Wedded Wednesday and Finding Rest

Jesus Calls us to RestMy husband and I have had the joy of attending the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Marriage and Leadership Conferences at Peter and Geri Scazzero’s church, New Life Fellowship this past week . And this week we’re enjoying the sites and sounds of treck up the New England coast.

This photo was taken at Boston Harbor where I got to soak up the serenity and I’m looking forward to one more week of refueling and reconnecting with my husband and my Lord.

I hope that you plan to pull away this spring or summer, like Jesus often did, to reconnect with your spouse, family and the Lord. It’s just too important to neglect!

I’ll be back full force next week, but until then, I’m taking one more dip below the surface to swim in the calm waters of God’s peace and rest.


What do you like to do to refuel or reconnect with God? with your Spouse?


What is your biggest hurdle to making time for that rest?


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15 responses to “Wedded Wednesday and Finding Rest”

  1. Biggest obstacle? Me! But I’m working on learning the value of rest. I hope you’re enjoying yours, Beth. Hugs to you!


  2. So glad you are able to enjoy rest! Our current season of life (children ages 5,4,2,1, and one on the way) make it hard for my husband to have rest and time away. We do have one date night a month and then one overnight a year, but I hope to improve in this area as the children get older! Time away is so important! Enjoy your trip!


  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Glad you had a good time, Beth, and found rest and peace.

    For me, well…that is one of the areas in which I’ve failed my wife. Having PTSD, I’ve found that what should bring peace brings its opposite, and the only real rest I find is in action and focus.(not, I hasten to add, in personal conflict with my wife).

    It’s not much fun to live with. She’s a good sport, but the kind of contemplative and relaxed spiritual communion for which she longs is something we simply can’t share.


  4. I’m so glad that you are taking one more dip below the surface for rest and peace. I’m not always good at restoration because I can always find one more thing to do. This summer I will be going to the beach with some family and this is the place I feel most at peace. Enjoy your week! Blessings, Mary!


    1. Hi Mary…the shore is one of the most serene places for me. Especially pre-dawn. Another is deep in the woods. Wishing you a lovely time of restoration this summer.


  5. Kim Adams Morgan Avatar
    Kim Adams Morgan

    Have a great time, Beth. The New England area is one of our favorites.


  6. Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy Avatar
    Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy

    So happy that you are getting a well-deserved break, Beth! Have a fabulous time!


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  8. TOMORROW!!! Can’t wait to meet you. xxoo


  9. Beth, I am so glad you and your husband are making time to relax and rejuvenate! I suspect the R&R is much needed after the stresses of the past few months.
    Have a wonderful time!
    God bless you both!


  10. Dear Beth
    Where else can we find true rest but in our Lord, dear friend! Enjoy your time with your husband.
    Blessings XX


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  13. So glad you are getting this reprieve!! I LOVE the East Coast!


  14. SimplySaidMom Avatar

    Beth, I hope you enjoy the time with your husband and also with our Lord.


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