Running from God?

Focused Devotion Is. 463-4

Isaiah 46:3-4 (hover over to view verses) Thoughts taken from my devotional time.

God reminds us that He has upheld us since we were conceived (v.3). That means that God knew us and cared for us since the moment we were created or came into being—not just since our birth. Further, God reminds us that He has not just upheld and cared for us, but He  “carried [us] since [our] birth.” Just think of that!

He carries us!


I don’t think I meditate on that reality enough. I often feel like He carries me when I am weak or when I am distraught, like the famous “Footprints” story portrays. But there’s no mention of being carried only when we’re weak here. It’s a blanket statement and reminds me that …

I do NOT have strength in myself—not an ounce!

I need to resist the idea that I do! And remember that God does and therefore He “carries” me where I need to go.

Being carried somewhere also reminds me that I’m not doing the directing. The One who carries me {us} takes me where He wants and needs for me to go. There’s security in that realization—if I’ll let it calm my heart and stifle my pride.

It’s not up to us to direct our lives. We can’t direct God. He is the One with the plan!

Now, I do think we can refuse to be carried by Him. Maybe in those moments Jesus stands still and waits for us to return to His arms.

If that’s true, …

[Tweet “Are we wasting the moments of our brief life here on earth when we refuse to be carried by God?”]

Are there “places” we could go and see, or things He wants to do through us, that we won’t have time for because we squandered them running from His arms?

I do think we can interrupt or hinder God’s desire, but never His sovereign will. He always redeems it for the good purpose of those who submit to Him.

I’m encouraged by another thought here (v.4): God will carry us till we are old and gray.

I’m closer to that than I am to my birth now! {no “old lady” jokes, please!} Ultimately, the word “sustain” here reminds me that He never gives up on {you and} me. And …

He never grows tired of carrying us!

[Tweet “Nothing we do or don’t do will ever change how fiercely God loves us and steadfastly holds us!”]

What fears keep you from running back into Christ’s waiting arms?


What would change in your life and marriage if you let Christ “carry you”?



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6 responses to “Running from God?”

  1. Absolutely perfect verse for me today! This past week has been very difficult – missing mom and frustrations as a teacher lead the way as to why I struggled. My heart has literally been hurting with the ache of loss and the ache of not always being able to reach my students. But hearing that God will sustain and never give up on us provides a comfort for my aching heart. When you asked the question “what fears keep you running back into Christ’s arms?” my answer is the fear of letting this ache become bigger than me. God is the Great Protector and I am learning that all I can do is let Him lead me on this path that is unfamiliar and overwhelming. Love this devotion today! These words have blessed me! Praying for you and your journey too! Mary


  2. Hey my friend … what a profound yet simple treasure for us to consider this afternoon. To be confident that He IS carrying us. Not might, or if, or someday. But here and now, He is doing that. What a relief. One less thing we have to control, one less decision we need to make, one less fear to be obsessed with.
    He is.
    I hope that this Sabbath afternoon finds you resting, renewing. You have been through so much. Amazing you are. Must be because you’re being gently carried, yes?


  3. […] God’s grace will radiate through us during these times of intense challenges. He will always be near and His love will sustain us. My friend Beth, at Messy Marriage, posted a devotional that hit home and beautifully addressed how God has always carried and sustained us since birth and will continue to do the same through old age using Isaiah 46:3-4. See how this verse is described by Beth here. […]


  4. This is so true Beth, living conscious of this will affect everything. If I let God carry me, I would improve on me and loving my husband like God does.
    Thanks for stirring us up again, do have a super blessed day!


  5. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    This reminds me of when my boys were little – they wanted to be independent and run and would squirm out of my arms – and then we trouble came or they were spent, they wanted right backup! I like that He carries us even when we’re not spent – and when we’re old and gray! I’m going to be thinking on that today! Wishing you refreshing – and time spent in His arms today!


  6. This is beautiful Beth. “But there’s no mention of being carried only when we’re weak” I hadn’t thought of being carried in those times when I feel strong. I can almost feel his arms around me as I ponder your words. “Jesus stands still and waits for us to return to His arms.” What a glorious image! How often I want to run ahead of Him instead of waiting for the warmth of His arms. Thanks, Beth!


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