Winner of iTunes Giveaway!

I have to say that our very first Wedded Wednesday got off to a great start! And I have all of you Messy Marriage readers and fellow bloggers out there to thank for that! But without further adieu …

I’m so happy to announce that after using the random number generator the winner of our first Wedded Wednesday Giveaway is …

Da, da, ta, DA!



I’ll be in touch with you, Pam, and we’re so grateful for all of you who support Messy Marriage and have weighed in on the comments, making the blogging around here so much more fun and encouraging!

By the way, I hope to have many more giveaways in the days, weeks and months to come, so keep coming around because maybe next time you’ll be the big winner! Ah, but you’re all big winners in my book!

And don’t forget to join us next week for Wedded Wednesday!


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