16. Thank you for the detail. I love his books.


  17. So glad you reviewed this book. I love Dr. Dobson. He is such a gifted soul.


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