What to Say When He Is Allergic to Apologizing and Giveaway!

Jennifer TToday we’re privileged to have Jennifer Thomas, co-author with Gary Chapman on When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love as our guest and host of this week’s Wedded Wednesday, while my husband and I are on our 25th anniversary trip to England and Wales!

Jennifer’s website – drjenthomas.com is full of great wisdom, research and inventories that can help you navigate the confusing waters of apology and communication. Check out her bio below for more details!



Scenario: Joy and Rich were arguing more often than they ever had before during their five years of marriage. Financially, things were going well. Rich had landed a good job upon graduating from college. Joy had worked full-time for the first two years until the baby came.

In Joy’s words: “Really, our lives are wonderful. The only problem is, Rich is never willing to apologize. When he gets upset because things don’t go his way, he lashes out at me in anger. Instead of apologizing, he blames me for his anger. It’s like he can do no wrong.”

What to Say:
Joy: Lets talk about mistakes. We all make them  and I try to admit mine. I’ve noticed that you rarely admit it when you are at fault. Do you know what I’m talking about?
Rich: I don’t think it’s right to apologize for something when it’s not your fault or if you didn’t mean to do it.
Joy: I disagree. If you bump into me and I spill my coffee, that’s an accident but I’d still like for you to apologize to me.
Rich: Part of me feels like apologizing is for sissies but another part of me knows what you are saying. I’m just not very good at apologizing. It makes me feel bad when I have to apologize.
Joy: It would mean a lot to me if you’ll practice apologizing until you make it a habit. I feel like there are barriers between us and I would feel closer to you if you could just admit it when you are wrong.
Rich: Sometimes I don’t like to apologize because people pounce on me and make me feel worse about myself.
Joy: I promise to take it easy on you. I won’t pile on and say, “And another thing…”
Rich: OK, I’ll give it a try. Now let’s go do something else.

Why This Works:
Joy calmly points out something that has been bothering her about Rich. Joy asks Rich if he sees the pattern of non-apology that she sees. He agrees and admits that he avoids apologizing. From there, they can work on a plan to help him feel safe admitting it when he makes a mistake. Offenses are inevitable. The important thing is to be able to apologize to remove the walls that are built up when we don’t apologize quickly and effectively.

What Doesn’t Work:
Notice that Joy didn’t bring up everything that bothers her about Rich. That would have backfired by making him feel overwhelmed and unloved. Bringing up one issue at a time is usually a safe strategy.

What to Say or Do Next:
Joy pointed out a blind spot to Rich. Next, she could ask him if there is anything he’d like to see her work on. Keeping the lines of communication open and asking for feedback is good advice in marriage, with friends, and even at the office.

Talk About It:

  • Talk about how difficult it is for you to apologize. Does it depend upon who is involved?
  • How were you treated as a child when you made mistakes? Note: Kids who got in big trouble for little things are likely to grow up and keep trying to hide their mistakes.
  • What do you most like to hear in an apology?

Jennifer has graciously offered to give away two copies of her book, When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is enter a comment below by midnight (CST) on Monday, Sept. 30th. Two winners will be selected by random number generator and announced at next week’s Wedded Wednesday (Oct. 2nd). Please be sure to include your email address when you sign in to use the Disqus commenting system or we won’t be able to contact you!

One more thing – Jennifer is doing a giveaway at her site as well. Just hop on over to drjenthomas.com to leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! She’s randomly selecting a winner of the $20 gift card every month, so be sure to comment again and again! You’ve hit the jack-pot, folks! Be sure to thank Jennifer for all these goodies!

FYI – Tyson over at Uplifting Love is doing a friendly competition – 25 Acts of Kindness Challenge for all of you couples out there that want to spice up your love lives! For details on the registration deadline, the rules and the prize, click here.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, brothers and  authors of the bestselling marriage book, The Love Dare (2008) say this: “Part of taking responsibility is admitting when you’ve failed and asking for forgiveness. It’s time to humble yourself, correct your offenses, and repair the damage” (p.128).

Dr. Jennifer Thomas is an author, speaker, psychologist and blogger who provides tips on what to say when challenging conversations arise. In her book , When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love she and Gary Chapman share new ways to effectively approach and mend fractured relationships. They help you offer apologies that are fully accepted, rekindle love that has been dimmed by pain, restore and strengthen valuable relationships, and trade in tired excuses for honesty, trust, and joy. Click here to sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter! 


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9 responses to “What to Say When He Is Allergic to Apologizing and Giveaway!”

  1. Hello Mrs. Beth…England and Wales for 25 years!! How wonderful and how romantic. I ask God to bless you both with lots of love and moments of delight. Looking forward to seeing the photos! Happy Anniversary and many, many more…PS Sip a cup of Earl Grey for me! 🙂


    1. Hi Sheila! I’m so glad to see that you’re one of the winners! I will be back this week on Tuesday evening with Wedded Wed’s post AND link this time! So sorry that the linky tool didn’t work while I was away. I didn’t have my laptop or passwords to fix anything while I was overseas. But that didn’t stop me from having the time of my life! I can’t wait to share pictures and many stories over the weeks to come about our adventures in the UK. God truly blessed us! And yes, I did have my Earl Grey tea as well as a few coffee breaks in between. 🙂


  2. Nykiah @howtotrainasuperhero Avatar
    Nykiah @howtotrainasuperhero

    Awesome read and very convicting! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

    Peace and Blessings! 🙂


    1. Nykiah, best wishes to you in all your relationships!


  3. Happy 25th to you and hubby! Have a great time in England and Wales!


  4. Wow! I have learnt from here not to over react over little things my children do, thanks a lot Jennifer!
    Enjoy your 25th anniversary Beth! God grant you both many more years ahead!
    Thanks for hosting!


    1. Ugochi, thank you for your comment and best wishes to you!


  5. I would love to win! I love being inspired by encouraging books!

    adelightfulglow at havilandtelco dot com


  6. Apologizing is a difficult thing, but everyone loves people that do! Thanks for the encouragement.


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