Feeling Stuck? {& Book Giveaway!}

If you’re like me, there’s always going to be some area in your life where you feel “stuck”—especially if you’re in a marriage that’s messy from time to time. {And who doesn’t have that?}

Maybe you feel stuck with a spouse who …

  • Won’t take responsibility.
  • Or who constantly criticizes you.
  • Or who pushes you away.


Maybe you feel stuck in a season of life or marriage, like …

  • The never-ending “diaper changing” stage.
  • Or the “rebellious teenager” stage.
  • Or even fearing the “empty-nester” stage, because your spouse feels more like a stranger than a lover to you after all these years.

Whatever your area of “stuck-ness,” I’d love to tell you about a book that just might help and encourage you. It’s written to and for women by Lois Evans—but men, listen up! Because it just might be a great Mother’s Day gift for your wife as well!

The book is, Seasons of a Woman’s Life, and Moody Press has graciously offered to give one copy of it to the winner of this giveaway. All you have to do is enter your email address below and “like” the Igniting Women Facebook page here. I’d also love to hear your answers to the following questions in the comment section, but that’s not required to enter the giveaway—just hoped for!

How have you felt stuck in the past?

How are you feeling stuck right now?

How has God helped you deal with that feeling?

What advice would you give to others struggling with feeling stuck?


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15 responses to “Feeling Stuck? {& Book Giveaway!}”

  1. Whenever I feel stuck, I always remind myself that everything in life happens for a reason. The challenges that each person faces is one of God’s design. This is to let us prove ourselves; to let us realize how persevering we all can be. Thank you for recommending that book. :)Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club link up.


  2. I definitely have felt stuck at different times in my past. Sometimes it would take a change on somebody else’s part before I would be brave enough to make a change myself. Or often great pain would have to take place before I would initiate a change. I’m so thankful for God working in many ways to get me unstuck whenever I’ve fallen down and couldn’t seem to get back up. There’s always reason to hope!


  3. God had you & i on the same page again, friend. yes, i’ve def. been struggling with feeling stuck lately — so much so that that’s the exact title of my latest post: stuck. but what i share is that i’m finding something i’d never expect to find in the stuck. i’m actually finding surprising freedom. yes, the pain is still intense. and i still wrestle hard with the stuck. but God, in His grace, is showing me that He is doing a new thing. creating rivers in the desert, freedom in the stuck.


  4. Yes, persevering through the “stuck-ness” really is what God wants us to do. Because He is right there by our side encouraging us all along the way, whether we see Him or His work or not. Thanks so much, Bella, for stopping by and weighing in. And I hope you entered the giveaway, so you might “win” that book! It’s a great read!


  5. Yes, Lisa, pain often is the motivator that God leverages in our lives to move us forward in faith. I’m so glad that you’ve turned to Him and found His help when you’ve felt stuck. Funny thing is, I almost always have one area in my life that feels “stuck.” But just before this was published, I felt God speaking into that particular situation and now feel “set free” even though my circumstance in that area has not outwardly changed. Thanks so much for coming by, my friend!


  6. I’m so glad put me and MM on your mind, Tanya. I appreciate your perspective on this and agree that when we surrender our “stuck situation” to God, that is when He is freed up to release us in ways beyond our wildest imaginations. Thanks for coming by and weighing in and I hope you entered the drawing. Maybe you’ll be the winner! 🙂


  7. Thanks so much, Ande! Nice to meet you too and glad you could find me through Happy Wives Club.


  8. Found you through HWC link up…such a wonderful post! This book sound fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. I feel “stuck” in my marriage when my spouse is dealing with a season of external stress. I feel powerless to so anything other than remind him how I love and appreciate him and how God is in control of the situation. What typically happens us that I end up stressing over trying NOT to stress him out anymore and make things an outright anxiety fest.Interesting how now that I reflect on it, when I am stressed, I don’t even consider how it affects him. I tend to get tunnel visiona and just sort of go on auto pilot. DOH! Knocked me on my head again, Beth!


  10. I remember feeling stuck in a particular job many many years ago and it was utterly miserable. I wish I knew then what I know now which is to look at every period of your life as a season and to enjoy the season you are in because it is completely unique from the next one coming and there are great lessons and blessings to be gained in the present moment.


  11. Thanks so much, Lu. I’m glad to meet you! I hope you entered the giveaway, so maybe the “fabulous” book might be yours very soon! 🙂


  12. Yeah, we are so inextricably linked to our spouses in many ways. It’s important to gain perspective on a regular basis. Hey, that’s what biblical communities for! I’m so glad you’re part of my support network too, sista! Thanks for your encouragement.


  13. Yes, Fawn. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Maybe God’s trying to tell me something! 😉 Thanks for coming by and encouraging me and sharing a piece of your story as well.


  14. Dear BethI have been feeling quite stuck in my marriage lately. Not because there is snything wrong between my dear husband and me, but because the Fm/CFS makes it difficukt if not downright impossible to do the things for my sweetheart that I would like to do. He is so understanding and comassionate. Yet, I realized that this illness has actually brought us so much closer to one another and as strengthed our relationship.BlessingsMia


  15. laura boggess Avatar
    laura boggess

    Oh, yes. Just today thinking some black thoughts. Sounds like a good topic to revisit when those times come around, Beth.


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