When Sinners Say I Do – Book Review and WW Link-up

When Sinners Say I Do – Book Review and WW Link-up

I’m always on the lookout for a good Christian marriage book and I think I’ve found one in Dave Harvey’s, When Sinners Say I Do. I feel like Harvey’s book reflects so much of the heartbeat here at Messy Marriage—the beauty of God’s redemption in our lives and marriages when we yield to His purposes and ways.

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The author begins by laying a foundation for healing and hope in marriage with the truth of the Bible. I really appreciated how he fleshed out the issues and complications that our sin nature brings to the difficulties of marriage.

I don’t think I’d ever thought so deeply about this reality, nor have I seen it so completely viewed through the lens of the gospel in a marriage book before.

The truths that he unfolds in this great book brought about a shift in my perspective that has enhanced my ability to …

  • Recognize my sins and failures more clearly and readily.
  • Love and accept my husband without reserve.
  • Understand and offer forgiveness more completely.
  • Understand more fully God’s purposes for marriage, as well as, pain in marriage and life.
  • Embrace the brokenness and death of this life that ultimately ushers in our hope-filled eternity.

Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite quotes:

“The cross makes a stunning statement about husbands and wives: we are sinners and our only hope is grace.”

“Once I know that I am indeed the worse of sinners, then my spouse is no longer my biggest problem: I am.”

“God has set us in our marriage, at this time, with this person so that we can perform an extraordinary task of ministry.”

“We must go back and ask, ‘What is the purpose of mercy?’ Do I extend mercy to get a response? Are results the point? Is mercy some spiritual coin with which I purchase my spouse’s good behavior? In Luke 6, Jesus makes it clear that mercy does carry a promise. But it’s a promise of reward, not of results (v. 35). Jesus never promises to change our enemies (the extreme case that encompasses all cases). What he has in view for us is a loving relationship with our Father in heaven that will increasingly eclipse any hateful or hurtful actions against us.”

Today I have five When Sinners Say I Do e-books that I want to give-away. All you have to do is comment and you’ll be entered to win one. If you don’t have a Kindle or e-reader, no problem! You can find out how to download a Kindle app at this link: Amazon’s free Kindle app. The deadline for entering this giveaway is Saturday, March 2nd at 9 a.m. I’ll announce the winners on Saturday afternoon, so check back by!

Hey Messy Marriage Fans – My post “10 Not-So-Helpful Things to Do for My Spouse” is being featured at Sheila Wray Gregoire’s blog – To Love Honor and Vacuum today. We hope you can check it out too!


What marriage books are your favorites? 


Which of the quotes above are most inspiring to you? 


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42 responses to “When Sinners Say I Do – Book Review and WW Link-up”

  1. Forgiveness, not high-horse forgiveness but humble forgiveness is such an important part of marriage. Being honest about my gracelessness helps that! What a good book, Beth!


  2. Hey BethFirst up, I think i just linked twice! The link didn’t show up on my end the first time, so i linked up again. Sorry about that. you can delete my second link – # 7 – it’s the same post . I’ve heard so much about this book and it’s in my to-buy and read list! I love this quote “Once I know that I am indeed the worse of sinners, then my spouse is no longer my biggest problem: I am.” Word! What a revelation. Now to live by that revelation…:) Great post today on Sheila’s blog!


  3. Thanks for the new link-up, Beth and a big CONGRATULATIONS for being featured on To Love, Honor, and Vacuum!!!


  4. I’ve been struggling with some persistent issues in our marriage, and realizing more and more that I should be working on me, instead of looking at my husband to change. So I would like the encouraging book! And with this being an e-book, it means postage to the Netherlands isn’t an issue 🙂


  5. Very exciting that you’re being featured on Sheila’s blog today, Beth! I hope it helps spread the word about the excellent ministry you have here at Messy Marriage. And yep, definitely the biggest problem in my marriage is me. That’s a thought to pocket for sure.


  6. I’m glad you had a guest post on Sheila’s blog so I could find your blog. This sounds like a very good book. I just finished reading What Did You Expect?Redeeming the Realities of Marriage by Paul David Tripp and the subject is the same. Most of the problems in our marriages are the result of our sin natures.


  7. That sounds like a wonderful book!! It is so easy for us to point out and focus on our spouse’s wrong while completely ignoring the plank in our own eyes.


  8. Sign me up, Beth! This book looks great. I’m going to recommend it to my pastor son, too — he does quite a bit of marriage counseling, and it sounds like a lot of the things I’ve heard him say.And as always, thanks for your encouraging visit at my place!


  9. I am visiting as a subscriber to “To Love, Honour and Vacuum” I am going to subscribe to your blog and give it a try. Thank you for blogging on Christ centered marriage! God bless you!


  10. I just started reading this book and I must say I do like it so far but my stubborn, selfish self struggled with the 1st two chapters about “MY sin problem”. It is a hard one to swallow and I believe it is because there is SO much truth to it.


  11. I am about halfway through this terrific book…and it gets better and better the further I am reading. Marriage is ultimately, about God. Love that.


  12. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m grateful for the opportunity Sheila graciously gave me. That’s a really good point–about being man-friendly. I didn’t think about that until you said it, but “yes” it really brings that home for the man and helps the woman to see things from his perspective as well. Thanks for saying and for linking up, my friend!


  13. Yep, no postage! Yay! I’m so glad you could be included in the potential opportunity, Marit. I’m probably going to mostly give away ebooks–that being one important reason. Thanks also for coming by and sharing so openly. You’ve got my prayers, my friend!


  14. That’s my hope too, Becky. I’m grateful for what God is doing in my life and in the life of this blog. As far as the biggest problem–you and me both! It really helped to deepen my perspective in this area. Thanks so much for your support and linking up, my friend!


  15. Yes, if anyone truly takes the time to read it and embrace the truth he lays out, I’m certain their marriages will be blessed. Thanks so much for coming by and saying “hi,” Ben. Looking forward to getting to know you through your blog as well. Thanks for linking up!


  16. Yes, if you’ve been wounded deeply by someone, it is often VERY hard to lower that defense and look at your own sin. But God is good to walk you through that gently. I’m so glad you are willing to continue to walk with Him in this area, Becky. You have my prayers, my friend!


  17. Beth, I just realized that I picked up the book a few weeks ago on amazon! Tells you how many books are lined up on my reading list! I totally forgot about it and just saw it today.. 🙂 Just thought to mention so you can leave out my name 🙂


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