Responding to God’s Invitations

Many of you know that recently my husband and I took our 25th anniversary trip to England and Wales. I’m going to be sharing pictures and stories from that trip for weeks, maybe months to come, and today is no exception! I’m sharing about another one of those “God-moments” we had on the trip.

My husband looked online for a church that we could visit on the Sunday that we were in Liverpool, England and he found Frontline Church. From what we could tell from the website, it seemed that this church was very much like our own here in the states.

That coming Sunday we headed out on the lovely Liverpool public transit, telling the bus driver what intersection we needed. He kindly let us off at what we thought was the exact intersection. He failed to tell us that the intersection we needed was at least a block or more down the street. So we wandered like two lost sheep for a while, asking passersby if they knew where Frontline Church met. Amazingly, after a few misses, we met one young man who said he was heading that way and would lead us to it. He also introduced us to one of the pastors of the church as soon as we arrived.

Gary mentioned to the pastor that we’d love to join anyone who might be going out for lunch after church. We assumed this would mean heading to a restaurant to eat together with our new Liverpool/Frontline friends. Little did we know that the pastor, John and his wife, Kirsten had prayed that very morning for God to provide an opportunity for them to minister to someone. Kirsten came over to where we were sitting and invited us to their home for dinner. They told us how to get there and realized we had come on the bus, so they gladly gave two complete strangers a ride to their home!

What faith and hospitality they demonstrated!

This sweet couple also has two beautiful sons that were so much fun to watch and talk with. It immediately took me back to the days when our sons were young little lads! And like our sons, the older one continued to pick on the younger one, sending him running to mom for a loving hug/kiss to make it all better! This wonderful couple also encouraged us as we opened up and shared pieces of our lives with these strangers from across the globe …

But the truth is, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, so the unfamiliarities were consumed by the bond and connection we share in Him!

Watch the short video to hear and see what special decision/occasion we were privileged to celebrate with this family. And if you’ve never made that decision and responded to Christ’s invitation, check out this page to find out how to do that.

After all,  all it takes is the “faith of a child!” (Luke 18:17)


Here are more photos specifically from our experience with Frontline Church and this lovely pastor’s family in Liverpool. (More pics of London and Wales will be unveiled in posts to come!)

IMAG0771 (copy)Street view of Frontline Church

IMAG0770 (copy)Entrance to Frontline

England - Liverpool0764Worshiping with Frontline — a very celebrative atmosphere!

IMAG0779 (copy)Here I am with John, Kirsten and their boys – and “yes” that’s a cast on Soren’s arm — which didn’t slow him down or hinder him a bit from putting his little brother in his place! Lol!

IMAG0772 (copy)Kirsten prepping the Cracklin (similar to pork rinds). She also is quite the baker and shared an amazing apple cake with us for dessert!

IMAG0775 (copy)John is a great cook and shared this delicious pork roast with us. And you can see their son, Soren couldn’t wait to dig in!

If you’d like to see more pictures from my trip, you can “friend” me on FB here or even better, “Like” the Messy Marriage Facebook page here.

What opportunities from God have you responded to like this loving couple did for us?


How have you been ministered to by someone’s generosity and openness to God’s prompting?


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25 responses to “Responding to God’s Invitations”

  1. Brave adventurers you both are! What a blessing you must have been to that lovely little family!


    1. I suppose all of us had a little bravery showing on that day, Linda! But then I suppose the richest blessings come from holding Jesus’ hand while He plunges you into the thick of things! Thanks to you, my sweet friend, for helping me earlier today. It’s not soon to be forgotten!


  2. Lovely story! How many times we miss an opportunity to bless others because we don’t have the attitude of that couple who asked the Lord to show them someone to minister to that day. I think that should be the way we approach every day ~ with hearts and eyes open looking for someone to minister to as the Lord leads. Then every day would be an adventure!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    1. I know, Elizabeth! That’s what really struck me about this couple–so sensitive and open to whatever God brought their way … including two Americans! 🙂 And yes, it also convicted and encouraged me to do the same. Unfortunately, I don’t start each day that way, but am rectifying that since being influenced and touched by this sweet couple!


  3. Beth, we experienced similar hospitality and fellowship with the body of Christ when we were on a mission trip to Mexico. Although I couldn’t understand the words of the worship song, it was apparent, almost tangible, that the Holy Spirit was moving among us and uniting our heart. What a beautiful picture of how the body of Christ is alive and at work EVERYWHERE. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


    1. I think God really works overtime when we join Him in mission–especially missions far from home, Lori. And what a blessing for you to be in a foreign country and feel such love, worship and hospitality from the body of Christ. It’s a joy like no other! Thanks so much for telling your story here too, my friend!


