Finding Love in the Wilderness

March’s “Share Your Story” is by
Anna White who blogs at
2Day I Choose

I got married at 20, not purely for love, but because I was running away from home and God and a bad situation as fast as I could. 

The first few years we were married I know we both wondered what we had done to ourselves. I remember lying in the dark crying for hours, and not even knowing why.

In our 5th year of marriage, for me, things really reached a breaking point. I felt like a young person trapped in an old person’s life. We were also dealing with being told that I was infertile, even though I didn’t realize at the time how much this was affecting me.

I just wanted to run, run away. To start over somewhere else. To do it all better the next time. I felt so much guilt and shame for feeling this way. No one at church talked about the struggles and the dark places.

A road trip saved us. 

RedwoodsWe traveled 10,000 miles in six weeks, tent camping around the US. I had decided that if we couldn’t find some connection, some common ground, then after the trip I was leaving. Amazingly when we got away from all the life stresses and the routine, we found each other again.

The foundation was still there, it had just been buried.

We hiked up mountains and through the Redwoods, and there, in the quiet, we started looking in the same direction again.

Are things perfect? No.

We still are always learning. We go to counseling from time to time. We have mentors in our lives.

But I have no doubt that God brought us together and that we are stronger with each other.

The irony here is that we are both counselors. We had all the skills, but needed a transformation of the heart. Also, I wasn’t infertile, and we have 2 daughters now. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in August, and I look forward to many, many more.

What struggles have you experienced in marriage that have created distance between you and your partner? 

How have you dealt with that distancefinding each other again?

Photo by Caitlinator


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9 responses to “Finding Love in the Wilderness”

  1. Thanks for allowing me to share my story here Beth=)


  2. I appreciate your honesty here, Anna. I pray it will help many find hope. You made a wise decision to go “in the quiet” – that is wise advice for us in MANY situations. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You’re welcome, Anna. I’m so glad you shared this inspirational story with all of us. I think a lot of couples get “off track” and taking a special journey together could definitely rekindle what was lost.


  4. Thanks for encouraging Anna, Lisa. I always appreciate you coming by this place, my friend!


  5. Dear AnnaReading your story reminds me of a saying I one heard. We first get the engagement ring, then follows the wedding ring and after that we are surprised by the suffer ring! I am so glad you two have worked together on your marriage and that you are blessed by two girls.Much loveMia


  6. Thank you Lisa. Sometimes quiet is hard to find.


  7. Oh gosh, I’m glad I didn’t hear that before my wedding! It is the suffering that makes the beauty shine, no?


  8. Anna, thank you for sharing this part of your story. When we run away from a hurtful past, isn’t it amazing how that can seep into the cracks of life–no matter where we run? And yet, God uses these broken places. I’m grateful for your willingness to share and minister to others through your story.


  9. It is amazing how we think marriage will “fix” our life. I also thought having a child would “fix” it. Thanks for sharing your story. It is a great reminder that running surely won’t “fix” it. God helps us through our struggles and it is encouraging to hear how you keep God in your relationship and are allowing Him to “fix” it!


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