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Peaceful Retreat in Carew Castle, Wales
Peaceful Retreat in Carew Castle, Wales

My life, as many of you know, has been side-swiped by cancer and all the baggage that comes along with that {diagnosed last October and doing well today, thank you!}.

It’s not that cancer or cancer treatment is still consuming that much of my time {although it is on a much smaller scale}. It’s just that I’m still trying to catch up in many areas of my life. It’s like everything starts to pile up when you add in things that take up a lot of time that you used to devote to “other things.”

If you’ve ever gone through something like that you’ll understand how time-consuming it is to deal with any kind of diagnosis or crisis like this. I won’t innumerate here for you all the ways it’s absorbed my time …

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 😀

So instead of trying to churn out another post today, I’ve decided to take a more peaceful retreat {like the man my husband captured above on our trip to Wales} and do a giveaway of a great e-book that has been waiting in my cue to be offered to one of you, my lovely readers.

It’s called, That Works For Me and is compiled by blogger, Kristen Welch of We are THAT family fame and Jennifer De Groot a freelance writer and former blogger who has contributed to (in)courage, Blissfully Domestic, and Devozine.

I love this book because it is chock-full of 807 {yes, that’s right! 807} tips from various bloggers who Kristen and Jennifer asked to share tips from their expertise and niche in blogging. Here’s a list of just some of the topics: Baby, Beauty, Crafts, Decor, Hospitality, Marriage, Organization, Parenting, Tech/Computers, Time Management and beyond! ‘

This will fast become a “go-to” reference book for you or your spouse whenever you have a situation that leaves you scratching your head for ideas or solutions.

I would love for you to enter this contest by giving Messy Marriage’s readers one tip from your expertise on any topic in the comment section below.

You don’t even need to be a blogger to do this!

After all, we’re all experts in something!

Also, if you comment and don’t win the e-book, I’ll be contacting you via email with a special bonus surprise after this giveaway! So be sure to weigh in today!


What is one tip, strategy or solution you’d say has been especially helpful to you and others you know?



The deadline to enter the giveaway is 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25th. I’ll be announcing the winner in my Wedded Wed post.


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14 responses to “Enter to win – That Works for Me”

  1. Hmmm…this was a tough one Beth! I don’t claim to be an expert but if we were talking marriage I would say “Communicate!” If we were talking blogging, of which I still consider myself a newbie, I would say, “Be patient.” If we were talking about parenting, I would say, “Enjoy every moment because they are grown and gone before you know it.” And, last for today anyway, if I were speaking to pastor’s wives I would say, “Be friendly to those IN your church, OUT of your church and VISITING your church.” Just a little pet peeve, lol. Visited a church lately where I was the guest minister’s wife, as I usually am these days, and the pastor’s wife never did come and introduce herself to me! I went to her! I could preach a sermon on those things 🙂 So glad you are taking a little break, friend. REST! ♥


  2. I like to think I’m full of great advice. Ha. That’s why I blog right? But, I generally think I am the expert of not stressing (especially in comparison to some friends and many blogs I read). My advice is to live simply. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t stress about unknowns or the future. Focus on what you CAN control and work from there. Don’t call yourself bad names, or blame yourself for misfortunes. Always trust in the Lord and he’ll direct your life where it is supposed to go.


  3. What a wide open topic!!! Fun though. 🙂 I’d say….Make memories with your family – let them know you love them….even when they mess up…or you do. Laugh together….and cry together. Learn to love the Lord more and more together and be REAL in your service to Him and others. Give grace to each other, forgive quickly, apologize sincerely, be interested in their lives and in the lives of others…..don’t just expect others to be interested in your life. Remember that even hard situations can bond you together and if handled right, can be a source of growing together. Be content with what you have….things, people, relationships, etc. Teach your children to be content and thankful – the world is teaching them to be greedy and selfish. Above all, honor the Lord individually and together.


  4. I hope you are resting well after such a grueling season, Beth. Body, mind, spirit all processing, recovering, renewing, gaining strength. Hugs to you today …


  5. Love that picture in Wales. Ah. Makes me more peaceful just looking at it. Glad you’re being gentle with yourself in letting go the things that you can. You’re doing good!

    My tip when I’m in a puzzling situation:
    “Just do the next thing.”
    We don’t have to have the full scheme planned out…just one thing at a time.


  6. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    Wishing you a refreshing, where joy builds up and spills out! My tip? When your really mad at your husband, ask God to show both of you the truth about the situation, to work on both your hearts. It always works – and, most of the time, when I’m honest with myself, I realize that 90% of the issue is my problem – and 10% of it is his!!


  7. Smile more! Make sure to give your husband and children a “100 watt smile” every singe day!


  8. Thanks for the giveaway Beth! I’d love to win it! So glad you are giving yourself a break!


  9. Write the date AND name on all of your pictures with pencil. You WILL forget


  10. Gary Steffaniak Avatar
    Gary Steffaniak

    A really good quote in regard to helping hurting people: “Fixing can be okay, as long as it’s dinner or the other person’s car. But trying to fix a person is not an appropriate or even attainable goal. Here’s a good rule of thumb: Fix things; relate to people.” – Kenneth Haugk, Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart, page 81.


  11. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser Avatar
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    If you learn from yesterday, tomorrow may be a bit less painful.



  12. Hi Beth, I am glad you are getting some downtime today! And praising God for His good work in you!

    Reading your question this quote came to mind immediately

    “I learned the best way to save face is to keep the bottom half of it shut” – Unknown 🙂
    Learning when to keep quiet (and when not to hush) has been one of the big things God’s taught me. Saved lots of unnecessary heartache and issues, both in and outside my home!


  13. Thank you for you posts- I treasure the advice and insight you offer…

    As for advice- I don’t have much that I would think is beneficial to others- BUT, I did start doing some “Natural” cleaning in my house this year. One natural solution that I am just in love with contains orange peels. If you have kids like mine, they LOVE the little “cuties” oranges in the grocery store. My kids eat a lot of them. Now, I tell them to put their rinds in a quart size mason jar on my kitchen counter. The mason jar is about 1/2 full of vinegar, and various orange peels. After about 2 weeks, I pour the concoction into a spray bottle (remove all the peels) and add a little bit of baking soda (Careful, it will bubble over), and water. Voila! It is the BEST stovetop cleaner I’ve come across. I’ve also used it in my shower, sinks, and kitchen counters. It is by far my favorite cleaning product to date. 🙂 Thank you!


  14. Marie Steinhardt Avatar
    Marie Steinhardt

    Thanks Beth for all you do! Here’s my tip: when I’m in the middle of a difficult situation, I find it helpful to step back, take a deep breath and process BEFORE reacting. Everyone involved is much better off if I remember to do this.


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