  4. What a beautiful story of both hospitality & the way in which God connects His people. I was so blessed to read this today.


    1. I’m so glad you felt blessed by it, Joanne! It’s always great to know that what blessed me and my hubby continues to bless and encourage other believers too! Thanks so much for your kind words to me!


  5. Kim Adams Morgan Avatar

    This made me smile. I love how no matter where we go, God’s people are not afraid to step out bravely and go where He has called them. Our church teaches us Know, Grow, Go and it is a wonderful thing when we see it in action.


    1. Isn’t it the best, Kim? We have this great God who can pour courage into our hearts so that we experience the best of adventures here and across the globe. And I like the teaching of your church and agree that it’s a wonderful thing! Thanks for your encouragement, sweet friend!


  6. How I love hearing about your trip, Beth, and all the delightful gifts God provided for you and hubby along the way. Such encouragement in your words, my sister-friend. Looking forward to more…


    1. I’m so glad you were encouraged and uplifted by this story and my experiences, Sheila. I truly did feel God was blessing us around every corner of our trip! Thanks for your kindness to me, sweet friend!


  7. bluecottonmemory Avatar

    What an awesome celebration – I don’t remember the dates my boys gave their hearts to Jesus. When you go out expecting to find God, awesome things happen! Thank you for sharing this sweet moment!


    1. Yes, weren’t Soren’s words so pure and sincere?! Of course, I have a sweet spot for boys, as I’m sure you do too as a mom of several boys of your own, so it made it even more special to hear him gladly proclaim his Savior. And yes, we were so blessed and amazed by all the ways God surprised us with friendly, helpful people on our trip. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  8. What a wonderful story of fellowship and hospitality within the body of Christ!
    I love looking for opportunity to mention God’s goodness in conversation with strangers. I try not to force the topic, and to let it flow as God opens opportunities. I’m always surprised at how mentioning God tends to change the tone of the conversation. Sometimes, I discover a new brother or sister in Christ. Sometimes, I have the opportunity to share the gospel with an unbeliever. Sometimes, the conversation changes from being depressing to being encouraging. And…sadly, sometimes the conversation abruptly shuts down as emotional walls go up…
    Thank you for sharing this story, Beth!


    1. Yes, you’re so right about how it can change the conversation so much for the better or for the worse, depending on how open and hungry the person is, Joe. We had some really great spiritual conversations with more than just this couple on our trip, and I’m treasuring each one of those memories. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding to the conversation, my friend!


  9. Oh, what an encouraging story, Beth! Thank you for sharing this. We are all sisters and brothers no matter where we live in the world, through Christ, aren’t we? This is such a lovely illustration. I love the pictures!


    1. Yes, and I feel that way especially about you and so many others who’ve hung out here and there over the months and years! This blogging thing has really pleasantly surprised me in that way. Who knew God would bring all of us together over this invisible thing called the internet?! I feel blessed!


  10. Beth, this is amazing- the fact that you sought out a chance to meet another couple while on your anniversary trip, the way this sweet pair had prayed for you before you’d met.. and the sweet fellowship you shared. I LOVE the way the Church enwraps the globe.


    1. I love the way the church “enwraps the globe” too, Alicia. So well put! And thanks for stopping by to encourage me and say “hi.” I always appreciate it, sweet friend!


  11. Dear Beth
    What an encouraging post that just shows us again that even though we can be anywhere in the world, we always have spiritual family with our Pappa’s love in their hearts, waiting to envelop us with love and hospitality! It just seems so natural. What a beautiful building this church is part of! Quite different than what I am used to in South Africa.
    Blessings XX


    1. It really does seem so natural, Mia. It’s no surprise to me that we would reflect our “Pappa’s” love even in far away places like Liverpool and South African and here at my home in the U.S. I feel it from you every time you stop by, my sweet friend!


  12. Good evening, Beth! Thank you for sharing your God moment. I am about to begin a journey that God has nudged me to join. I am excited and anxious to see how it unfolds. I also had a very good friend who has since passed away who by her very openness created many God moments for our women’s Bible study group. I was blessed immensely by these meetings and learned that God will just show up if we just invite Him!
    I love visiting you each week. Thank you for the book – I am looking forward to some extra time to begin – Moving Forward! Blessings for a remarkable end to your week!


    1. Hmmm, you’ve got me curious, Mary. I hope that you share more about your “journey” as it unfolds over at your place. And I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It sounds like she was a special lady who will forever remain in your heart and mind. Thanks also much for your kind words to me and I’m so glad you got the book. I hope you enjoy and benefit from it! Praying that you’re able to “move forward” in all the ways you want and need to, my friend!


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