5 Ways to be Safe for Your Spouse

Linda S editToday we’re excited to have a guest post from my blogging buddy, Linda Stoll! She has graciously offered to help lighten my load this week while I continue with my radiation treatment. If you don’t know Linda, you really should get to know her! Not only is she an insightful and resource-FULL blogger, but she’s also a compassionate counselor and life coach at Creekside Ministries.

Life’s not easy, is it?

There’s plenty of push and shove in the workplace and you’re wondering when that pink slip’s going to appear on your desk. You’re scared at what your kids are being exposed to and you’re concerned for your aging parents. There’s political wrangling at the church. Health issues alarm with their unexpected arrival. The cupboards are looking mighty bare while that mounting pile of bills threatens to completely do you in.

Most of us seem to be able to muster up the ability to be polite and gracious to those we run into during this daily grind. So how come our spouses too often get the short end of the stick?

When we finally meet at the end of the day, exhaustion’s the hallmark. We are preoccupied and often impatient and rude toward the one we’ve committed our ‘for better or worse’ life to.

We all need a safe place to fall, a secure arena where we’re fully accepted and appreciated for who we truly are. Our heart’s desire, male or female, is to be held, to be cherished, to be heard, to be safe. And marriage is the optimum place to have trust flourish by having these needs nurtured and tended to. Tenderly. Faithfully.

Chances are if you extend this lovely grace, you will most likely receive it. But if you are unwilling or unable to offer this life-giving gift, be sure that your spouse will sooner or later do one of two things. Either check out. Or find someone else who’ll supply what they’re yearning for.

What’s it mean to be safe for your spouse?


{Read the rest of Linda’s post, 5 Ways to Be Safe for Your Spouse over at her lovely place!}



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5 responses to “5 Ways to be Safe for Your Spouse”

  1. Thanks Beth for sharing this with us. I trust you are holding on to God’s hand. Have a super blessed week!


    1. Hey Ugochi! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying “hi!” I am firmly in His grasp, my friend. You have a super blessed day and week as well!


  2. Dear Beth
    Oh, this is just what Jesus offers us from the one moment to the next, Himself in such an intimate spiritual union. When we receive all from Him, we will have an abundance that just overflows to our spouses!
    Blessings XX


    1. You’ve summed it up so beautifully, Mia! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. I keep you in my daily prayers–praying your health improves and you’re able to do all that you desire. 🙂


  3. I always know I will be challenged and encouraged here! Entrusting you to Jesus’ care!! Many blessings! ~Elizabeth


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